Wednesday, September 23, 2009

Recap ART Shows and Tomorrow night at Avanti

Come out to Avanti Showroom for the Breast Cancer Silent Art Auction from 5-9 PM Thursday Sept 24th; on Huger St. in Columbia, SC I been busy in the art world these days and happy to be back in the Columbia art Scene after showing in several countries, NYC and Charleston. What's really been wonderful is being back in SC started my show season off with a storm in Charleston; a two woman show, I cooked up with Jean Ehler, the month of August entitled "A Pair of Jeans; Opposing Viewpoints". What sold this show was the idea of two women named Jean working together and studying for over ten years under the same artist, Ilona Royce Smithken, having similar penmanship yet entirely different artistic styles. It went well, it was nice to see the display of our works all on canvas in mostly oils on opposing walls. We each did an oil painting portrait of the other and I even did a fairly realistic rendition of Jean, instead of my typical stylized woman. Much to every one's surprise. I must say Jean was an excellent model as she really could sit still for long periods of time. (unlike my ADD self...LOL; no I don't have an AD disorder but I feel like it when forced to sit in one spot; although by the second day, I did learn to zone out)
My next show also a two woman show; I proposed with Barbie Mathis. Barbie is a national watercolorist that specializes in flowers using multiple layers of atmospheric washes. She also is an excellent photographer. Over the years she has taken photographs of flowers as she finds them and has developed quite an eye for composition and a true talent for finding interesting angles to show us something new within the botanicals she films. We both included a small sampling of our photography on 16x20 framed formats, mine are close ups of butterflies on flowers and quite enchanting.
Our show is currently on going at Frame of Mind on Main St in Columbia, SC across from the Columbia Museum of Art in the heart of the SC state capital and just down the street from the capital building for the state of South Carolina. This show runs until Sept 30th, so you only have a few days left to take a look. My work is featured as you walk into the building the entire floor is all work by me. These works range from mixed media abstracts, to oil paintings, photography, collage, and acrylics. I didn't show any watercolors or drawings in this show and only one pure fiber art and one mixed media with fiber art. Fifteen new painted pieces where created specifically for this show. The pieces in this show are entirely different than what I showed in the Pair of Jeans Show. Many people commented on the mixed media pieces I did that were in burnt sienna with female images hauntingly appearing from the background.
Tomorrow night I will be returning to show at Avanti Designer Showroom where I had shown my work from 2003 -2004. We are part of a fundraiser for breast cancer and I am honored to participate again in such an event to raise money for such an important cause. There will be a silent auction in which the pieces represented are 100% donated by the artists for breast cancer. In addition each artist will have pieces on display and for sale not in the auction; of which 15% will also be donated to the cause. The fundraiser will run from 5-9PM Thursday 9/24/09 at Avanti Showroom on Huger St. Columbia; near Strong Hold Gym. Come on out and support a great Charity and your local artists as well as visiting Avanti Designer showroom; home of beautiful fine furniture.
Yours truly;
Jean Bourque

Monday, September 7, 2009

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Art World Edits on Marcelo Novo Show & Ballet

On Aug. 27th, a Thursday evening I attended the 80808 Clay show. I was amazed at how many events were going on that night. The event I wanted most to go to was the one at 701 Whaley Building and Gallery with Lorrie Rivers, talented singer and featured performer. The event was afundraiswer for Ms. Rivers who is now attending school in London, to enhance her speech and dramatic skills. Due to an unforeseen emergency nature type of event I sadly missed.

The clay show was certainly interesting. I love to expand my world and meet new people, being a big extrovert I can't help it. However, I am terrible with names and not picking up a program or collecting business cards certainly didn't help. If we meet again, please remind me where we met and what your name is. My fave in the show was a big red bowl and I heard rumors that one of my artistic peers purchased it. Good for you Susan! :) The works I felt the most bonding with were photographs of these enormous tree trunks and its so significant because I had seen a magnificent one just a day earlier and had wished I had gotten it on my digital. Didn't even occur to me when I saw it. BUT later I was like; wow I had my cam in the trunk...I could have captured that.

Lively conversations with many talented artists are always worth my time. Several of my favorite local artists and writers were in attendance and we greeted each other and shared news of upcoming artistic events. Things I learned that night: Undefined will no longer be a magazine it will be a semi annual book with a fall issue and spring issue. It will be for sale and it will be a great copy to have with many fine featured artists and writers. (I was not selected as one of the fine artists, however I may be a guest writer) Cindi Boiter will be writing some of the stories. Lee Mont is one of the artists in it. Alicia Leeke will be having a show at Frame of Mind in October.

Marcelo Novo will be having a show at "if Art" Gallery on Lincoln St. in Columbia, SC, USA. The reception is Fri. Sept. 18th from 6-9 PM. He has been working on a "map" series and this work truly sounds brilliant. It's always fascinating to listen to other artists describe their work. No question, he is passionate about this work. I was intrigued and asked the obvious... did you use real maps? He tells me yes and I really have made a commitment to see the show. He works from his head and doesn't do anything in advance. I like that, I work that way too.
He also tells me he has worked in collaboration with Miriam Barbosa on a ballet named "Catharsis" and they will have a one night show on Thursday Sept 17th at 7PM at the Koger Center on Assembly St. Columbia, SC.
Looking forward to it...

yours truly Jeanee xx

Saturday, September 5, 2009

Windows on the Vista in the Rain

Many of the paintings by Jean Bourque have obscure themes. But then many have realistic themes and are grounded in reality. Take "Windows" for example. The concept of windows has come up many times in my work and I liken the idea to that of Doors. No, they are not the same thing , but in each I have some thing that is not the object as in a Window or Door that I also think of as windows. My example here should be obvious to any PC user. LOL!
Windows.... I have sold all the windows I have done to date, including Windows 98 and Windows 2000. This one is still available. It is a museum quality canvas with over a one inch thick mount and is 30 inches by 24 inches. I think of it as Windows on the Vista in the Rain.
Yours Truly

Thursday, September 3, 2009

Sept 10 Art Reception Jeanee and Barbie at FOM

Art Reception, Columbia, SC ~ Sept 10 from 6 until 9 PM. Join us at Frame of Mind on Main St. Columbia, SC (across from the Columbia Museum of Art) for their monthly foray into the world of art and entertainment as they present two very talented and diverse artists. This optical shop owned by Mark and Wendy Plessinger has really raised the bar in optical selections with unique and trendy frames from all over Europe and the world. Truly a must see for those of you that can't see. (well)

Jean Bourque an international artist originally from Cape Cod and Northern California exemplifies the free spirited lifestyle typical of one growing up in touristy areas. Her work is far from standard and many that have followed her say she has a definite style that is clearly her own. Her works have been compared to Miro, Kandinsky and Van Gogh with influences of Frida Kahlo and Georgia O'keefe sometimes noted. Other works have been compared to contemporary artists such as Peter Max, Tom Wesselmann, and Steven Beveridge. Growing up with a grandfather that was an oil painter and a drummer; she has a true love and appreciation for music and musicians and having a Mom that was an actress and singer as well as visual artist certainly gave little Jeanee a massive dose of art exposure. Her works will be featured on the first floor.

Barbie Smith Mathis is an award winning watercolorist that has developed a national following when her art was selected by a commercial print house and her paintings were made into prints and sold at department stores throughout the country. Barbie is best known for her florals and botanicals which are rendered very realistically. She also is an accomplished calligrapher and illustrator, her works will be featured on the second floor. Bourque and Mathis have been working together the last few years on altered books, ebay, setting up displays, web site design, photography, PR and social networking. This show brings their many talents together under one venue. The show Fall Flowers will run the entire month of September.