Tuesday, November 22, 2011

Positive Social Skills Can Improve Your Life!

Positive Social Skills Can Improve Your Life!

1. Share Your Smile! Smiling helps generate positive energy and will draw others to you.

2. Show your gratitude! Always thank people and let them know you appreciate them.

3. Listen! Show interest by asking questions, maintaining eye contact and using their first name.

4. Bring People Together! If you know something or someone that can help someone else, bring them together; this increases positive energy, all around.

5. Try to Understand! Everyone has a point of view, keep an open mind. Welcome that we are all unique and have a right to differing opinions.

6. Speak clearly! Do not be offended if someone questions what you said or asks for an explanation. This shows they are listening!

7. Develop empathy and avoid judgement! Put yourself in their shoes and think how you would feel. People appreciate being able to share their thoughts without judgement.

8. Think Positive! No one wants to be around someone that is always being negative. If you must vent, save it for your journal. If you must verbalize, do it in the shower.

Don't forget that smile! :)

Yours truly,
Jean Bourque

Monday, November 21, 2011

Mind Gravy at Tapps Art Center Nov 23

Three return performers, the three Amigos at Tapps....

Bob Kilgore, the inventor of the harmonic capo, has a great new CD and will be the featured musician at Mind Gravy at Tapp's Art Center on Main St. Columbia the night before Thanksgiving Wed. Nov. 23rd. Jean Bourque will be painting to his sounds. John Starino makes a return appearance as featured poet! 8-10 pm , mark your calendars and meet me at Tapps!

Mind Gravy meets every Wednesday at Tapps Art Center on Main St. in Columbia, SC. The founder and event organizer is Al Black. Mr. Black is also a poet. At each event there is also an open mic for poets and musicians that want to share their talent. Come on out and have a great time!

Yours Truly,
Jean Bourque

Photo of John Starino.

Monday, November 14, 2011

Art Sales Opportunity Forest Acres Columbia SC

ARTIST'S Sales opportunity

Sell your art and handcrafted items at Richland Mall 3400 Forest Dr. Columbia, SC 29204 Nov 25 and or 26th from 9am-2pm or 6am-6pm. Black Friday and Sat. are the busiest days of the year at the Mall and they are having an antique show at the same time which will draw in potential customers, interested in home and office decor! Radio spots the week before and Facebook and Social media marketing all for you!

Location of sale is right near food court by Belks, first floor. Theatre Rowe Productions and Forest Acres Fine Art Center will mark off an indoor 10x10 space, with 24 hr security and radio advertising of the event. You will need to provide your own display, table, chair, equipment and sales tags etc. We will sell directly to customers and keep the proceeds, no commission!

All art mediums and new hand made items accepted. Remember children may be present, we do ask that you keep this in mind when selecting inventory for the show. Please no kit work, scrapbooks, or classwork.

UPDATE: Set up display equipment Wed. evening and your art inventory Friday morning, you can start selling as soon as you are set up. We can get in the mall at 6AM. Belks will be opening at 4am, so there should be people in the mall. All artists must be set up to show and sell by 9 AM and are required to stay with their space until 2PM. You may stay as late as 6pm, if you like. Rental one day is $25. both days $40. payable Wed. evening at display set up or prior to set up Fri. morning. Checks should be made payable to Theatre Rowe Productions (note spelling, is exactly like that) No commission. You may leave your set up overnight if you are selling both days, but do not leave inventory uncovered. The mall does have 24 hour security.

Send back attached info asap so that I can get you a space. Do not send funds with it. You will pay your fees at the location to Theatre Rowe Productions. Questions, write me on FB or my email. Thank you!



Email ____________________________________________________________

Facebook Name ____________________________________________________

Cell Phone _________________________Home or Work ____________________

Website __________________________________________________________

Blog _____________________________________________________________

What do you plan to sell at the sale? __________________________________________________________________


Which days? Friday ___________ Saturday ___________ Both days___________

Emergency Contact __________________________________________________

Signed ____________________________________________________________


Please fill in this form, make a copy, print it and send back to me through facebook messages or email it back to artsails1@aol.com with Richland Mall Art in subject line. If you have any questions, please message me through facebook or email me. Or you can fax it by calling 803-926-7405 leave a msg saying you are sending a fax. Then fax at that number after waiting 5 minutes.

The event is sponsored by the newly formed Forest Acres Fine Art Center and Theatre Rowe Productions. A representative of their organization will be on hand Wed. evening, Friday and Saturday morning.

Thank you

Jeanee Bourque


Happy Thanksgiving! We are looking forward to seeing you on Black Friday weekend!

Pictured above: painting by Jean Bourque "Pink" painted to live music by DUBA band. 20x16 acrylic on canvas

Mind Gravy at Tapps Art Center every Wed at 8PM

Mind Gravy Poetry hosted by Al Black

“Poems sliced thin drenched in gravy of dreams forgot”

Tapp’s Arts Center, 1644 Main St. Downtown Columbia, SC on lower level in former lunch counter room of Tapps; 8-10PM every Wednesday


Nov 16th Columbia Writer’s Night & open mic

The night before Thanksgiving will give us all a treat to be thankful for:

Nov 23rd John Starino aka Sildag aka Phoenix Tongue (formerly of Red Tub and Art Bar poetry nights) returns again to rise from the ashes and entertain with his newest, fresh poems and reciting of a few audience favorites!

Also Nov. 23rd...Featured musician Bob Kilgore, inventor of the harmonic capo for guitars and unique new age sound that's in a class of it's own, playing tunes from his newest cd release! Jean Bourque, conceptual painter will paint live to Bob's interesting sounds! "This is a don’t miss event!"

Nov 30th –Fifth Wednesday – Pianos and Poetry & open mic

Jan 11th – Sufia & Seitu Amenwahsu are planning a special night of poetry, music & open mic in honor of Martin Luther King Day

Jan 25thAlice Osborn of Raleigh, NC www.aliceosborn.com

Meet Me at Tapps...

yours truly

Jean Bourque

Sunday, November 13, 2011

Neuro-Chemical Breakdown Art Show Review

Anima Jung was the genius behind the unique one night art show held Nov. 12th, 2011 at the Conundrum Music Hall in W Columbia, SC. The premise was there are 8 basic human emotions and 9 artists were each assigned an emotion. We had to keep it secret about which emotion we were assigned, but now the cat is out of the bag. The emotion I was assigned was "Disgust". Those of you that follow my art know my art work is mostly about music, peace, love, flowers, joy, and lively colors. Being a very positive person, at first, I was not happy to be assigned a negative emotion. I knew I would have to make art specifically for the show and thought okay, this is going to take me out of my comfort zone. I spent hours of research online, reading disgusting news, looking at disgusting images and reading what the word "disgust" actually meant. Everyday as I rode all over the state of SC, I thought about what it meant to me.

I started a lot of little projects, one was cutting out news stories that I found to be disgusting and making a handmade book. For some reason, I couldn't bring myself to paint something disgusting so decided to do other artsy things. I sculpted a mask with a digusted look. I cut three wholes in the chin and was going to hang other pieces of clay from it but then opted to make it into a key holder, I attached three brass rings, for the keys to hang on.

The show featured art by Michael Krejewski, Brian Barr, Brian Pyle, Tennyson, Lisa Gray, Allan O'Mudd, Jean Bourque, Cedric Umoja and Mustafa. Each artist explored an emotion. The art show was mainly paintings and they were all wonderful works of art. Tennyson created several shadow box wall hangings, Mustafa showed photography in which Anima the creator of the show was his subject. They were very well done. In addition to three painting jean made a clay mask and a recycled road trash wall hanging. Lighting was provided by RJ Foley and Keith Bates.

The show was for one night only. We all talked about the emotions we were assigned and agreed it was a challenge. Photos here by Keith Bates.

Friday, November 4, 2011

World of Beauty and Art Show for Women Only

Friday, November 4 · 5:00pm - 9:00pm

LocationWest Columbia, SC
Created By
More Info
Please come out to a fun event that will make you beautiful and you can even get something beautiful for your home or office as well. Artist Jean Bourque has set up an art show at the Salon. The owner and her staff will provide refreshments and you can select any three services from the Salon for only $60. your choices include: Airbrush Tan, Waxing (eyebrow, lip, or chin), Ear Candling, a haircut, Hi-lights using up to ten fashion foils, up to three feathers, facials, 30 min massage, deep conditioning hair treatment, piercing, 1 body wrap area, a month of tanning, or for fitness buffs, you could select a month of Zumba or Jazzercise. Fun times. You can call and reserve your services in advance 803-794-7555. Or if you would just like to check out the art by Jean Bourque and the Salon without an appointment, just stop by!

Tuesday, November 1, 2011

The Coolest Thing... Saving $$ on Art Supplies

Lately, I have just been telling you all about events and opportunities, well this blog entry is different. I am going to tell you about a way to save money...on YOUR Supplies! YES! This was so amazing... now my younger or more techy friends and fans probably already know about this... but to me this is big news! LOL! Of course, I had heard the rumblings and as an avid fan and reader of Mashable, I had read that it was coming! Well, now it's here! In SC!

Driving on my way back from Clearwater, SC this afternoon, I had been thinking about my project for the NeuroChemical Breakdown Show I will be in on Nov. 12th at Conundrum Music Hall on Meeting St. in West Columbia, SC, along with 7 other wonderful artists. A series of ideas hit me and I realized I need to buy a few materials, a wood burner, etching tips, spray glue, a high heat glue gun and some conte' sticks. Since I was on Route 1, I swung into Hobby Lobby to see what they had and get a few items for tonight's studio time.

I had just located the conte' sticks, when an old friend, a fellow artist that does sculpting said hello. Happily, I shared a little bit about what I was looking for and the event. He told me Hobby Lobby always has coupons on their website for 40% of on any one item each week. We chatted like old friends do and found all the materials I needed. When he was about to leave he reminded me about the coupon and I decided I would wait on the wood-burner with etching tips until I ran the coupon.

After he left; the young man working there asked me if I had a smart phone with internet? He instructed me to go to www.hobbylobby.com,. He said click on "coupon". When the coupon came up, he said just show that to the cashier and you will get your 40% off. I brought everything up to the cashier and saved $10.80 by having her see the coupon on my phone. Now, how cool is that? If you click on the link on the post below, the coupon is right there!

I just had to share this as so many people do have smart phones! Let me know if you hear of other art supply stores... doing this! Thanks!

Yours truly,
Jean Bourque

In-Store Coupon : Weekly In-Store Specials : Hobby Lobby - Hobby Lobby

In-Store Coupon : Weekly In-Store Specials : Hobby Lobby - Hobby Lobby