Monday, July 6, 2009

Local and Global; My Art World Commentary

hi there...

you may have noticed artsails1 has pretty much been off the blog radar since mid April. You could call it being in major super learning mode...through self educating and much time, research and effort on the web the past few months, I have learned a lot. I created an art website for another artist, I developed a blog for another company and have done art on white boards in video games and have a video game art presence. I am a little less burned out after a vacation in NYC. The world is filled with so many creative people!

The newspapers have let departments go and long time staff writers, no longer enjoy a steady paycheck with a (formerly) major employer. A print magazine with features of local artists was developed a couple years ago and I agreed to an ongoing paid writing assignment online. The print media is about to become far as the arts scene goes. As many retailers and businesses struggled to keep their doors open; the bottom literally fell out of print advertising. The world no longer reads the daily paper or even the weekly....people are doing everything online not just news and research but even event planning, socializing, making friends and many are reconnecting with people from their past as well as creating a future with a vast array of contacts from all over the world.

When I started my wasn't a new thing for the world but many of my friends had no idea what a blog was or why I would write one when I already had a website for over 10 years. Much to my surprise, it was one of the first art blogs in my area. Today, I am happy to report that more local artists are online creating blogs and posting their paintings and if they don't actually have their very own website, they are at least on Facebook and/or Myspace and some are even in the professional site of LinkedIn and a few are even on Twitter. While some have found facebook and myspace applications a great way to connect with people by using games such as Small World, Yoville and Second Life. Artists are creating online art communities and demonstrating their own version of an actually made in application, digital art gallery. Yours truly has hand created 12 paintings in Yoville and these are all part of my online presence, as an artist. (My Yoville is a Facebook app)

With an entry to any of these worlds; be it your own blog, website and /or social networking; you are here to stay... you are stating your relevance. You are sharing your art, people want to know about you and your art. They want to feel that you are accessible. I am accessible; talk to me, connect with me, sign up to be my friend or follow my blog or tweets ... I'll be seeing you again soon.
Yours Truly,