Saturday, May 14, 2011

Artist Trading Card Images of Art by Jean Bourque

All these Art Cards are original works of art on a 2.5 by 3.5 inch canvas, created in collage mixed media by international artist, Jean Bourque c. None of these are from the new series, "Funny Faces by Jeanee" which will debut at Riverwalk, soon. See you there...

Artist Trading Cards and ACEO's by Jeanee

Lately, I have been working on a series of ATC's aka artist trading cards. These are small original paintings, drawings, or collages. I have done them on canvas and have done them on bristol board. ATC's are also called ACEO's; Art Card Editions and Originals, when sold instead of traded. We have found that lots of non-artists wanted them thus the industry standard of ten dollars and the name change of ACEO.

My most recent ones are on bristol board in a numbered series; I call them "Funny Faces by Jeanee." They are done in sharpies and the faces are out of my head. In fact, one I did at Pamela Dale's Open Mic at Jake's Landing, while Danial Seamens was singing his song, about his 7 ex-girlfriends. That one ended up having seven faces in it. None of the faces are any one in particular, they are just conjured up images and some are like caricatures.

So... you say you never heard of ATC's. Well, I guess I should start by telling you what they are.
They are miniature original works of art in a globally accepted standard 2.5 x 3.5 inches. Artists swap them with other artists or sell them for ten dollars. The ATC movement started in 1997, when a Swiss artist made 1200 mini works by hand for an exhibit. M. Vanci Stiremann, invited other artists to create their own works and then they traded with each other at the end of the closing reception.

Although the works are small, they are original and can be framed. This gives people a chance to own original art at minimal cost. They can be in a series or just random pieces of art. The ones I have done in the past have been random works although some have related to others I had previously done. This new series is exciting as it is a numbered series. So far in the series, I have created 17. Number 3 and number 6 are already gone. What's really cool about them is you could have them mounted and framed in multiples, so they have a larger presence on your wall. Depending on the artwork, some could even tell a story.

I have not photographed my Funny Face series yet, but I plan to debut these at the Riverwalk Rhyme on the River Art shows on the next Saturday with good weather.

I am aiming for Saturday May 21st. That day is an Open Studio day through out the Midlands region, artists will be showing at their studios from 10-6pm. After a day of looking at art or being in your studio, showing your art, you could top of the evening by coming out to the Riverwalk (just over the Gervais St. bridge) in West Columbia, SC. bring your cards to trade or buy the ones you like. I hope to make more and aim to have at least 30 by the time of the show.

On the back of the ATC the artist will have the name of the card or series and the number in that series (if numbered) and their name and contact info.

Feel free to contact me, with ATC in subject line if you are interested in trading or purchasing at ARTSAILS1

Thank you, I look forward to seeing other artist's ATC's and sharing with my many friends.

Lots of Love