Tuesday, January 27, 2009

Discovering Public Art and Inspiring More!

I am often on the road and today I woke up in the Atlanta, GA area and had to commute to Anderson SC. After checking in and having a little bite at a chain restaurant I decided to take a ride and explore Anderson. First thing that hit me was that Anderson had really grown from a small town to a thriving city.

All the typical restaurants and stores are here right on Clemson Blvd. I followed it right into the city and started noticing fish. Art fish, at first I thought it was just one fish; then as I drove I saw more and more. There were all kinds of large mouth bass all over the city. Beautifully painted and supported on poles. I wondered how many there were and what the large mouth bass may mean to Anderson SC. (to see the fish click below)

I did a little research and I found out about Lake Hartwell and there are 32 fish all painted by artists locally with the intent of having a public art project like the Chicago Cows. In Columbia, we had the Steel Palmetto Trees . I did this one and they were a lot of fun. The next public art project in Columbia was the Door Project. I also participated in that. It sure would be nice if we have a new public art project in Columbia. I discovered that Anderson raised funds to pay the artists by requesting sponsorship amounts; to be a big fish the sponsor had to commit to a $5,000. donation.
This highly visual Fish Art Project in Anderson; really makes you notice the city and it reflects a sign of growth and an interesting modern community. Much to my surprise when I researched it these fish have been here for several years. Public Art is a great way for people to see art that they may not normally be exposed to. It brings the city to life even after dark. I remember in Columbia when we had the trees and when we had the doors; people started staying in the Vista more at night and there was a sense of excitement, liveliness; vibrancy and modernness.
Yes, folks I am ready for a new public art project in Columbia, SC. Seeing Anderson's really has sparked my imagination and I will be talking to people in and around Columbia to see what we can do. Columbia has got talent and we need a BIG public art project so we can show the world and revive the interest in art and in Columbia artists! Columbia could use some excitement.
ART RULES!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
Pictured above: "Op Art Tree" by Jean Bourque

Anderson, SC is a vibrantly cool growing city that supports it's local artist with great city art projects! This is just what we need in SC; more communities willing to showcase and support their artists and show the community art they might not normally see.

Yours truly;

Saturday, January 24, 2009

Artists Opportunity from ART

Call for Artists: Artist Round Table is sponsoring the 1st Annual Spring N2 Art at the Keenan House. This one day event will take place on April 4th, 2009. The deadline for application submission is March 2nd, 2009. Contact Sandra Carr at 803-665-6255 or Brenda Schwarz Miller at 803-609-3479 for more information, or you may visit the A.R.T. website at wwwtheartistroundtable.org.

Friday, January 23, 2009

CC Call for Artists Columbia SC

Artists Opportunity from the Email box....
For further info please contact Andy Witt directly.

From: andrew witt andy@getcultured.org

Subject: ArtQuarium
For the past year the ArtQuarium in the windows of the Meridian Building Parking garage on Washington Street, between Sumter and Main has exhibited marine themed artwork from Richland One students.

Holder Properties, owners of the space have asked us to create a new show. The schools districts are now overwhelmed with budget cuts, testing etc. and have declined. The space is secure but is not climate controlled. It faces due north so until mid summer does not have any sun exposure. The actual open space is 8-9 fee high, 3 feet deep and about 60 feet long and divided by glass sections every 16 feet or so. The back wall has been painted to look (sort of) underwater, and the floor (seabed) is sand. The student work is primarily 3-D and suspended from the ceiling with monofilament. The space is lit at night and looks terrific.

So here’s the opportunity for Columbia based artists.

This will be a sales opportunity to make that clear. The Cultural Council will collect a 25% commission and remit the sales tax. The tax will be added to the purchase price.
There is no fee involved for participation but we may have some type of jury process if the response is large. In that case the jury will be representatives of Holder Properties and area gallery owners/managers , and/or artists who would not be participating.

Here’s what we’re looking for:

College students and adult artists only please. Residents of SC with preference to those living/working in Richland and Lexington Counties.

Marine themed life – fish, mollusks, corals and other underwater marine life in any media. Particularly tropical and other colorful species. They may also be related to environmentally threatened species. Due to the nature of the space we discourage 2-D and water media (humidity, etc). We do encourage ceramic, metal, wood, mixed media and other works that have a fish swimming in the ocean feeling. Mobiles and similar works are fabulous.

A label with the artist name, title, media, and price will be on a sheet posted in the window and interested buyers can contact the artist directly, or you can go though the Cultural Council.

There is no upper limit on price but we do suggest that you look at more affordable pieces for those patrons interested in decorating beach or other properties.

There is probably some room for 2-D work to be hung on the back wall, and some marine above water landscapes may be appropriate, but please keep in mind we call this the ArtQuarium and are really looking for underwater themed works.

I would encourage the various artist guilds and associations to perhaps think about a joint project and exhibition where your group could take one section of the windows.

Please take a look at what is currently there to get a feel. Please also forward this to others who may be interested in participating.

Please contact me as soon as possible as we’d like to start the changeover as soon as possible.

Thanks for your interest

Call if questions.

Andrew Witt
Executive Director
Cultural Council of Richland and Lexington Counties
930 Richland Street
Columbia, SC 29201
803.231.3131 (direct line)

Thursday, January 22, 2009

Roller Derby Saturday Night at Jamil 6:30 PM

Okay; I know Roller Derby is not about art as in the sense of the art I normally tell you about. BUT having been an avid rollerskating from 18 months old and all through childhood; I find it is an art. Not only that I can throw a bit of a romantic interest in roller skating, too. My mom and dad met at a roller skating rink; so I am thankful to roller skating because of it; I am here! I am grinning; because this is a true story. You know, I say yours truly for a reason. Anyway; this is no ordinary Roller Derby Match either. With Valentine's fast approaching you know I start talking about Love Goddesses and all kinds of off the wall crazy things; I don't normally speak of.


That's right, a real live wedding at the Roller Derby. I can't imagine how they will pull this off on roller skates but it certainly will be entertaining and two people are really getting united in front of everyone! SUCH FUN! For more details about the Roller Derby and the teams go to Columbia Quad Squad

After party at Bawa Oyster in St. Andrews behind Waffle House in old Cussin Bills spot.
Rumor has it there may be other after parties too...so have a good time whatever you do and drive carefully or let me have the keys. Yes; yours truly is always a designated driver!

Jamil Temple Sat. Jan. 24th at 6:30. $12. tickets at the door!
ARTSAILS1 will see you there!
Yours truly;

At the Columbia Museum of Art this Sunday 1/25

Lecture and book signing: Chinese Contemporary Art: 7 Things You Should Know 01/25/09 3:00 p.m. Melissa Chiu, vice president of Global Art Programs and museum director of Asia Society, is a leading authority on Asian contemporary art and uniquely positioned to talk about the dramatic beginnings of the vanguard movement in China in 1979 to the burgeoning scene of today. Melissa Chiu's new book, “Contemporary Chinese Art: 7 Things You Should Know,” offers an accessible guide to understanding Chinese contemporary art: what you need to know about the artists, the art market, and what can legitimately be called a new art movement, perhaps the first great art movement of the 21st century. Cost: Free with admission or membership. Related Resources:Eye to the East: The Turner Collection of Chinese Art

Healing Festival This Weekend in Columbia SC

January 23 - 25, 2009 The Coop 1100 Key Road at the Fair Grounds Columbia, SC

Friday, January 22 4:30 - 7:30 PM - Intuitive Counselors will be available for readings. Festival will not be open to the public on Friday.

Saturday, January 23 9:45 A.M. - 8:00 P.M. ALL SERVICES
2:00 P.M. - 3 P.M. - Joy Ceremony and lunch break
Sunday, January 24 10:45 A.M. - 6:00 P.M. -- All Services
Daily Admission: SAT: $10 SUN: $8. Weekend Pass $15 A Child's Haven is our charity. Bring an item for their Wish List and receive $1.00 discount on admission. A portion of the admissions will also be donated to A Child's Haven.

SATURDAY, January 23, 2009 10:00 AM Dream Interpretation - Reverend Carol Nelson, CNHP
l l:00 AM What Iridology Tells About You - Loretta Clark, CNHP
12:00 PM The Emerald Table - Danny Miller
1:00 PM Return From The Light - Dr. Olympia Freeman >>
2:00 PM Joy Ceremony "Spiritual Carwash" Experience total trust, unconditional love, giving / receiving> >
3:00 PM Contacting The Other Side With Hypnosis - Kewpie Sprott>>
4:00 PM To Be Announced - Rebecca Jacobson>>
5:00 PM Emotional Freedom Technique and The Law Of Attractionâ - Katz Delauney-Leija MSW>>
6:00 PM to 8:00 PM Special Angel Information Workshop - Angels That Work With Mankind - Page Bryant> $10.00 - You will love what you learn.

SUNDAY, January 24, 2009>>
11:00 AM Natural Medicines You Already Have In The Kitchen - Jodi Rodner >>
12:00 PM Living In The New World, A Merging With Our Higher Dimensional Energies - Rev. Beverly Thompson and > Shareina Fisher>>
1:00 PM Follow Your Intuition - Jessica Peach>>
2:00 PM Muscle Testing And The Mechanics Of Forgiveness - Joy Connor>>
3:00 PM Tools For Living An Authentic Life! - William J. Pena>>
4:00 PM The United Nations Is Seeking Wisdom From The Indigenous People Of All Countries - Robert Chastain>>
5:00 PM Past Life Regression - Rev. Jan Posey>

Sunday, January 18, 2009

Great Gocco Print Demo by Marcelo Novo

Sunday January 18, 2009.

Today at if ART Gallery on Lincoln St in Columbia SC a standing room only crowd was fortunate to see the extremely talented artist Marcelo Novo of Buenos Aires, Argentina; create art
using a black Micron pen on Bristol Smooth paper. It was really quiet as everyone gathered around the table to watch Marcelo at work. So quiet in fact, that Nova asked for music and invited the guests to speak and make the program interactive. After that the place was a
buzz and Marcelo said he felt inspired. Clearly Novo works best with music and everyone could see the inspiration as it developed.

He then demonstrated the Gocco Print making kit; which apparently is no longer being made. The one he had was perfect for making small prints and greeting cards. Using a photocopy he layered paint onto it for the image making process. The printer had a 2 bulb piece that he told us not to look at the flash while it filmed. Both bulbs burn out and are only good for one print.
He explained every step of the way as he assembled it and was very in touch with his audience.

His painting was an elephant... a Novo elephant. He said he hadn't done one in a while and when he first started it looked like an elderly person's eye. A sudden change and he painted what looked like a horn and then he said he wasn't sure what it was going to be. I could see he had the flow and was going with it. Marcelo paints as the spirit moves within him and that was quite apparent watching and listening to him. When the first one finally was pulled off the press and Novo held it up; everyone clapped. They decided he would do 20 prints. As he was hand pulling the individual prints people asked questions and he answered. It was a great live demonstration and the crowd really enjoyed it.

You can see the print and possibly the original (if it's available). Stop by the gallery; the prints will be on sale there. Thanks to Wim Roefs for hosting the event. It was really quite interesting. Go see at 1223 Lincoln St., Columbia SC Tell them artsails1 sent you.

The if ART gallery is open Mon-Sat 11-7 PM. The phone is 803-255-0068.

Friday, January 16, 2009

Barbie Mathis was interviewed by Channel 19 News

Barbie was just interviewed at Sandhills Village Art Gallery by News 19.
They said it would be on tv about 5 or at 6 tonight.
Stay Tuned.
She said it may only be a sound bit or two.
The main thing is they saw and filmed the gallery which is set up for the Inaugral Show with works honoring
the upcoming Inauguration Day.
Coincidently; they came at a time when the highest selling artist happend to be there. Barbie Mathis has been selling art so fast she has to paint in every bit of her spare time. An unexpected shot of publicity can only add fuel to the fire. Art by Barbie Mathis will continue to spread thru the city of Columbia, SC and the world like a wild fire.
Congratulations to Barbie Mathis; you deserve this!

CD Just Released John Fitz Rogers

Breaking News.... John Fitz Rogers of Columbia SC

"Be prepared to be in awe!"
-Jean Bourque

John Fitz Rogers Releases New CD- "Once Removed" -
CD Just released - Innova Recordings
Innova Recordings announces the release of "Once Removed"
(Innova 707),
a collection of music by American composer John Fitz Rogers.
The disc includes
Blue River Variations" (2003) 16:05
Marina Lomazov, piano"Sonata Lunaris" (2005) 16:25
Opus Two - William Terwilliger, violin; Andrew Cooperstock, Piano
"Once Removed" (2003) 8:54
(for two marimbas and click tracks)Cameron Britt and Scott Herring,
marimbas"Memoria Domi" (2004) 24:26 Joseph Eller, clarinet;
William Terwilliger, violin; Robert Jesselson, cello; Lynn Kompass, piano.
To purchase directly from Innova or for more information, please visit http://innova.mu/artist1.asp?skuID=343 . The CD is also available from
retailers such as Amazon, or in download format from iTunes, etc.
(Excerpts of the works are available from iTunes or at http://www.johnfitzrogers.com/works.html )
John, this is great;
yours truly;
Jean Bourque

Wednesday, January 14, 2009

if ART Gallery Presents Jan 15-Feb 4

if ART Gallery presents
SALON III: The Print Exhibition
January 15 – February 4, 2009
@ if ART Gallery
1223 Lincoln St., Columbia, S.C. 29205, (803) 255-0068/ (803) 238-2351

Reception: Thursday, Jan. 15, 5 – 10 p.m.
Opening Hours: Weekdays, 11 a.m. – 7 p.m.; Sat., 11 a.m. – 5 p.m. & by appointment
Printmaking Demonstrations:
Sunday, Jan. 18, 3 – 5 p.m., Marcelo Novo, Print Gocco
Sunday, Jan. 25, 3 – 5 p.m., Phil Garrett, Monotype
Saturday, Jan. 31, 3 – 5 p.m., H. Brown Thornton, Photo Transfer
Sunday, Feb. 1, 3 – 5 p.m., Steven Chapp, Linocut & Photopolymer Prints

Artists in the exhibition:
Karel Appel, Jeri Burdick, Carl Blair, Lynn Chadwick, Steven Chapp, Corneille, Jeff Donovan, Jacques Doucet, Phil Garrett, Herbert Gentry, Tonya Gregg, John Hultberg, Richard Hunt, Sjaak Korsten, Lucebert, Reiner Mährlein, Sam Middleton, Eric Miller, Joan Mitchell, Dorothy Netherland, Marcelo Novo, Hannes Postma, Edward Rice, Anton Rooskens, Kees Salentijn, Laura Spong, Brown Thornton, Bram van Velde, Katie Walker, David Yaghjian and Paul Yanko.

CYBER FYBER Update and Invitation

The Power of blogging is demonstrated in the first international Fiber art show held here in Columbia SC. CYBER FYBER is the brain storm of Susan Lenz, a fellow blogger and fiber artist.
In attendance Friday night to a packed house, the show filled the gallery at 80808. It is still up and if you haven't seen it; be prepared to see an international show of miniature fiberart ATC's and postcards all created by fellow bloggers, from all over the world.

An update and invitation from Susan Lenz for all to attend from my email box....

CYBER FYBER is open daily from 11 - 5, including Saturday and Sunday! Caroline Commins, CYBER FYBER Postcard # 75, is flying into Columbia this Saturday evening to see the exhibition and meet Susan Sorrell. Caroline has taken several on-line classes with Susan Sorrell. Susan Sorrell is from the Greenville and one of the talented artists in the Invitational section of the exhibit. Susan and her mother will be coming to Columbia on Sunday afternoon. I've arranged to host an informal get together for Susan and Caroline at 2:30 Sunday, January 18 here at Gallery 80808/Vista Studios, 808 Lady Street in Columbia. Please join us! Bring your stitching, knitting, needlework if you have any in progress. Spread the word to others! The exhibition is open that day from 11 - 5....so...the more the merrier! Susan http://cyberfyberexhibition.blogspot.com to attend...

Sunday, January 4, 2009

Water Media Painting Workshops offered

In Chapin at the Crooked Creek Park they will host a watercolor workshop by Michael Pearson. The workshop will be held on Friday,March 6th and Saturday, March 7,2009 from 9:00 am to 5:00 pm each day. The workshop fee is $125. A $ 50. deposit is required to reserve a space, with the remaining $ 75. balance due by January 19, 2009. Any questions regarding the workshop or instructor should be directed to Pat Murphy at(803) 345-5723. ***

Crooked Creek Art League is sponsoring a watercolor workshop by Sterling Edwards in February 2009. This will be a three day workshop from 9:00 am to 4:00 pm starting February 5th and ending February 7th, 2009 . The total fee is $150.00. A deposit of $75.00 is due and the balance due by January 19, 2009 .Contact Ron Weathers at 513-5758 or rweathers@sc.rr.com for more information or to sign up.***

In Columbia at City Art they will be holding a Charles Reid Watercolor Workshop from March 23rd – March 29th. The fee will be$650 for a 5 day watercolor workshop with a deposit of $200by 2/8/09 . For details, go to www.cityartonline.com. Charles Reid is an artist, teacher and author known around the world. He has authored eight books on painting.


Details: The Fiber Day is Jan. 10 at 80808

This is from Susan Lenz on the first Sat. event to be held during Cyber Fyber:

Fiber Day, Saturday, January 10 from 10 - 5 is being held at Gallery 80808/Vista Studios, 808 Lady Street. Creative Sewing Center is coming with the newest Bernina sewing machines and embellishing (dry felting) machines and with several textile educators for a casual, day-long series of demonstration/sharing opportunities. There will be on-going "make-it/take-it" projects for kids. Attached is the schedule for Fiber Day. I have updated the blog entry for Fiber Day with all sorts of photos.

Ellen Kochansky is selecting the "BEST OF SHOW" awards for the traded postcards and ATCs. They are all hanging currently in the gallery. Actually, the entire show is already up....minus labels and signage. I will announce the winning postcard and ATC during Fiber Day. In the meantime, there are people all over the world leaving comments on the postcards and ATCs in the on-line exhibition. There will be two plastic boxes for those attending the exhibition to "vote" for their favorites too. Together, the on-line and actual voting will determining PEOPLE'S CHOICE awards. House of Fabrics and I have put together amazing stashes of textiles, trim, buttons, and fiber related items as the "prizes"."

This sounds like a fun day; I hope everyone can stop by and see what's happening at 80808 Sat. Jan. 10th. Now remember, this is just one part of the event there is so much more happening for full details go to the cyberfyber links in the other CyberFyber posts or click on Susan Lenz name in my list of links to the right.

Camden Art Association Meeting

CAA Membership Meeting Monday evening
January 05, 2009, 7:00p.m.
Camden SC
Announcing their Guest Speaker Mary Gilkerson
MFA of Columbia, SC

e-mail Val Puntillo (valpuntillo@hotmail.com) for directions or for more info on the league

Trenholm Artists Guild Meets January 12th

The Trenholm Artists Guild affectionately called TAG by insiders will be meeting Monday January 12th in Columbia SC at 7 pm. If you want to visit and chat please come by 6:30 pm to meet and great your artistic friends. Our guest speaker of the month will be Patrick Parise, painter and print maker. Although originally from NY, Patrick attended USC and has made his home with his wife in Columbia SC for over thirty years.

CyberFyber International Art Jan. 8- 20 @80808

A while ago; I mentioned we would be having a cyber fyber festival in January 2009. The exhibit will bring awareness to a variety of artists locally and globally as well as an awareness of the value of using the Internet blog for your art career. This show is about the blogger artist and the fiber artist exhibiting globally through blogging. Much thanks to Susan Lenz for her creative genius in developing this show.

"CYBER FYBER EXHIBITION is an international event scheduled at Gallery 80808/Vista Studios, 808 Lady Street in downtown Columbia, South Carolina, USA from January 8th through 20th, 2009. The focus of this exhibition is to highlight the influences of Internet access for today's fiber artists.

On Saturday, January 17, 2009 CYBER FYBER will be celebrating ATC day! The highlight of the afternoon will be the INTERNATIONAL RANDOM ATC Swap! ANYONE can participate, there's no restriction on age, location, or artistic medium! Here's how to add your ATC(s) to the mix: Mail up to three ATCs to: CYBER FYBER 2123 Park Street Columbia, SC 29201 Include a self-address, sufficiently stamped envelope for each ATC you send. If you are located outside the USA....send the envelope with stamps from your own country! DEADLINE: EVERYTHING MUST ARRIVE BEFORE JANUARY 17!" (from the blog by Susan Lenz)

Local email from Susan Lenz :

"About the International Random ATC Swap, obviously, local people don't have to mail anything. They can simply come on PM. If some people can't attend, they can drop off their ATC(s) with SASE envelopes....anytime CYBER FYBER is open: Monday-Fri. 11 - 5. Fiber Day, Saturday, Jan 10, 10 - 5; ATC Day, Saturday, Jan. 17, 1 - 4. ATCs are 2 1/2" x 3 1/2". The ones for the International Random Swap can be in any media! "

Calendar for event at 80808

Reception: Friday, Jan. 9, 5 - 9.

Fiber Day Sat. Jan 10 (see Susan's blog)
ATC Day, Saturday, Jan. 17th 1 - 4.
The drawing will be around 2:30 .

For more details attend opening reception at 80808 on Jan 9th or go to Susan's blog at http://cyberfyberexhibition.blogspot.com/

This show is a way to show the world our art and blogging community. It highlights, how artists are using their blogs to develop international connections and how meaningful use of the Internet can lead to more awareness. It is also a way to showcase the wonderful variety found in textiles and fiber arts as well as create awareness of Artists Trading Cards and blogging.

Saturday, January 3, 2009

Art Sales group for Military Brats

Military Brats get united through ART and Talent... on Etsy

Just wanted to share this for all my fellow military brats world wide. In some ways we have grown up with no long term attachments to a set a people or a home town. We do have a unique attachment that others do not have and that is our own group of Military Brats and all though we hardly ever find people we went to school with or lived next door to we do have a larger community as one thing about growing up in the military is we have seen the world and no one is a stranger long in our life's. We are a friendly bunch and we often try to reconnect with the kids we grew up with. We grew up totally different than civilian kids.

Support your military brats; buy art here. This is our connection as artists and as brats .


Thursday, January 1, 2009

Barbie Mathis Top Selling Artist

Barbie Mathis started out as a fashion illustrator doing mostly b&w newspaper illustrations. Later she worked in an Atlanta Gallery and Frame shop and there she was inspired to take art classes to learn painting so she could do decorative art. She decided to get a contract with an art publisher. She contracted with Bentley Publishing. her art career was up and running.

Opportunities to study with some of America's finest artists soon came when Barbie moved to Sarasota FL. There she volunteered at the Leech Studio. Well known watercolorists came from all over to teach there and Barbie was there when ever the door was open. Barbie tells me; " I saw such a variety of techniques but I tend to like realistic art. I liked the way artists used layers of transparent glazes to create interesting effects with details, light and color. I mainly work in watercolor and on occasion in oils or acrylics. "

(JB) You often paint flowers what inspires you about flowers?
"With flowers there are so many colors and varieties and shapes; I can paint flowers everyday. There is always something new and always a challenge. Seeing and smelling flowers just inspires me and feeds my soul. I heard Wayne Dyer say that "inspire" is the same as “ i n-sp i r i t ”. Flowers "inspirit" me...and connect me to God.

Barbie tells us a little bit more about her background and who she studied art with.

" I went to Bauder Fashion College in Atlanta, GA. Later I had some great individual instruction — Sara Brown and Connie Riley in Atlanta. I also saw demos by Nita Leland, Skip Lawrence, Don Andrews, Frank Webb, Barbara Nechis and many great artists that came to FL. I ' v e taken workshops every year; some favorites have been Joanne Anderson, Margeret Hoybach, Linda
St e v e ns-M o y e r, and M a r i l y n P h y l l i s . "

Barbie continues," I've always enjoyed being in art groups. Most of the art groups have shows and I enter them. In the past 5 years, I have been honored to get in shows all over the country
and actually win a few prizes. I haven't been as intentional about marketing as I need to be now. In the past, if something interested me, I just pursued it by getting out and talking to people, showing my work, entering shows, working with other artists, etc. I have my website at http://www.barbiemathis.com/ and I am showing work and talking with other artists on Facebook. I am also going to have a website through Pre-Paid legal that will provide a business website and marketing help. (Ask me if you want to know more) Village Artists is going to have a website soon."
(JB) Barbie; you have sold a lot in the local art scene and I am sure other artists would like to know if you have any advice on selling art?
(BM) Decide who you want to market to and create your marketing to attract and suite that audience. Example: I want to do fine watercolors for an upscale audience. I joined the V i l l a g e

A r t i s ts C o- o p in the Village at Sandhill. It's a gallery that attracts customers who do not mind spending for fine art. I also have giclees made because my paintings are time consuming. I paint with the intention of making reproductions.

(JB) Is there anything else about you or your art you would like to share with the readers?

(BM) I started selling more art when I realized that God is my source. He knows my needs and as I
v i s u a l i z e, p r a y, and ask for what I need, he brings about the provision. I always have what I need when I need it. Besides my art career I do displays for ARM, office admin for Edward Jones Investments, and for the artist Rachel Parker as a studio assistant.

(JB) In an ideal world; were do you see your art career say in ten years?
(BM) " I want to have more gallery shows and to have my art sought after by major collectors. I'd like to be known as an expert in flower painting.
(JB) Barbie is already known as an expert in flower painting.
(BM) I want to get into National Art Shows such as AWS and NWS. I am currently a signature member of SC Water Media Society. I'd like to keep advancing in the art world. I fully expect my art to support me and I would also like to make enough sales so I can support and mentor other artists who need help getting started. I'd like to have a studio gallery shop where artists can come and work for a while and the public can come in and buy art. I also would like to pay some one to manage it all leaving me to paint and travel with other artists, family and friends. "

Thank you Barbie for sharing your life, your art and your dreams and goals with us. As we start 2009 my wish for you: a very prosperous and happy new year! You go Girl!

Emerging Artist 2009-Roger Hutchison

The Neutron Dance by Roger Hutchison inspired by the Pointer Sisters music painted in acrylic without brushes. c 2008 the artist.

Roger Hutchison is a relative newcomer to the Columbia SC visual art scene. Even so, he is an active painter and has sold an impressive 15 paintings this past month. Roger struck me as a very friendly person with a strong passion for painting. Naturally; I wanted to write about him as he had done something I have never seen any new artist do in Columbia. I asked Roger to tell us about himself and here is what he had to say:"I have always been a creative person, but it has only been in the past couple of years that I have really started "putting the word out" about my work. I use acrylics and I paint with my fingers. I also use business cards, nails, pieces of wood, and other "found" objects. I was inspired to move "out of the box" by my 9th Grade Civics teacher. He introduced me to artists like Cy Twombly, Tapies, and Mark Rothko. Seeing their work changed my life. "
(JB) Roger; You often use bold pure colors; are colors the inspiration for your work?"I love color. Instead of looking at the sky and seeing a blue sky...I see pinks, purples, oranges, reds. I try to convey this in my paintings. I never know what I am going to paint...I just know that it will be saturated with deep and dancing color. I guess that describes my vision of the world around me.
"(JB) Who and where have you studied art with?"I took a couple of basic art classes in college - Warren Wilson College in Swannanoa, NC...but other than that, I have not really painted or studied with anyone other than my seven year old daughter and dogs, Scout and MaeBelle. "
(JB) Are there any artists that you would say played a major role either in mentoring you or in inspiring and shaping your career?"I respond to so many artists - some of my favorites - Picasso, Van Gogh, Mark Rothko, Niki de Saint Phalle, and folk artists, Woodie Long and Eric Legge...I also admire the work of local artists Mike Williams and Laura Spong. "
(JB) How have you handled the marketing of your art; getting in shows, selling art, creating a web presence?"It has been a very interesting and exciting process for me. I have a website that is hosted by "Other People's Pixels" and I market much of my work on facebook. I do think that you can never underestimate word of mouth." My website is at Roger Paintings."I have found success in spreading the word about my art via verbal contact with people, facebook, setting up a user-friendly website, and making connections with the local art community. I have also entered several contests both here in Columbia and in Charleston (Piccolo Spoleto). You have to be your own best marketing team.I also think that when you are having fun and it shows, people want to be a part of that joy. I do not count on selling my art to survive...I have a full-time job...so the pressure to sell is something that I do not have to struggle with - although when I do sell something, I find myself over the moon. I know that is not the case for most artists. I have such respect for artists who live this struggle/celebration every day."
(JB) Is there anything else you would like to share?"Painting is a holy experience for me. It is my prayer time...my God time. I work with children during the day...I experience their joys and their sorrows, their laughter and their tears. It is this joy and this energy that I hope comes through my work. It is also a reflection of the joy I feel as I move through this life as a husband and father.I am also stunned and very grateful for all of the amazing response that I have experienced - especially over the past year. My heart is full with thanksgiving and respect for the local businesses who have supported my work - Mr. Friendly and Frame of Mind. I am thankful for you and the other artists in this community who have surrounded and supported the new kid on the block. "
(JB) Do you have any other careers beside being an artist?I serve on staff at Trinity Episcopal Cathedral in Columbia as the Canon for Children's Ministries and as the Director of the Trinity Center for Mission and Ministry.
(JB) In an ideal world where would you see yourself and your art career say ten years from now?"Oh...I hope that I am still having a blast...experiencing joy...laughing and celebrating with each new piece that comes forward. I hope that people continue to be inspired by my work and my story. I hope that this community will continue to support the arts...and that I might be a small but important part of that journey....and to those of you who have welcomed one of my paintings into your home...thank you. You have become a part of me - and I hope I have become a part of you. It is my hope that my artwork brings a bit of hope, peace, and joy to to your world. "(JB) Thank you Roger; I have really enjoyed sharing your art and art career with the Internet world. I wish you much success for the coming New Year.