Friday, June 22, 2012

Ahhh... it's the month of June and it's one of my favorite month's of the year. My childhood memories of school letting out in June, usually on or near the first day of summer, followed by vacations and my birthday... always make me nostalgic for being a kid. Silly, perhaps but as middle age dots my face with odd colors and strange new wrinkles... a woman just can't help but long for those carefree (and wrinkle free) childhood days. Painting often takes me to the joys of childhood and I am carefree.... I dance like no one is watching!

In the past month, I have painted to a lot of great musicians and been in several art shows. At the Art Bar, I did the art show Memorial weekend and then painted live to C. Neil Scott and Matt Falter, that was magic! I also had the opportunity to paint with them the first week in June at Conundrum Music Hall and to Lucas Sam improv rock act. It was all so much fun!

"Making Magic" in acrylics by 
Jean Bourque c May 27, 2012
Art Bar Columbia SC to live music by
C. Neil Scott and Matt Falter

This painting seems nostalgic to me as well. One of the first real pieces of art I actually purchased for myself was a Monet. I enjoyed his style and then sought lessons in painting impressionism in oil paints. For me this painting inspired by very free form music is one of the best impressionistic landscape pieces I have ever done... without looking at a scene or a photo. The spirit of the music guided me to the freedom found in an impressionistic landscape created entirely from my memory with no pictorial references.

Matt Falter and C Neil Scott have posted numerous videos on youtube with me creating this painting and additional videos where I painted to their music again at Conundrum.

Catch you later my friends....
much love