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Happy New Year!

Tuesday, December 25, 2007

Talent DataBase

TalentDataBase is a social site for talented artists, writers, musicians, entertainers, poets and more. Connect with other talented people and post your portfolio. Click here to see my listing with them.

Monday, December 24, 2007

The Art of Seeing Two Day workshop

The Columbia Museum of Art's About Face group believes that "if you wish to be a successful artist, it is essential to take time to train yourself to see things accurately. All the latest painting techniques, gadgets, and gimmicks will not help you create a successful picture if you paint or draw what you know about an object or scene rather than reproducing what is actually right in front of your eyes. Once you learn to see, you can draw or paint anything!" With that in mind, About Face hosts a Two Day Seeing Workshop, January 11 & 12, with instructor Robert H. Way, a member of the American Society of Portrait Artists.

Columbia Museum of Art - About Face
Columbia, SC

For information (803)790-0011 21- Bill Arnott
E-mail to:

Sunday, December 23, 2007

Now Showing at Saatchi Gallery in the UK

paper flowers a collage by Jean Bourque
SC artists Jean Bourque and Jean Ehler are now showing in the UK at Saatchi Gallery.
For a preview of Bourque's online presence at the Gallery -Click here.

Gallery Seeks Artists in Columbia, SC

The ArtShack Gallery on Rosewood, near downtown Columbia, SC is currently looking for new and emerging artists and craftsmen, particularly in art depicting regional scenery, ceramics, sculpture, and hand-blown glass. Artwork is juried in quarterly and submissions are being accepted now. ArtShack Gallery, The.
For information call (803)799-9409 Paula Bowers, or E-mail to:

Saturday, December 22, 2007

Enhancing Creativity in 2008!

Classes by Ingrid Carson for 2008

Acrylic Mixed Media 6 week class in my home studio Friday mornings beginning Jan. 11th 9:30 - 11:30 $80.

Oil Painting Classes 6 weeks $80 Wednesday morning, Thursday morning, and Thursday afternoon beginning January 9th.

Paintings above are by Ingrid Carson.
For more information call Ingrid Carson at 749-9501 or e-mail

Wednesday, December 19, 2007

Back Porch Painters Dec. Show Photo Log

Dancing off The Wall Oil Painting
by Jean Bourque

Now to Year End Artists Round Table Art Show

Art Wall by Jean Bourque
Art Displayed at the Artists Round Table Gallery
1213 Lincoln St. Columbia, SC
Space provided by Palmetto Interiors

This wall represents the work of Howard Hunt Photographer and Painter.

To the far right, you can see a little bit of work by Sandra Carr.

Art Walls at Artists Round Table Gallery

The wall below features
Left-Sculpture by Sylvia Ady-PottsCenter- Paintings by Jean Bourque
Right- Glass Sculpture by Steve Hewitt Top Right- Photography by Howard Hunt

Tuesday, December 18, 2007

Artsails1 is Thinking, Again!

"Journey" c by Jean Bourque
Silk Collage m/m on paper (sold)

Thoughts of an Artist by Jean Bourque 12-18-07

As artists, we wear many faces. When we create we are our truest selves, for there lays our freedom, our soul, our very being. Everything that I am stems up and out from the artistic soul I was born with.

I have been doing a lot of thinking lately about what it means to be an artist. I mean not in the obvious sense but on a deeper level. What does it mean and what does it take in terms of commitment, time, passion, expense and love to develop one's self as an artist.

Then there are the practical concerns which at times can be more pressing than the joy of art. How can I be self supporting as an artist? How can anyone especially a single person, be above the survival level without a fund or supporters; be that an inheritance, a grant, or a family's financial support?

I have been searching, not just for the answers to these questions, but to many more. Somehow it feels like a puzzle with a few missing pieces. Can we create the larger picture of being profitable and going above and beyond just getting by? I do believe we can. I try the doors and some open, while others need a key. Perhaps sharing my thoughts will provide a key.

We wear a happy face. We are blessed, we know we are. All of us that have this talent are very blessed. In the blessings there is a key to another dimension. We walk thru the sheer veil and what we experience is all in the mind. We are our minds, our thoughts, our passions, our creations, and our talent must come from our soul.

You can tell when someone is creating from their soul. Their work will look like no one else’s artwork. It will be as unique as a fingerprint. If we are all to write a story about what we did last summer, they would all be different. Yet, a group may paint flowers together and many times the teacher assists them, so that they all look alike. Not all artists are creating from the soul. I can attend any art gathering and spot the ones without joy in their hearts. They typically are just copying other artists and always wear a mask.

I have been blessed to be a very talented writer and a visual artist. This comes natural to me just like doing PR, Blogging and Marketing do. I have had many classes with many great and well known artists and some fine writers as well. I have been blessed to do things my own way. For that I am very grateful. I have the joy, I have the passion. I create unique art that is my own. I have a signature style. Even when I think my work looks real different and no one will know it is mine; they do. Something from within me always presents itself in my work, so that others recognize it in a crowd immediately.

I am moved to write, I am not able to “not” paint. These are things I must do; they are within me and must be shared. The colors and words swirl within me; paintings in a slide show format run through my head. I have been hazed and dazed with tons of creativity. It is what propels me through life. It is my passion, it is me; it is what I am. Creating is 100% me. It is my natural state of being.

This writer, artist has never ran out of ideas or faced a blank wall for more than a split second. I am like the proverbial; cup runneth over, my artisan well, runs deep. The more I let out the more I have! The face of joy exists when I am, who I am. When my soul is set free!***********

I look forward to every art meeting to see the happy faces of other passionate artists like myself. Hope to see you at our next art gathering!
Yours truly,
Jean Bourque
PS Please fell free to add your comments here. You do not have to be a member. Just click below.

Seven Oaks Fab Fakes 6:30 PM Wed Dec 19th

Seven Oaks Art League is open to all artists and art supporters. SOAL typically meets on the third Thurs of the month. For this month, it was decided it would be on a Wed. Dec. 19, at 6:30PM. Can't wait to see everybody!

We are having a "Fabulous Fakes" competition. Have you ever painted a copy of a famous artwork? If so then you have a fab fake.
* Bring it with you to the meeting. We will have prizes for the best. Your work doesn't have to be framed. If you have a copy of the original artwork to show the group along with your 'fake' that would be great to bring it along.
Collage by Jean Bourque
The Jean Bourque Website
Squidoo Lens

*Directions: We meet just off St. Andrews and Piney Grove on a street that runs parallel to the St. Andrews Rd. From I26 take the Piney Grove exit and head toward St. Andrews and away from the mall areas. Just about 100 ft. before you hit the light on St. A, look to your left and take that turn. It is Leisure Lane and you will go by a school and not far after that on the Left you will see Seven Oaks Rec. Ctr.

Saturday, December 15, 2007

Upstream People Gallery Artists Opportunities

2008 Artists Opportunities at Upstream People Gallery

with Larry Bradshaw in Omaha Nebraska

(scroll down to read about how I met Larry in NYC; I have updated and corrected Larry's career information, too)

*Upstream People Gallery 2008 Opportunities

Feb. show: 10th Annual Realism Postmark Deadline Jan 8, 2008;
Feb. 1, 2008 through January 31, 2009
March show:10th Annual FacesPostmark Deadline Feb. 8, 2008;
March 1, 2008 through Feb. 28, 2009
April show:10th Annual Judeo-ChristianPostmark Deadline March 8, 2008;
April 1, 2008 through March 31, 2009
May show:10th Annual ContemporaryPostmark Deadline April 8, 2008;
May 1, 2008 through April 30, 2009
June show:10th Annual Collage, Digital & Mixed MediaPostmark Deadline May 8, 2008;
June 1, 2008 through May 30, 2009
July show: 10th Annual LandscapePostmark Deadline June 8, 2008;
July 1, 2008 through June 30, 2009
August show:8th Annual Summer All MediaPostmark Deadline July 8, 2008;
August 1, 2008 through July 30, 2009
September show:10th Annual Photographic ProcessesPostmark Deadline Aug. 8, 2008; September 1, 2008 through August 31, 2009
October show:10th Annual Abstraction Postmark Deadline Sept. 8, 2008;
October 1, 2008 through Sept. 30, 2009
November show:10th Annual Painting, Drawing & PrintPostmark Deadline Oct. 8, 2008; November 1, 2008 through October 31, 2009
December show:6th Annual Color: Bold/SubtlePostmark Deadline Nov. 8, 2008;
December 1, 2008 through November 30, 2009
Larry Bradshaw

Friday, December 14, 2007

Palm Trees & the Ocean Update

Update: One of the slides here "Florida Palm Trail" is a top 5 finalists in a National Competition.
I may just win the top award. We are going to have a photo shoot competition for it!!!!
Wish me luck. Smile Jeanee

Larry at Upstream People Gallery EDITED 12/14

"Sisters of the World" c by Jean Bourque
graphite and watercolor painting
It was about 11 years ago, when I was about to have my first art show in NYC. I was very nervous as any emerging artist not from the city, would be. My little sister, flew in and met me there. She calmed my nerves and she was as excited for me as I was. Although we have lived in different states most of our lives, we have been amazingly close and I call us sisters of the world. We often travel to see each other!
Here we are on Broadway at a beautiful NYC gallery and I am looking at the art feeling amazed and inspired. My smile must have been huge, for I was ecstatic. Anyway, one of the artists that was showing there, was named Larry Bradshaw, an art professor from Nebraska. He was real down to earth and we became friends and spoke a lot during the short visit in NY. His art work was a wall of many paintings all brought together to form one huge piece of work. I was very interested in the idea of putting different artworks together.
I had been studying Feng Shui and wanted to make a BaGua Wall. The Feng Shui BaGua Wall would consist of nine paintings, based on the 9 areas of life, covered in the ancient art of interior decorating with Feng Shui. It would be layered with intentions of what one would hope to be, have or do. Meeting Larry allowed me the opportunity to see how that could work. It took a while to complete all nine paintings in the series and it was a stunning display, which I showed in Vista Lights 1998 at Noonah' s in Columbia, SC. I am open to the idea of doing BaGua walls for other people, based on their intentions, in the 9 areas.
When Larry and I met, not everyone had email and internet service yet. Even fewer artists had websites, in fact many galleries weren't even online, at that time. I did have my Jean Bourque website, which has been updated and doesn't look anything like it did BACK then. Larry had an email and of course the University where he worked, had a website. We exchanged contact info and websites. We stayed in touch and when Larry opened the Period Gallery IN oMAHA, Nebraska, I was his first featured artist. I was surprised he choose me. He has taught art at the University for 34 years and must know many artists.
The Period Gallery has changed hands and Larry is no longer affiliated with that gallery. However, Larry has since started another gallery, Upstream People Gallery. I know artists often get invited to submit for juried shows and online galleries and are not sure who is legit and who isn't. I can tell you this Gallery is a legit gallery ran by Larry Bradshaw. So, even though, Upstream People Gallery is not in the south, I am happy to list Art Opportunities and Call for Artists to the public here on my blog! This is my editorial, endorsement. Thank you, Larry.
You just never know when you meet someone where that may lead you...
yours truly,

Wednesday, December 12, 2007

ART Happy Hour 6-8 PM Thurs 12/13 in the Vista

"Over the Rainbow" c by Jean Bourque 24x36 inch
Acrylic Painting on canvas, wired with painted sides, ready to hang.
For Sale and can be seen by appointment.

Howard Hunt from the Artists Round Table and Scott Hunter of Palmetto Interiors and Design are pleased to announce The Artists Happy Hour and Social at 1213 Lincoln St.
in the Vista Columbia, SC.
The idea offers artists a chance to visit with each other and get to socialize.
We could brainstorm about the meaning of something or talk about ways we use the internet in our art. We could share opportunities and discover more about the different people in our group while relaxing with a bottled water, a Starbucks or with the BYOB of wine, you brought. It sure sounds like a great way to get out of the studio and off the computer for a new art fun night.
They are hoping to do this on a regular basis. They really want you to come out there.
I think it sounds like a great idea, but I can't make this one, perhaps you can and tell me how it goes. Send HH an email to let him know if you like the idea, BUT cannot make it to this particular one which is on extremely short notice. That way they will try it more than one time.

Have Fun!

Alicia Leeke Art Reception at Earth Fare tonight

Tonight Wed. Dec. 12, 2007
Earth Fare on Devine St Columbia, SC
will host an art reception for Alicia Leeke from 6-8PM
Alicia Leeke is the President of the Artists Round Table
an Art League that meets every first Tuesday of the month
(2nd one if it's a holiday) which is dedicated to all types of arts.
We are an active group striving to create more awareness of the arts in SC and
increase opportunities for the artists in their own medium.
Musicians, speakers, painters, potters, sculptors,
dancers, photographers, writers and performers come on down to Earth Fare
tonight and meet Alicia. She will be showing her newest art works.
Come to the Artists Round Table for our next meeting Jan. 8th at 7PM
at 930 Richland St Columbia SC
That is the Chamber of Commerce Building, near Finlay Park.
Tell Alicia you read about it on the artsails1 Blog.

Open Mic Night - H20 State St WC 8PM tonight

Phoenix Tongue Open Mic returns to State St. West Columbia, SC
with a Holiday Year End Show on Wednesday December 12, 2007
at H2O at 220 State St. Open Mic begins promptly at 8PM.
Moody Black, Poet and Upstate SC Slam Master, will be featured at 9PM. This Event will see many members of the UpTopTour performing as well. Sound will be provided by Zach Fowler. John Starino will be reciting his latest entitled "The Avanti Epic"as well as "Soul on Tap", "Travelin Man" and "An Ancient Age Saga".
Share your Poetry, Music, and Storytelling in this new Free Speech Zone,
No Cover Charge,
Phoenix Tongue location hosted by SilDag.
Check out
for more info. Hope to see you there. From

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Artsails1 Kudo Quote "Absolutely Indispensible"

Found online about artsails1 on

"I could list more, as I'm discovering great blogs everyday. I'll do an update from time to time. So, numbers one through five, I'm passing it to you! If you accept your mission, your task is below. Oh, and I have to break the rules and list one more: Artsails1 - This blog has become absolutely indispensible for up to date news and info about everything art related in South Carolina. It makes me think of different venues and ways to promote myself. Any artist anywhere can benefit from this blog, not just
162 days ago
by " href="">PalmettoArtin artistic musings · Authority: 17 "

Thank you Artistic Musings!
yours truly,
Jeanee at artsails1

Drop In Today- Enchanted Forest Gallery 4-7PM

557 Meeting St W. Columbia
Artists Holiday Sale and Reception
Tues. December 11th from 4:30-6:30
The gallery has many great handmade gifts and offers custom made gift baskets.
Featuring Artwork by Jean Bourque and Cookie Richardson
West Columbia’s Own Artists
Both are members of the Trenholm Artists Guild, Seven Oaks Art League and
The Artists Round Table
Come show your support for local artists and get a little bit of Holiday Shopping done
Also featuring Artwork and Gift baskets by the very talented
Barbara Anderson, owner of Enchanted Forest Gallery
Enjoy Delicious Food, Fine Art and Meet the Artists!
This afternoon from 4:30 to 6:30
From downtown-Meeting St. is just over the bridge from Gervais St, go about two blocks from the bridge, past a church and Enchanted Forest Gallery will be on your Left.
From Northeast Columbia- Take I-77 into downtown dumping out on Bull St. go about a half mile or so, get in right lane to turn onto Elmwood. Follow Elmwood past McDonalds and Lizard Thicket, see turn off on Left for Huger St, just before Elmwood splits into I-26. Tkae that left onto Huger and go about 4 blocks plus or minus and you will see Gervais St. Take a right onto Gervais and follow across bridge into West Columbia, go 2 blocks and see enchanted Forest on Left.
From Harbison and Irmo area- Take Rt 26 East heading toward Charleston. When road splits you can go either way, use above directions if coming in from I26 exit onto Huger St. Or stay on Rt 26East until the Route 1 exit , be sure to take the West Columbia side which is the second part of the Rt 1 exit coming from that side. You will go about 3-4 miles and pass the West Columbia Library and Triangle City heading in toward downtown. After you pass 9th St. it is within a block and will be on your right coming from that side of town.

Thursday, December 6, 2007

Upcoming Art Shows Columbia, SC

December 2007, Columbia, SC. These are a few of the many events happening locally. I am involved in all of these ones, in some way. Want to see some great art make a trip to the newest gallery in town on Lincoln St. beside Palmetto Stone and Interiors in Columbia SC in the ever popular Vista. Many artists have put up all new art work. Great viewing is now possible since the crowd of Vista Lights has faded away into a distant memory! Open until 9 PM on Thursday and Friday evenings, through the holiday season. Stop by!

Thursday Dec. 6th Fourteen members of the Artists Round Table show art, sculpture, photography and jewelry at 1213 Lincoln St in the Vista, Columbia SC. On occasion Howard Hunt or one of the other artists will be demonstrating their work or just painting or drawing in the gallery. Fun!

Friday Dec. 7th at Lake Carolina 5-9PM, 6 members of the Artists Round Table including Alicia Leeke will show their art to the Lake Carolina residents while they enjoy old fashioned horse and carriage rides.

Monday Dec. 10th Art Reception 4-7 The Back Porch Painters Art Sale and Reception features 18 artists, mostly oil painters but also some clay artists and stone and metal sculptors. It's located beside Very's Philly Steak Restaurant on Two Notch Rd. From downtown, it's just a block or two away from Columbia Place Mall and the intersection of Decker. The show will hang all week and the gallery will be open from 11-5 each day. The owner of the property is Sandra Phaup and she is an artist and member of Trenholm Artists Guild and host to Ilona Royce Smithken twice a year for over 15 years. All of the painters in Back Porch Painters have taken art lessons for many years with Ilona, who is the former ETV Television star of "Painting with Ilona. Lots of beautiful work on display. If you love impressionistic paintings, great clay work and (or) have been looking for a Palmetto Tree Sculpture, this is the gallery to see.

Tuesday Dec. 11th from 5-7 Art Reception and Gallery Opening at Enchanted Forest Gallery on Meeting St in West Columbia. The gallery will show the work of the painters, potters, sculptors, fiber art and more. The owner Barbara Anderson is an artist & member of Seven Oaks Art League and also teaches Aerobics at New Life Fitness Center in St. Andrews and performed a dance routine at The Saluda Shoals Park during the "Through the Eyes of Art" event held on Oct. 7th. If you have clients you need to order gift baskets for, Barbara is the person to see.

*If you have any questions or need directions, just leave a comment here or email me.

* I was in 5 NEW art shows in November, I went to 6 movies, painted 15 paintings and I managed to write over 30 blogs, the month literally flew by. It looks like December is heading in the same direction. Guess what though, I am finally changing out my old 1995 printer and upgrading. Can you believe it, instead of 2 minutes to print one page I will now get 30 pages a minute. I just can't imagine it! Wow, I may actually get a few extra minutes ...

It's all fun.

yours truly,

Saturday, December 1, 2007

if ART Columbia SC Show Opening Dec. 7th

if ART presents at
Gallery 80808/Vista Studios
808 Lady St., Columbia, S.C.
C o n s t r u c t i o n C r e w III:
Dec. 7 – 18, 2007
Artists’ Reception: Friday, Dec. 7, 5 – 10 p.m.
Opening Hours:
Saturdays, 11 a.m. – 5 p.m.
Sundays, 1 – 5 p.m.
Weekdays, 11 a.m. – 7 p.m. and by appointment

For more information, contact Wim Roefs at if ART:
(803) 238-2351 –

Chapp, Donovan, Orselli and Rice are represented by if ART Gallery, 1223 Lincoln St., (803) 238-2351, where additional works of art by all four artists will be on view.

Call for Artist in the Vista Columbia SC

The Congaree Vista Guild is seeking five to seven sign toppers: sculptures to embellish street markers in the Vista. The design should be permanent, safe, and weatherproof. The street name on the original street sign must remain readable.There are no design limitations as to media as long as they withstand the weather. Submissions are due by January 1, 2008. Selected artists will be notified by Feb. 1, 2008. Submissions may be in the form of drawings, electronic media or models.
Submit in one of three ways: E-mail to
U.S. mail to Congaree Vista Guild, 701 Gervais Street, Suite 150-118, Columbia SC 29201
Hand deliver to Congaree Vista Guild, 1004 Gervais Street, Suite 206 (M-F, 9-5).

Artists may submit any number of concepts. Accompany submission(s) with information about yourself and why you believe your design says "Congaree Vista." Please describe the materials you plan to use. Honorarium: $250 for each design chosen. Half will be paid upon selection, the other half upon delivery by April 1, 2008. Unveiling: To coincide with Artista Vista, April 24, 2008. The City of Columbia or a private contractor will install the sign toppers.

Please feel free to pass THIS INFO ON.... from

Deirdre Mardon, Director of the Congaree Vista Guild
701 Gervais Street, 150-118 Columbia, South Carolina 29201