Monday, October 19, 2009

Why I love Abstract Art Commentary

This is something I wrote on another group and thought I should pass this on to the larger art community. I heard the most wonderful expression about being an artist from a friend this weekend. "God is the creator and he gave me the gift to create." (Thanks, Brian) This is such a gift, the gift to create and we know we are really read on. LOL!!

From Artists That Can't Sleep Nights: by Jean Bourque

Many of my best friends are very realistic painters and I love them as individuals. However; for me creating art is not about recreating something that already exists. It's about creating something that has never existed. Attending 1st thru 7th grade on Cape Cod and then moving to CA for 8th - grade on; I was exposed to both types of art. On the Cape; there are many well known art communities where artists come from all over the world to capture the pristine quaintness of the ocean and beach cottage. Growing up with that made it easy to understand the charm of recreating scenes one enjoys.
Then we moved to CA. In CA schools; teachers encouraged originality; in math class we made candles to learn about measuring and in art class we learned about fabrics to understand how similar paper and fabric actually are. In Geography we watched films of our teacher's trip to Japan. In health we explored gender issues. This was unlike New England where they were all about academics and regurgitating what the teacher taught.
I saw abstract art in San Francisco and fell in love with the experimental and discovery process. I fully embrace color, textures, textiles, papers, using odd things, assemblages, experimenting, exploring and expanding my mind and my visions through art. For me it's a journey, a trip. If I sell or win an award that's great; but it's not about commercialism for me; it's about spirit. The spirit that moves me and soothes my soul in creativity. Art sets my spirit free. This is why I love abstract art.

Hugs from yours truly;

Ilona is Back in town:OIL painting classes NOW

Come join the artists at Sandra Phaup's on Brandywine, Columbia, SC, just off Trenholm Rd. We will be painting impressionistic oils with the lovely and talented Ilona Smith Roycekin. Come by any day you can 9-1 weekdays $45 a day or $150. for the week. Oil painting lessons with a famous TV artist! She will be here this week and next, pay by the day or the week. Bring your art supplies, oil paints, small canvas (or a few) and bristle brushes # 1,2,3,4,5 and an old brush you can scrumble with. Dress warm and or in layers.. . just in case, we go outside to paint. You will have fun, Ilona is very interesting; look forward to seeing you there.

For further information, directions or to sign up; call Ilona at Sandra's 803-787-9617

HP vs17e 17" Flat-Panel LCD Monitor For Sale

with integrated stereo speakers built in plug and play, works great, all cords available.

$75. or best offer. Call 803-546-4612 leave a message; for a return call, can't always answer phone, but can always return calls. Near USC. COLUMBIA, SC

Thursday, October 1, 2009

Richland County Public Library on Assembly St.

Inspired by Coffee"
The library will host artist Jean Bourque and her unique artwork on display on the lower level rotunda. The show will feature all NEW works by the artist. Most of the artworks are 30x20 with a few smaller ones and a few larger ones. They are all for sale. The title of the show is "Inspired by Coffee".
Bourque says this show is all about Coffee. Many of the pieces were inspired by that first morning cup and in most of them coffee has actually been used as a medium for marking the canvas. The coffee filters were dropped on , left to dry and made various stains in some and in others hot black coffee was dripped, stained, left to sit on the actual canvas, and or allowed to drip dry or sun dry.
Coffee in full caffeinated versions and the bolder the better are a true requirement while working on my many assemblages in the artistic world. It is my hope that the viewers will relate to the coffee experience and delight in the wonders of coffee as I have enjoyed producing this work and with that said...I am off to have another cup of Coffee.
The library show will start Oct. 12th and run through Dec. 2nd.

Contemporary Stools in Silver For sale

2 tall lightweight contemporary stools in silver color, coud easily be sprayed another color; excellent condition $90. or B/O for the Pair. Call 803-546-4612, near USC; would work great with the new higher bistro and/or gathering tables; as well as high counter tops and bars. Call 803-546-4612; near USC. That is a standard 36 inch yard stick behind the chairs so you can get an idea how tall they are.

HP Color Printer works well For sale

Hp printer photosmart 7350, works excellent software compatible with windows xp and me, and windows 98 and 2000. Used minimally... only $50. call 803-546-4612 leave a message, may not be bale to answer phone, but can return calls. In USC area, near downtown.

Frame of Mind: Jean Bourque Art until Tues 10/6

"jagged edges' c oil painting 36 x 24, on linen
with black painted wood rail trim frame; by Jean Bourque

"getting it together" 20 x 16 mixed media on canvas uf

The work of this celebrated "Your's Truly" blogger Jean Bourque aka artist painter, etc. Jeanee have been on show at Frame of Mind on Main St. Columbia, SC USA across from the Columbia Art Museum, from Sept 1 until Oct. 6th. If you haven't made it to the downtown venue and want to see Jean's art you have today, Friday and early Tuesday to get a view before it is gone. If you had thought about making a purchase; you simply need to call Frame of Mind at 803-988-1065 and let Mark or Wendy know which pieces you would like to purchase and they will hold them for you with a card over the phone. The store is closed Sat. Sun. and Mon. but if you have special needs please call or email them or the artist and an alternative may be worked out.

Unearth at Saluda Shoals Park Starts today

A Celebration of Naturally Inspired Art
at Saluda Shoals Park

An annual celebration of the arts showcasing visual, performing and literary arts. Visitors are invited to immerse themselves in art, nature and the creative process. Art demonstrations and instruction, poetry reading, a variety of musical and dance performances and a songwriting competition will engage visitors in a unique art experience.

This year, unearth will include:

Thursday (10/1)
Songwriting Workshop 1:00-5:00 p.m.
Join us for a Songwriting Workshop with local musician, Danielle Howle. Learn how music is inspired by nature as well as techniques in solar recording. Hosted in partnership with Musician & Songwriters Guild of SC to register call 772-1228. Cost is $10.00 ($5.00 for Guild Members).

Food, Art & Business Market 5:00 p.m.
An evening event featuring talented artists, delicious food and unique business. Hosted in partnership with Irmo Chamber of Commerce.

Friday (10/2)
Shaggin' on the Shoals 6:00 p.m.
Put your shaggin’ shoes on and join us for Shaggin’ on the Shoals. This fundraising event features music by The Dick Goodwin Band and great food as we dance the night away on the Environmental Center deck. $35 per person in advance/$40 per person at the door

Saturday (10/3)
The Palmetto Mastersingers Concert 6:00 p.m.
Bring a picnic and enjoy an evening performance by the Palmetto Mastersingers featuring The Dick Goodwin Band. Please remember to bring blankets and chairs! $5 parking fee

Sunday (10/4)
A Day of Art at Saluda Shoals Park 1:00 p.m.
A Nature-Inspired Celebration of Art. Experience the creative process as artists share their talents in a natural setting. The afternoon features painters, sculptors, poets, dancers, and musicians creating and performing along the Park’s trails. Unearth concludes with a concert by the Lake Murray Symphony. Please remember to bring blankets and chairs! $5 parking fee

This event is presented by the Saluda Shoals Foundation and Irmo Chapin Recreation
Commission in partnership with Blue Cross Blue Shield of South Carolina, Lexington Medical Center, the Irmo Chamber of Commerce, and the Musician & Songwriters Guild of South Carolina.

Contact us:Dolly PattonSaluda Shoals Foundation Executive Directordpatton@icrc.net803.213.2035
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Learning Arabic ; not so easy

we have in arabic language 28 letters and they are : أ (alef),ب (baa),ت (taa),ث ( thaa),ج (jeem),ح (haa),خ (khaa),د (daal),ذ (thaal),ر (raa),ز (zaai),س (seen),ش (sheen),ص (saad),ض (daad),ط (ttaa),ظ (zaa),ع (ain),غ (ghain),ف (faa),ق (gaaf),ك (kaaf),ل (laam),م (meem),ن (noon),ه (haa),و (waa),ي (yaa)ok lets start in arabic hello mean : marhaba (مرحبا)welcome mean : aafwan(عفواً)

Thanks to Hanowo :-)