Friday, May 25, 2007

Mystery Mural Artist and Jean Bourque

Hi there;
This is a photograph Ingrid Carson took of Jean Bourque; standing in front of a mural which is underneath the Blossom St. bridge in Cayce and West Columbia SC. After walking the trail we discovered this and we both have been wondering WHO the artist is or WHAT the title is.
I suspect it may have been done by a man named Ralph but I am not sure. Does anyone know anything about this? If so; please let me know so I can give credit; where credit is due!!!
Thank you; Jeanee

Thursday, May 24, 2007

Look to the Right: Art Videos, etc. Updated

On the right side of the blog; you may have noticed some boxes.
The first group is Val's Art Diary. Very a couple and you will see.
The second block down is a news feed which changes on a regular basis with news from all over the world on various art happenings. It's interesting and of course very informative.
Below that are the Art Video Boxes. I recently updated them to show art by "Peter Max".
Did you know: You can send Peter Max postcards from the website? Every time I have ever sent one; people have commented how much they like them. So click on Peter Max and go see his wonderful website. Hope you enjoy the updates and videos too!

yours Jeanee

Americans for the Arts

As member of the Americans for the Arts Action Fund; I receive lots of news about what is going on with the arts. In my mailbox was a story that The National Endowment for the Arts (NEA) is proposing the largest financial increase ever. It goes before President Bush soon. Typically the NEA has been getting about 3% increases annually.

I thought perhaps some of my readers may be interested in delving deeper into the arts and like to read these stories for themselves. Just click on this link to go there and learn more about the group and about the latest news.

yours; Jeanee

Wednesday, May 23, 2007

Kind words...

"Your blog site is wonderful and very informative. Thanks!
&:-) Kakie"

" Congrats on the artblog for Cola town. It is good to have one spot to go to.

Anne Hightower-Patterson"

Thank you for your kind words; Jeanee

Congratulations to Donna Lynn Gore

The Carol Ann Rose Memorial Award was awarded to Donna Lynn Gore for her large watercolor collage on paper; "Mountains and Waters of Meditation" framed at $750.
at the Seven Oaks Art League Show May 17, 2007. Donna sent me a picture of her award winning painting and I am delighted to show it to the world! Thank you and Congratulations Donna! This painting is currently on display at the Seven Oaks Park

Tuesday, May 22, 2007

SC Watermedia Show Competition Announcement

TO: SC Watermedia Society Members

IMPORTANT: 2007 Exhibition Info
Correction: Holiday Inn Express – phone number is 864-699-7777 (not 803 area code)

Entries: Deadline: Postmark no later than July 17, 2007.
One JPEG image on CD. Write your full name on the disk and also name your JPEG file (artist name not painting name.) On the entry form, note image size (unframed.)

Mail to: Kim Richards, 7 Oxford Dr., Cartersville, GA 30120.
You do not need to over wrap and package your disk. A simple padded or cardboard disk envelope works just fine. Last year I had large boxes with bubble wrap, which was not necessary. Remember to complete all the forms requested and include them with your disk.

Framing: From the time juried results are mailed and works are to be delivered to the Spartanburg Art Museum, selected artists have about a month to get their painting framed, using ¾” – 1 ½” width (preferable) or maximum 2” width flat-faced museum style wood frame in natural (light or blonde) color. Mats, if used, must be white, off-white or pale grey.

Details and some suggested locations to purchase required frames will be in your acceptance letter. Remember, Plexiglas/acrylic is required on all paper or paper like surfaces. You may enter a piece on canvas and choose to not cover it with plexi. If you submit a canvas piece without plexi, the size (framed) may not exceed 38” x 43”. Otherwise, maximum size (framed) is 48” x 48” in either direction.

Why do we limit the size of pieces not under plexi? SCWS coordinates a very popular and valuable Traveling Exhibition. Paintings must be protected during the tour so we will have to produce special padded boxes to fit each painting that is not covered in plexi. We needed to consider the cost of these boxes and also the ability to have them fit into mini vans, which are used to transport the Traveling Exhibition.

Kim Richards
SC Watermedia Society

Updated Post re Jean Ehler and ACG Giclee biz

Please see the update several posts back. I just found out the business is not yet opened but will be opening in the near future and ARTSAILS1 will post additional info as it becomes available. Thanks!

Art Q & A? How to fix a scratch in an oil painting

ART Q and A HERE....

I had a dreadful problem recently and I thought it may be something that has happened to other canvas artists as well. Many times when art has been hanging somewhere; we get it back and it is not in the condition it was when we delivered it and we have little recourse other than trying to fix it. Frames getting chipped and nicked is the most common complaint and many times if it's not severe you can just use a furniture marker to fix that. Of course if its scratched or dented; you have a bigger problem and this story isn't about that; so I will move onward.

The problem I faced was a 6 inch scratch staring me down; almost dead center through my oil painting. There was no way for the eye to avoid its presence. A situation which had to be fixed.

I called around like most artists do and no one was exactly sure. Then I thought about all the furniture, frames and faces I had fixed. I know that's an odd combination but let me explain; each is subject to cosmetic repair on occasion. I used the combination of all those techniques to fix my painting.

The scratch encompassed at least 6 different colors and to mix each color and do a color match was a chore. I used a spare canvas to test colors and paint thickness; as oils do take a long time to dry and it could have led to a mess with all those colors if used any amount of paint other than a very dry brush on each color. Slowly and diligently; I applied each color and gently blended each and use a q-tip to remove any excess paint. I spent 4 solid uninterrupted hours on my painting and when I was done you could not tell it ever had a scratch. The painting was beautiful!!!

Any art problems you have solved email me about them and I will post your helpful hints.


Sunday, May 20, 2007

Compliments from Ingrid Carson

"Friend and noted Columbia Artist, Jean Bourque, has included Ingrid on her website: and in her blog: Jean's site is worth a tour. She spotlights not only her art, but also connects the art lover to many inspirational sites and writes on topics of interest to the novice as well as the seasoned artist."
Written by Ingrid Carson on her website. Shown is Ingrid Carson's painting; "When Glaciers Melt" *Thank you Ingrid!*

Congratulations to SOAL Art Show Winners

Gail Cunningham has won first place in the Seven Oaks Art League 5th Annual Juried Show with her collage and watercolor painting on paper, "Koi Pond" also known as "Come into the Light..." in an elegant frame $650.00. Her website is at Bay Harbor Designs.
All Paintings and artwork are on show at the Seven Oaks Park on Leisure Lane; just off St. Andrews Rd. and Piney Grove in Columbia, SC. Most are for sale and will be displayed until May 31, 2007. Besides the artists listed here the other artists in the show are Suzanne Amodio, Donna Reid, Corey Ann Lacy, Birgul Sisler, Mary Monroe, Cathy Purdy, Tommy Thompson, Susan Hawfield, Chris Carlson, Betty Scott, Dale Bishop, June Tucarella, Barbie Mathis and Jean Bourque. Hope you get a chance to see the show.
Best of Show Winner was Melinda K. Smith, with "Glamorous Garlic" a watercolor on paper framed $300.; Second Place winner with a beautiful glass art work was won by Kakie Honig for her piece "Wabi Sabi" in the display cabinet at Seven Oaks Park for $250.; Third Place was won by Shirley Wright for "Olive Groves" a watercolor painting framed on paper $400.
The Carol Ann Rose Memorial Award was awarded to Donna Lynn Gore for her large watercolor collage on paper; "Mountains and Waters of Meditation" framed at $750.
Merit Award Winners are:
Nita Yancey for her Watercolor collage titled; "Traditions" framed for $800.
Katie Doudoukjian for her large pastel "I Have a Friend" NFS
Dee Hanson for her painting, "Christmas Cactus 2" NFS
Note- NFS means not for sale
Ingrid Carson's "The Paint Bucket" a large oil painting on canvas framed in a high quality wood frame; $1200. has won a merit award at the Seven Oaks Art League Fifth Annual Art League Show.

A Carolina Gallery Giclee Biz sold to Jean Ehler

Many of you know that Tom Rose of A Carolina Gallery planned to sell his
Giclee Print Business. Jean Ehler, a professional artist has agreed to purchase the business and will be opening sometime in the near future. We will post information here as it becomes available.

Jean Ehler states; " This is the latest thing in fine art printing. The images will stay bright and beautiful for 125 years or more. This will allow me to print anything from a digital image; photographs, fine art, etc. on high quality archival paper or canvas in any size, from note cards up to 3.5' x 10'. More information will be coming soon just watch my Hillview Art site.
If you have anything you've thought about getting a print of an old photograph, a new photograph or a piece of your art, just let me know. I will make your image look its best, then print as many as you want."

Coming soon...this blog will announce when the business has opened and all the details
as they become available. Coming soon: Giclee prints contact Artist Jean Ehler

post updated 5-22-07 by artsails1

Saturday, May 19, 2007

Val's Art Diary Art Project 2.0

Those of you that have been watching the art videos on youTube have probably already heard about Val's Art Diary. If you have not seen these or want to see more about her click here. Her demos and videos go beyond just showing an artist paint. They are fun; entertaining and educational. Val takes her audience on an art journey and showcases how the work is done and the thought process along with it. Not only that she occasionally gives her paintings away to lucky subscribers chosen at random.

Val is doing an exciting art project in collaboration with other artists.
Go to her website to see what Art Project 2.0 is all about.
Hope you enjoy this;

Friday, May 11, 2007

The Seven Oaks Juried Art Show May 17-30

at the Seven Oaks Park, off St. Andrews Rd. on Leisure Lane in Columbia SC


Thursday May 17 from 7Pm to 9PM open to all artists and to the public
23 works of art created by Columbia area artists
Awards will be announced at that time!
The art work shown is by Barbie Mathis award winning artist. For purchase details
email Barbie. To see more of her art work go to Barbie's website.

Hope you come on out and see our art!!!
"Imagine" a 30 x 24 inch on thick museum quality canvas

Hope to See you there

"The Tipping Point" & Art

by Jean Bourque
Have you read "The Tipping Point" by Malcolm Gladwell? It's about doing "little" things that make your product or your company really get noticed. Every product (including art) has a tipping point. It starts with finding your niche, developing it and making it stick.
Your first few customers, really "get" what you are doing. They want what you have and are willing to spread the word for you. We all need early adopters. These are the people that will lead the way. How can we help our first customers help us? People like to buy from people they like and they buy products that are recommended by their friends or that they think their friends will like too. Your art needs to be seen everywhere.
What makes books like Chicken Soup for the Soul; get turned down by over a 100 publishers; and then end up being a best seller which sparked entire industries for both authors! I have read a lot about and by Jack Canfield and Mark Victor Hansen and I recommend their books. What they had was sheer determination; they would not take no for an answer. They believed in their work and they kept going and found that publisher that was willing to take a chance. They didn't stop there; they kept promoting their work and adding to their business. Click on their names; you will see what I mean!
Flash Forward to the ART world: You can look at Peter Max, Andy Warhol, Thomas Kincaid they all put themselves out there. It was the willingness to do whatever they could to get their art in front of others. Not just a few people but the world and then they developed a marketing strategy for collectors and built an enormous following.
So; how can we (as artists) find our tipping point? You have to do something; beyond making art. What makes your art special? What elusive quality does your art have that no one else does? Think about it and put your comments here. I would love to see your art; if you have a blog, website or are on someone else's web site include those "URLs" in your comments here. In all the success stories marketing is an essential element and where it all begins.
"The Tipping Point" a book worth reading, thinking about and talking about.
Yours Jeanee

Saturday, May 5, 2007

Columbia Festival of the Arts this weekend

Tour Open Studio Weekend

65 artists from all over the Greater Columbia area

which includes Lexington and Richland County are having


in association with the Columbia Festival of the Arts


May 5 from 10-5 PM and May 6 from 12 to 5 PM


Be sure to see Ingrid Carson, Michel McNinch and Susan Lenz. Columbia SC has many talented artists.
Yours truly;

Art selections by Jean Bourque

Artwork here by Jean Bourque of
copyright held by the artist
1. "Paths" an oil painting 20x16 inches on pre-stretched canvas
2. "Sailing" an oil painting 24x18 nches on pre-stretched canvas

Friday, May 4, 2007

Dottie Gantt Fiber Artist

Award-winning southern artist Dottie Gantt uses quilt making and other art techniques to create her original, one-of-a-kind contemporary art quilts, fiber art, and mixed media art.
The two pictures above are my favorites to see more of her wonderful unique fiber art just click on her name and that will take you to her website. Dottie does presentations of her art for various art leagues. I actually saw many examples of her wonderful art work in the Richland County Public Library a while back. She also was a participant in the WWTP tea cup auction. Hope you enjoy her work as much as I do. Contact info for Dottie is on her website at These are so nice looking!