Wednesday, August 14, 2013

SC Hacked

When SCDOR was Hacked 
wrote a Poem

Received a letter from the SC Dept of Revenue
SC tax returns have been hacked, including you.
They suggested ideas of what I should do
Don’t believe they really have a clue…
This was my tax returns and personal information
How can this happen; in this day and this nation?
Will I be violated, will my info be abused?
Will my identity be stolen or my information be used?
My imagination ran wild thinking what this might mean
It’s the unknown elephant in the room going unseen
One year of free credit monitoring on my account
After that each individual must pay their amount
Yes, maybe I am obsessing and freaking out
I really have no conclusion, just a confused pout.

 (a poem by Jean Bourque Jan 9, 2013)

Recent Art Creations by Jean Bourque

Blue Paisley Heart 
Fabric Collage on Canvas
8 inches tall by 16 inches wide
c August 2013

Sweet Sensation
cJuly 2013

Mixed media on paper
18 by 24 inches
c June 2013

Bird's Eye
Mixed Media on Paper
18 by 24 inches
c May 2013

As you can see here I have done a wide variety of work the past few months. Bird's Eye and Zoom are both drawings using several mark making mediums. Sweet Sensation is a lovely watercolor on watercolor paper. Blue Paisley Heart is a collage applied over acrylic painting on pre- stretched ready to hang canvas.  I previously posted 2 others I did between May and Aug. 2013. Those two are "Beach" and "Scenery" both are on pre-stretched canvas and currently showing at Art Trail Gallery in Florence, SC. You can see them under the Visualicious posting.

Yours Truly,
Jean Bourque

SC State Fair Call for SC Artists Juried Art Show

The SC State Fair located in Columbia SC 

The deadline is quickly approaching for you to get your art registered for drop off days to be juried into the SC State Fair. Enter by Sept. 1 and enter for free. You must be a SC resident and be able to hand deliver your work if it is selected to be in the fair. Delivery dates are Sun. Sept. 22 from 1-6 pm to Tues. Sept. 24 930-6PM. Deliver from the Rosewood st. gate and look for the side entrance of the Cantey bldg. 

When you register your art online to be in the show, you will receive a confirmation. Print out the confirmation and bring it with you too the Fair on delivery date with the art selected. Each artist can bring 1 or 2 works. The smallest framed size of the art is 16x16 inches and the largest acceptable size is 48x48 inches.

There will be two divisions for artists and each artist can only enter under one division. Artist must choose professional or amatuer. If artist has entered in the past as a professional they must enter this one as a professional. If they have netered as amatuer in the past but has since had art shows or art sales, they can select professional.

The top prize for professional artist is $3500. The top prize for amatuer division is $1500. The fair will run from Oct. 9 to Oct 19th. If your art is selected to be in the show, be sure to tell all your friends. 

"Beach" an acrylic painting by Jean Bourque
For more info go to their website.

Poetry from Jean Bourque

Spiral In and Spiral Out

Sometimes we are way out there
Other times we keep close and near
We may spiral out into the world
Or Spiral in and stay deep within.

The journey is one we didn't seek
The lord choose us to speak
Our mission has never been clear
Making me wonder, why we are here.

A voice is just one noise among many
A song becomes an epiphany,
A poem written for all to read, 
All these actions are the seed.

For the Universal God to put us in our place
To establish our presence in the human race
Our humanity will take us far
Our emotions are no longer in a jar. 

We discover, we are loved,
The peace dove landed on us,
In everlasting joy we find the light
Spiral in and Spiral out, we take the flight. 

c 7/23/2013 by Jean Bourque

Tuesday, July 30, 2013

Visualicious Art Show at Art Trail Gallery Florence SC Aug 9-Sept 7th

Beach by Jean Bourque

Scenery by Jean Bourque

The Art Trail Gallery Art Opening August 9th 5-7pm
185 West Evans St. Florence, SC  Aug 9-Sept 7th 2013

Jean Bourque of Columbia SC will have two of her art works on display in the professional division of the Visualicious Art  show at the Art Trail Gallery. The works selected for this show are impressionistic landscapes inspired by years of study with SCETV painter Ilona Royce Smithken. The judge  is Amelia Rose Smith, she will be conducting a workshop on Sat August 10th for $45. For more information on the workshop email

The Art Trail Gallery is open :
Wednesdays 11 am to 6 pm
Thursdays 11 am to 3 pm
Fridays 11 am to 6 pm
Saturdays 11 am to 3 pm

Hope you will enjoy the show!


Thursday, July 25, 2013

Free Progressive Drawing and Painting Class with William McCullough Greater Lake City Artists Guild


Join Lake City's own accomplished artist, William McCullough, as he conducts a free six week progressive drawing and painting class from 6-8pm at the ArtFields Gallery. Students will need to bring their own materials. Suggested supplies are pencils, pastels, oil paint, brushes, easels, canvas, and paper. Please email the Greater Lake City Artists' Guild if you plan to attend. Sponsored by the Florence Regional Arts Alliance.

Place: ArtFields Gallery at 110 E. Main Street, Lake City

Monday, July 22, 2013

Video made last year while JEANEE Painted live at Art Bar

just click to watch it... this is the developing of "Making Magic'

Columbia "one" to handle Columbia SC Public Art Projects


I recently heard that Columbia One will be handling public art projects for the City of Columbia. There hasn't been a lot of information published on what the projects will be other than that they are public art and will most likely be on Main Street. Well, Lord knows I love a good public art project, it has been a long time since Columbia had an arts advocate that assisted artists by creating public art projects in Columbia SC. As an artist that participated in both the Steel Palmetto Tree project and the Doors Project and when the Columbia Garage closed we created 8 items from junk left in the garage and 7 sold on the first night at the SC State Museum! Now ... you understand why... we need public art projects. The trees and the doors adorned the city for several months and it was a lot of fun to see Columbia Streets filled with art!

About four years ago, I started painting in front of live audiences to live music and poetry at events such as art receptions, music festivals, art festivals, night clubs and other special community events. The past few months, I have not been performing or painting live as I have been concentrating on restoring my health. I fully anticipate a complete recovery of my health and plan to be painting live again and also doing public art projects as well as being in art shows.

The original deadline for the first group of artists was set for July 15, 2013. It took over 8 hours to complete all the info and send the jpegs they requested. I made sure I got my entry in on time. Today, I heard the deadline has been extended to August 15th. Any artist that has not applied yet, should at least fill out the paperwork at their online website and submit as they are initially putting together an artist roster. From there, they will select some of the artists to submit proposals for projects which they will explain in the request for proposal. There will be more than one opportunity, from what I understand.  They plan to contact artists to request proposals by Aug. 30, 2013. 

Columbia SC "One"

Good luck to us all... I can't wait to see our city covered in Art....
Yours Truly,
Jean Bourque

Tuesday, May 14, 2013

Making Platelets with Play Doh for cancer patient withdangerously low platelets

A Facebook friend in California was telling me how she was able to turn her health around using Play Doh. Being an artist, with breast cancer of course I was interested. I found out on Tues. May 7th, and posted that my platelets had dropped down to 20,000. Now, if you don't know what platelets are that may sound like a lot of platelets.  However, the  "normal" range in a healthy person is between 150,000 to 450,000 platelets per a liter of blood. Mine have been below 100,000 for at least 5 weeks now. She said she made platelets in Play Doh and while she made them she said  I am making more platelets. She said her body also started making more platelets. I have been keeping them out where I can see them and every day I make more.

When she first told me, I didn't have any play doh so I just drew specs on paper to get my platelets started.
I told people about it on Facebook and some of my Facebook friends also drew their own versions of platelets. Here is the picture that got my platelets going...

I went back to the doctors on May 9th after doing just the paper platelets and they had gone up to 23,000 in 2 days. When I saw the results using the drawing I decided to buy the Play Doh and have been making them in Play Doh ever since. I can tell they have gone up some,  by my nose; which was a runny nose when it was really low tinged with blood. Now, my nose feels much better. I know I am not totally where I need to be yet, but I feel better knowing I can make my body make more platelets by giving it the visualization. I will find out Friday May 17th, how well we did! Will keep you posted.

Guess what, I am going to buy more play doh so I can make more platelets.

To all those that have been praying for me and to those that have donated for my cancer treatments, I thank you so much. Sending love and good health wishes to you all. Love Jeanee

Sunday, February 10, 2013

NEW Paintings for 2013 - Art Process Described

ROUND OF LOVE c Jean Bourque 2013
20x16 acrylic on canvas

My paintings over the past few years have been mostly painted live in front of an audience and have been mixed media acrylic and pastel on quality pre-stretched canvas, ready to hang without framing.  The size I used most often in my painting live series was 16 x20 inches.  2013 is a new year and I find my work is crisper looking, cleaner, lighter and more colorful like my work from the mid to late 90’s.  All the 2013 works (here) have been created in my home studio and on my back porch. In the beginning of January, I started out painting 20x16 pre-stretched canvas using acrylic and textured mediums. 
MASSAGE c 2013 Jean Bourque
16x20 acrylic on canvas

20X16 CANVAS acrylic

DAYFEST c2013 Jean Bourque
acrylic 16x20 on canvas
 By the end of the month I found myself drawn back to my childhood passion of watercolor. Pure, clean and colorful watercolor on paper, an uncomplicated style mixed with deep level feelings expressing emotional and physical anxiety, pain, joy, passion, anguish and love. No one knows where each year will take them on this journey of life.  Artsails1 is in transition. Please join me, the artist Jean Bourque as I explore a deeper existence filled with meaning and emotion through watercolor, collage and words.

ANTICIPATION c2013 Jean Bourque
6x6 original watercolor on paper

BIOPSY c 2013 Jean Bourque
6x4 original watercolor on paper  

PAIN c 2013 Jean Bourque
6x6 original watercolor on paper
LADY IN WAITING  c 2013 Jean Bourque
6x6 original watercolor on paper

NEW ART 2013.... 

My painting style is somewhere between impressionism and abstract with conceptual imagery using symbolism, patterns, and range from minimalism to multiple layers. The themes you see most often in my work are faces, hearts, symbols, funky style flowers, spirals, stars, circles, water, coffee, wine, guitars and bold colors. I typically use Golden acrylics and mediums, Grumbacher Oils, Montana Gold artists spray paints and various brands of watercolor and prismacolor pastels for my paintings. I also love drawing and doodling with sharpies.  My secondary process for mixed media and collage will include a variety of  inks, charcoal, pastels,  coffee, dyes, tempera paints, water colors, crayons, oil pastels, various papers, fabrics, feathers, photography, clay and found papers and objects.

I also do altered books, faux finishes, found art sculptures, photography and have worked on steel surfaces, counter tops, furniture, wood, clay, fabric, paper and even ice. When I worked at the ice skating rink we actually painted the design in the ice between the layers! YES, I have even driven a Zamboni and made ice. LOL!! Please feel free to comment on my posts and share what you like with friends and on other websites and social media sites. Thank you!

If interested in purchasing any of the art shown contact me via email with Artsails1 Art in the subject line and include the names of the paintings you are interested in, your contact and shipping info, email, phone, address etc. 

Yours Truly, 
Jean Bourque

Prices for unframed art work created from 2010 to now (2013) are $1.25 a square inch. How to calculate that? LxW=SI x $1.25=base art price. Shipping costs will be the responsibility of the art buyer. Costs are based on packing expenses and materials plus freight and location to be shipped to. Inquire when sending email.  Local delivery within 50 miles of Columbia, SC... is also available. 

Sunday, January 20, 2013

How to Show your Art in Local Galleries

 The gallery is a business, just like any retailer, it uses vendors to supply the merchandise it sells to make a profit. Galleries will take a sales commission from the retail sales price when the art sells. Rarely, does the gallery buy the art direct. 
 Jean Bourque and Deb Hart

  Sales commission rates are negotiable especially the higher percentage rates. The quoted split is usually 50/50 but tends to be lower in small galleries, artist's co-ops, and galleries that house other businesses on the premises. 

   Not all art will sell in all galleries. Many times a gallery will have a certain type of art based on their existing clientele. Not all galleries are created equal. Most "mall galleries" are set up to rent wall space on a monthly basis.  I have known many artists that have been very disappointed about the lack of sales. The "mall gallery" is in the space rental business, not art sales business.

   Visit as many galleries as you can. Observe the art, the framing, the customer flow and the sales staff. Act like a regular customer look at the art prices, the artists names, and the clientele that shops there. If the staff speaks do not talk about your art. Do not  announce you are an artist and would love to show at this gallery, unless you have been invited and have an appointment. That is the art gallery directors pet peeve!

   When you think you have found the gallery for your work check out their website. If they offer a newsletter or guest book, do sign up so you can be contacted when the gallery is having shows and start attending them. If you know artists that show there you may want to ask them how they like the gallery.

   Check with the Better Business Bureau to make sure they have had no complaints on the gallery or the owner/director. Google the gallery and to see what type of web presence they have. You should find articles about events the gallery has held, take your time to look at those. You want to know that they do sell art and promote artists on a regular basis. 

   If you feel this is the gallery for you, start attending their events so you can develop a relationship with the artists, the gallery directors, owners, managers and staff. Never talk about your art at someone else's art opening, that is very rude. Even if asked; just discreetly hand out your business card and say give me a call. Don't you just love their art work! Keep the focus on the featured artist and the gallery!

   Some will tell you they do not accept unsolicited art inquiries. In that case, the only way to get in would be through a referral from someone the gallery already does business with; either one of their clients or one of their artists. 

   After you have been to several events the director and staff should know you by name. Then you can call or email and ask about meeting to look over your portfolio. It takes patience. Some times before getting to that point; they will ask you to bring in samples of your art. 

Happy Gallery showings to you... 

Yours truly,
Jean Bourque

PS All artwork here by (me) Jean Bourque 

Art that Looks like Fun!

Monday, January 7, 2013

Mind Gravy at Drip Coffee Wed Jan 9 2013 8-10pm

Dean Cook featured Musician Returning and Renewed

Keith E Bates featured Poet... Musings with Magic Elixir 
Wednesday evening Mind Gravy hosted by Al Black will be from 8-10 PM at Drip Coffee in Five Points, not too far from The SpeakEasy...Columbia, SC. See you there :)

yours truly


Oil Painting
by Jean Bourque

SC gets picked on a lot in the media. It seems there is always some amusing incident happening here. 
I maintain that SC is a fun place to live. Columbia, the capital of SC was strategically planned to be in the middle of the state. A brilliant idea for those of us that like to go places! It has proven to be a great location to get to the coast and visit wonderful places like Edisto State Park, Hilton Head, the lovely city of Charleston or family friendly Myrtle Beach. Or you can go west and visit the foothills and the wonderful cities of Rock Hill, Spartanburg, Greenville and Anderson. All of these places have a lot to offer for art lovers!
I don't want to forget the middle of the state such as Columbia, Newberry, Sumter, Camden, Lancaster, Aiken, Greenwood, Lake City and Darlington and Florence, 
Every place named here has a thriving art community filled with visual artists, local musicians, singers, songwriters and performers with  home town theater, festivals, art walks, arts centers,  symphony, ballet, dance, poetry groups, photographers, sculptors, jewelry makers, craftspeople and a multitude of museums and historical buildings. 

has a lot to offer