Friday, February 29, 2008

Back Porch Studio - Mark your Calendar, Now

Yesterday, the Back Porch Studio artists met and we have decided to host our first Spring Opening reception and show in honor of our group's mentor: Ilona Royce Smithken on Sunday April 20th, 2008, from 3-5 PM. Come out and meet Ilona and the Back Porch Studio Artists.

Ilona will be teaching at the Phaup home in Forest Acres,
Columbia, SC April 21- April 25. and April 28-May 2.
Classes are held in the mornings from 10am -1pm.

At the end of Ilona's visit we will host a Weekend Celebration with new works to show the work our artists have done and how Ilona has inspired us! So please come out on Saturday May 3rd from 10 am to 6 PM and on Sunday May 4th from 12-6PM

These events will be held at the Back Porch Studio Galleries at 6729 Two Notch Rd. Ste E, Columbia, SC in the same plaza as "Very's Restaurant". From downtown, its about a block or two before Columbia Place Mall on the right, just before Faust St.

Many of our artist work in oil painted impressionism on canvas since that is what Ilona teaches. However, we also have other artists that do work outside of impressionism. We do have abstract mixed media artist Jean Bourque, Christy Aitken who works in a variety of painting styles, photography by Sandra Phaup, charcoal portraits while you wait with Jean Ehler, oil painting portraits with Allan Hobbs and potters Paul Moore, Kevin Smith and Tricia Phaup and sculptor Robin Jones. Members of the Back Porch Studios are: Sandra Phaup, Sheila Watts, Denby Singley, Jean Ehler, Jean Bourque, Allan Hobbs, Judy Boepple, Joan Davis, Christy Aitken, Paul Moore, Kevin Smith, Tricia Phaup, John Sawyer, Robin Jones, Betty Kournegay, Jack Kaneft, Fred Ehler, and Ilona Royce Smithken.

Tuesday, February 26, 2008

Closed tonight - Oh No!!!

I had planned to use my Starbucks card to get a coffee and then do my photocopies and Fedex mailings at Kinkos. I decided to check all my email addresses before I left to see if I needed to mail or copy anything else. I couldn't believe it when I saw it on yahoo's front page.
Waah....Starbucks is closed from 5:30-9:30 today. If I hadn't read it on yahoo, I would have wasted sooo much gas thinking some manager quit on the spot and closed the location. So...thanks to yahoo; for keeping all us Carmel Headed Frapo Fans informed.

Call for Artists SC State Museum 20th Anniversary

The SC State Museum opened in 1988 and now will be celebrating it's 20th Anniversary. What better way to show their support and love for the arts by having a Juried art competition. The show will run April 25 to Sept. 7, 2008.

Things to Know:
Hand Delivered Entries of original artwork deliver April 3, 4, or 5 from 10am and 4 pm
to loading Zone B at The State Museum 301 Gervais St. Columbia, SC. You may submit two works of art along with an entry fee of $25. made payable to The SC Museum Foundation and please list "juried show" on memo line.

Jurors: Brian Rutenberg, an artist originally from Myrtle Beach, SC. While serving as Artist in Residence in 2006 at USC, the SC State Museum hosted a show of Brian's wonderful brightly colored landscapes of the Grand Strand area. Brian earned his MFA from the School of Visual Arts in New York City; where he now resides.
Lia Newman is the Director of Programs and Exhibitions at Artspace in Raleigh, NC. Lia has earned a BA in Art History and a BFA in General Studio with concentrations in photography and sculpture, from Winthrop University. Lia resides in Raleigh, NC.

Cash Awards
$1500 First Place/Best in Show
$1000 Second Place
$500 Third Place
$200 Honorable Mention (up to 5 total)
$100 People’s Choice Award will be selected by the public during the reception

Purchase Award -A Curator’s Choice Purchase Award will be selected by the State Museum’s chief curator of art and the acquisition committee. The winning artwork will be purchased for inclusion in the Museum’s permanent collection.
For more details, a prospectus and entry form click here:

For Info on the SC State Museum go to
or contact the Museum at (803) 898-4941.

Faces in Various Mediums by Jean Bourque

Faces by Jean Bourque
One is in Watercolor
One is in Acrylics
One is Mixed Media
One is in Markers
and One is in Oils
To see more artwork by Jean Bourque go to the
To read stories by Jean Bourque go to

The Road Trip and Art

After 38 hours on the road...I am happy to be back home. It was fun; but it wasn't smooth sailing. Let's put it this way; I never expected to be riding in the back seat of a tow truck for nearly 200 miles in southern Georgia on a Saturday evening. YUP! That was my night.... my sweet little mom and I ended up there after her car decided to never start again, no matter what was done to it. We were blessed that when this happened, it was mid afternoon and we were in a pretty safe place in Ashton GA. Granted no garages were opened, but we had good samaritans offer to help.

We finally arrived at our destination about 1AM Sunday. The next day I woke up to the voice of my 6 year old neice saying "Aunt Jeanee, are you ready to get up, so we can do arts and crafts?" Naturally, my love for the arts is known far and wide among all the children in my universe. I got up and went for coffee and reported the story to her Mom. Apparently, my neice had been looking forward to my visit all week, telling everyone she would get to do art with her Aunt Jeanee, because she is a "real artist". LOL~!

~Keep your brushes wet...
Yours Truly;
Jean Bourque

Painting by Jean Bourque "It's All Connected!" in acrylic

Richland & Lexington County SC Artist Opportunity

Info received from Wim Roefs via emails
Call to Artists: Columbia Open Studios Sat and Sun May 3 and 4, 2008. Please let Wim know immediately at, to send a open studio agreement. Please sign and send it in with a CD with two images. With the images, you should submit the title, year, medium and size of the works in the images. All materials should be send to: Columbia Open Studios 2008 c/o if ART Gallery1223 Lincoln St. Columbia, SC 29201. The organizers have been trying to find sponsors for the event. There are few definite commitments so far. The State newspaper is willing to distribute the Open Studios tabloid for free. Contact Wim Roefs 803-238-2351 or by email at to participate. DL March 12, 2008.

The artists that have committed to participation as of a few hours ago are:
Sylvia Ady-Potts, Sculptor
Eileen Blyth
Nancy K. Butterworth

Ingrid Carson
Jeremy Carter
Anastasia Chernoff
Stephen Chesley
Heidi Darr-Hope
Colin Dodd
Porter O’Brien Dodd

Jeff Donovan
Betty Evans
Claire Farrell
Tyrone Geter
Diane Gilbert
Mary Gilkerson
Pat Gilmartin
Jessica Glenn
Mac Arthur Goodwin
Steve Hewitt
Ann Hubbard
Howard Hunt
Deanna Leamon
Alicia Leeke
Susan Lenz
Sharon Licata
Robert Lyon
M. Sue Martin
Laurie McIntosh
Marcelo Novo
Pat Parise
Carolyn Ramsay
Rob Shaw
Laura Spong
Pam Steele
Keith Tolen
Ben Truesdale
David Yaghjian

Monday, February 25, 2008

Fun Art Classes in May at Seven Oaks Park

Make your choice between two different FUN CLASSES offered evenings FOR 4 WEEKS
Or take both classes ! Select ALTERED BOOK CLASS OR
Abstract Artist Jean Bourque at Seven Oaks Park in
Columbia, SC near the Irmo line; just off I26 Piney Grove exit.

Altered Books Monday evenings - May 5 to June 2
(off May 26th) 7:00-8:30 PM 4weeks only - $49.*

Do you love scrapbooking? Do you keep a journal? Altered books is a combination of the two. Basically, we take an old hardcover book and make our own book using a variety of materials, we recover, decorate and manipulate the book into something totally new. In the inside we explore whatever theme is important to you or you can make it into an art book, a journal or scrapbook. All photos are from altered books done by Jean Bourque the teacher for these evening classes!

Abstract Art Painting evenings Wednesdays May 21 to June 11 from 7-8:30 PM
4 weeks only $49.* Or take both classes only $98.*
Do you like the idea of making a symphony with colors on canvas? If you have never painted before you may enjoy finding out you really can paint. If you currently paint; just bring your paint supplies and learn to loosen up your art and become truly creative with abstraction. Bring one canvas a week and plan to paint and have fun! To see examples of abstract paintings, click here!

Both classes will be at Seven Oaks Park at Leisure Lane off St. Andrews Rd. or off Piney Grove Rd. just before St. Andrews Rd. Please stop by to register in advance at Seven Oaks or sign up
by phone at 803-772-3336. The classes will be fun and you will create some really cool artwork. I look forward to working with all of you!
Yours Truly,
Jean Bourque

*in district prices quoted; out of district is slightly higher, but still very reasonable.

Wednesday, February 20, 2008

Take Note: Artist Round Table new web URL

Check out the new A.R.T. website


The old URL no longer works; so please check your book marks and update it now.

BTW- Our next neeting is Tues. March 4th at 7PM

930 Richland St. Columbia, SC


We will discuss "Going Green"

to be held May 10, 2008


Be there or be around!

ART = Artists Round Table
Painting pictured is a 24x18 oil painting titled, "Women of the Womb"
created by Jean Bourque. She is a member of ART. The painting is for sale.

Call For Birth Art DL May 1 in Cape Fear NC

IAC's Wabi Sabi Warehouse to host
Juried exhibition of Birth Art Exhibition
Dates May 22- June 20, 2008
Jurors: Dixon Stetler, Anna Van Wagner, Kirstie Kreutzer
Entry fee $15 Check or Money Order
payable to: Independent Art Company
Submission Deadline: May 1, 2008
Artists may submit 5 images via email
Selected artists will be notified by May 5th Birth is an experience that all humans have shared, yet we rarely see it represented in art. We want to change that! Independent Art Company and Cape Fear Area Doulas invite artists to submit works for a juried exhibition at Wabi Sabi Warehouse honoring the Miracle and Mystery of Birth. We welcome art in all media that celebrates mothers, fathers, pregnancy and birth. It doesn't need to be pretty, colorful, or carefully planned. This exhibition acknowledges the raw, honest and spontaneous, much like birth itself.

Tuesday, February 19, 2008

The Secret, The Law of Attraction and Artists

Lately, I have noticed lots of artists have been talking about "The Secret" and "The Law Of Attraction" and the the teachings of Abraham through Esther and Jerry Hicks. It seems fresh and even unbelievable when we first hear about it. You mean anything I think I can have, anything I think I can do? Apparently, if you are on the right vibration, feel it, and really believe it; that will make it happen. These ideas made me think of two books I had read in college, "Think and Grow Rich" and another book, "The Power of Positive Thinking".

I had made an observation a few years ago related to art shows. My formal education has been in business management and marketing. I have studied with numerous artists in a non academic setting, apprenticed with a well known artist and sold art on the road for many years. However, I always felt if the juror was highly educated in art or a realist that I had no chance to win and little if any chance to get in. I entered many shows with many different artist friends over the years, some art educated and some not and what I had noticed is my artist friends not only expected to get in the show, they expected to win, regardless of their education or style. These artists do win, they win a lot, not every time, but most every show they entered. A theory had formed in my mind, perhaps winning art shows was a matter of believing you would win.

I have made a scholarly study of many of these books and have discovered the origins of these thoughts come directly from the Bible. They have been repackaged for modern times. Some of them even use quotes from the Bible in their messages. In Matthew 7:7 we find the famous verse, "ASK, and it will be given; SEEK and you will find; KNOCK and it will be opened to you." According to my recent readings, you must Ask, Believe and Receive. ASK and really know what you want and hold no contradictory thought. You must BELIEVE, really believe you will receive it. In fact its even better if you feel and act as though you already have received it. Then be prepared to RECEIVE and know that you will receive it.

May you go forth and create exactly what you want in life.
Yours Truly,
Jean Bourque

Reminder Seven Oaks Art League Meeting

The Seven Oaks Art League (SOAL) will meet this Thursday evening Feb. 21 at the Seven Oaks Recreation Park, Leisure Lane at 7PM. Come early if you would like to network and chat with other artists.

Monday, February 18, 2008

Blogs Help Business In Search Engines


Have you noticed, a lot of companies, not only have a website but they also have a blog or in some cases a multitude of blogs? Big businesses, do not spend money if there is no return. Many small business owners do not understand the great marketing capacity of a blog. A blog is so much more than a journal. I have heard lots of people say, why do I need a blog when I already have a website? They often go on to say their website isn't making them any money and don't see why they should bother with something as "time consuming" as a blog! I say BINGO, that is exactly why you should have a blog!

Search engines LOVE blogs, maybe not the ones affiliated with some of the personal networking sites, but the true blog sites that are purely for blogging; these get noticed. If you have a website and you get a blog, linking in and out often boosts your rankings, by virtue of creating more visability for your name, brand or company. Blogging increases your links and links are food to the search engines! As far as being time consuming, it really doesn't have to be. You can have a marketing person or writer on your staff cover the content. Or you can out source your blog to someone like myself that would be happy to do it, for you.

Take this ARTSAILS1 site for example, I have been on here about a year and anyone that I have mentioned and linked to has moved up in search engine rankings, within a really short time. If you are a small business owner in the greater Columbia SC area, an artist, a non-profit, a publication, a professional such as an accountant, doctor, lawyer, or a service person; YOU need a blog. Honestly, I cannot remember when I last used the yellow pages. If I am looking for a service professional; I scan the web. Guess who I will see first? I will see the ones with BLOGS before the ones with websites. Test this and you will see what I mean!

Do you read any blogs on a regular basis? If so, you may want to see about advertising on that blog. If you do not want to commit to a blog and have a website you may want to think about running an ad here at ARTSAILS1. I have had a website since the 90's featuring my art. I have sold from my website even though I do not have a shopping site. It has been around a long while, but I totally redesign it every few months, so it will stay fresh and it offers something new on a regular basis.

In the art world, if you are painting and showing regularly you have changes so frequently it would be a job to keep updating your website. Putting updates on a blog is part of creating interest in your work! A blog is like writing an email to the world; it's easy to keep it updated. The fresh content factor is another reason the search engines love blogs! I would be happy to create and maintain a blog for you, teach you or your staff to run it, and build a web presence to make your business be TOPS in the search engines. Email me your idea or goal and we can make this happen for you! I am on a multitude of art websites and have postings on networking sites and my presence is all over the internet! Google me

Thank you!
Jean Bourque

Sunday, February 17, 2008

Crooked Creek Art League in Chapin, SC


Monday Feb. 18, 7:00 PM Crooked Creek Art League

along with SCWS are

Pleased to have a guest speaker at the monthly

CCAL meeting held at Crooked Creek Park (meeting room)

1098 Old Lexington Hwy. Chapin, SC
Lecture & demonstration,

” Painting Botanicals, Up-close & Vibrant” by

Michael Pearson from Beaufort.

SCWS and CCAL members and guests

Tuesday, February 12, 2008

Jerry Bridgers Photo and Ric Standridge Painting

Monday evening Feb. 11, 2008 the Trenholm Artists Guild had the TAG meeting. Our guest speaker was Ric Standridge from Greenville, SC. He told us many interesting stories about his days in NYC and finding his way back to SC. He has painted with many greats and near greats. He told us it's more creative to capture the spirit of our subject than to just copy it. Ric says he normally paints in oils to music. He didn't elaborate what type of music and we didn't have any music playing, but he painted anyway. One of our members Stacy Morgan was asked to model and she did. Her reward for being such a good model ...Ric gave her the painting!

Our photographer, Jerry Bridgers combined his photo manipulation skills with Ric's painting to create this image. It's not on the TAG website and I thought some may enjoy seeing it. For more pictures click on the TAG website link, above.

yours truly,
Jean Bourque

Sunday, February 10, 2008

Chunky Funky Flower Vase Feeds the Hungry!

Just a quick post to show you the Jean Bourque Painting that helped feed the hungry! I donated it to the Harvest Hope Food Bank and an art lover adopted it. Thank you for supporting a great charity that helps people in need. This is an oil painting on 14x11 pre-stretched canvas; with a natural light wood frame.

We had a wonderful sit down dinner and both a silent auction and a live auction. The event was very well attended and they raised over $100,000, to feed the hungry in SC. They get 10 pounds of food for every dollar. Right now is a time of high needs as the economy has slowed down and we have one of the highest unemployment rates in the country.

Thursday, February 7, 2008

Empty Bowls Harvest Hope Auction 6PM Feb. 8

Friday night "Empty Bowls" Charity Bowl at Marriott
Don't miss the harvest Hope fundraiser to feed the hungry!
Auction at the Marriott Downtown, Columbia SC at 6PM Fri. Feb 8th

I believe she said they had over 150 items and about 50% of that is art. You can buy art by Jean Bourque, Ernest Lee (the chicken man), Alicia Leeke, and many other fine artists and photographers. AND for all your football fans there is Gamecock and Clemson prints, too. There are golf packages, beach vacations and so much more, come on down for a fun night!

Wednesday, February 6, 2008

Artists Round Table Thurs. 7-9 PM Show Opens

Painting c by Ellin Baskins
The Artist Round Table Gallery will feature art work from
six member artists including Howard Hunt and Ellin Baskins.
The reception will be from 7-9 PM at
1213 Lincoln St. Columbia SC
across from the Blue Marlin
this Thursday evening Feb. 7, 2007.
The artwork will be there until month end.
The group is also called ART
and is dedicated to promoting artists of all types.
For more info on the group click on the link above.

Monday, February 4, 2008

Vista Bank Seeks Artists Columbia SC

The new Vista Bank with offices in Columbia and Aiken is seeking to commission an artist to create 9-10 original works appropriate for placement in the Columbia office and that represent Columbia vistas. Vista Bank offices are at 1219 Assembly Street in Columbia. Interested artists may wish to stop by to see which wall spaces are open for placement.

The Cultural Council will charge a 20% commission to the artist. In addition if the artist wishes the Cultural Council to remit the sales tax, the Council will remit that therefore the artist will pay a 27% commission. Please submit sample images to the Cultural Council no later than February 14th for consideration. The bank jury will meet during the week of February 18 with selection of the finalists by the 22nd and final selection by February 29th. Please note, the bank does not expect the artist to have all works currently in inventory, and indeed, will anticipate the artist will continue to create work through the following weeks.

For application and more details bring your images on a cd to the Cultural Council of Richland and Lexington Counties, 930 Richland Street, Columbia SC 29201 Or Call Andy Witt at 803-231-3131 (direct line)

Photo of Artists: Jean Bourque of Columbia, SC and Ilona Royce Smithken of NYC, NY and Cape Cod, MA. Photo courtesy of Jean Ehler, of St. Mathews, SC artist and photographer. All three are members of the Back Porch Painters.

Sunday, February 3, 2008

Digital Photography Tips from Jerry Bridgers

Photography by Jerry Bridgers

Today, I welcome my guest Jerry Bridgers to talk with us about digital photographer. Jerry is an avid photographer and is the man behind the lens at all the Trenholm Artists Guild Meetings. he has been on Flickr for many years and has previously shared info with the SOAL on making photo books in Flickr. He enjoys photographing nature close up enough to get a butterflies' eye. To see some of his amazing work captured on film click here.

Jerry Speaks: "Today, one can buy a variety of "Daylight" or Balanced bulbs color bulbs in fluorescent, tungsten or halogen. I have had poor luck with straight tungsten and ok luck with fluorescent and daylight tungsten. I've heard different stories from other people. A lot depends on the camera. Trial and error may be required.The main purpose of these photos is to show you how the color of an image changes with the Source of Light and with the camera white balance setting. Getting the correct (or at least acceptable) color for your photos may be done by:

1. Many Cameras the "AUTO" Setting will do fine.
2. Some Cameras have a method to "Set the White Balance"
3. Some Painters take their photos out of doors...This can cause extra glare problems, but usually give good color.
4. If the color cannot be achieved any other way, software correction can be done later. With a digital camera, the manual is a must. If you refuse to read manuals...good luck and best wishes!"

by Jerry Bridgers

Painting Photography Collection

Camera Set Up

Improper Set Up

Image Color and Light Source

All these links lead to articles written by Jerry which can help anyone with setting up their digital photography shots.

Hope you enjoyed.
Yours truly,
Jean Bourque