Wednesday, December 23, 2009

Recap of my art happenings... 2009

I have been so totally immersed in the art world and everything I am doing that I haven't even had time to write on this blog. I actually didn't have any internet service other than that which could be borrowed from friends, the library, the coffee shops and my cell. For some people that may well have been enough and I would have thought it would be for myself. However, it was not. I had apparently been spending a good many hours on the internet between writing the blog, all the various social networking sites I am on and the various applications and games that are a part of my daily life in cyberville.

Prior to this experience I would not have described myself as addicted to the internet. However, I do remember back about 6 years ago someone actually pointing out that I spent way more time on the internet then anyone they ever met. Yeah, but I was also in school studying to be a web designer. So, to me that didn't count. Anyway, I have my certificate in web design because I already had a degree in something else LOL! At any rate, no I am not a web designer...but at one time...I was really into web design. But like any language, if you don't use it you lose it. I had even gone back to school 2007-08 and got updated on my design skill set and on the entire Photo Shop package. I learned what I learned and I have had to adapt as changes come up. MS updated and so did windows and as soon as you completely have the package understood...along comes something new.
I had an art show in August with Jean Ehler called "A Pair of Jeans" in North Charleston, SC at the Convention Center. that show hilighted that although Jean and I had both studied with Ilona Royce Smithken for at least the last 14 years, and she and I have painted together for at least the last ten years several times a year...we still maintain totally different styles. This was followed by a Sept. show at Frame of Mind on Main St Columbia SC with Barbie Mathis and it was very fitting as many of the pieces in this show were done at Barbie's house. The theme was "Flowering" and all its forms. The show was very well received and I introduced my beautiful florals with blow ups off butterflies I captured on film close up. They are amazing even if I say so myself. These have moved to Avanti designer showroom on Huger St and can be purchased there.
After my two, two women art shows I have had two solo shows. From Oct 12 to Dec 1, my art work featuring coffee was on display in the rotunda at the lower level in the Richland County Public Library on Assembly St. Columbia, SC. I had created several new pieces for Gotham Bagel aka Gotham Nights. This show is still running, so check it out. I have 16 museum quality canvas mixed media paintings all at least 20x30 gracing the walls of the cafe.
Photo of Jeanee Bourque Sept 2009, by artist