Thursday, June 28, 2007

Visit to The Enchanted Forest Gallery and Cafe

Enchanted Forest of 556 Meeting St. in West Columbia is just up the street from the Gervais St bridge and has a wonderful view of downtown Columbia. The Enchanted Forest is a hidden treasure with a little cafe featuring delightful salads, teas, and sandwiches that few people know about. A great place to have a quit lunch while surrounded by beautiful artwork and gallery filled with arts and crafts of all kinds. The view alone, makes The Enchanted Forest a wonderful place to visit.

The Enchanted Forest stop by at lunch or for a coffee and look around, see what surprises are in the store and cafe at The Enchanted Forest. Plan a visit soon; before the secret gets out and it becomes a busy happening spot for great little lunches. For directions, to order a bag lunch to go or special gift basket requests call Barbara at 803-530-5166.

Wednesday, June 27, 2007

My Email news from Americans for the Arts!

June 27, 2007
Dear Jean,
Great news! The U.S. House of Representatives today approved a new historic level of funding for the National Endowment for the Arts (NEA). The bill provides a $35 million increase to the NEA - the largest in the history of the agency! This accomplishment didn’t come easily -- the debate took place over two days and of the many amendments offered to the bill, three specifically targeted cuts to the NEA.
Below are the details of the debate, the votes and what’s up next!The floor action began with Appropriations Subcommittee Chairman Norm Dicks (D-WA) outlining his support for the NEA. He recalled how the Congressional Hearing on the arts that his subcommittee held on Arts Advocacy Day helped to provide a basis for this increase, he stated, “the committee has acted to provide the funding so arts can reach even more broadly into American communities with a richer variety of programs.”Mr. Dicks was joined on the House floor by Congressional Arts Caucus Co-chairs Louise Slaughter (D-NY) and Chris Shays (R-CT). Mrs. Slaughter cited the Arts & Economic Prosperity III report stating that the arts mean, “$12.6 billion in Federal Government tax revenues, and 5.7 million full-time equivalent jobs…Simply put, in every way, investment in the arts is sound public policy.” Mr. Shays added his support to the increase in NEA funding by speaking about his personal life and how his parents introduced him to the value of the arts.
For the opposition, Representatives Rob Bishop (R-UT), Ginny Brown-Waite (R-FL) and Doug Lamborn (R-CO) each offered an amendment that sought to cut funding for the NEA. While the amendments from Reps. Bishop and Lamborn sought to reduce NEA funding in order to fund other programs, the Brown-Waite amendment was written to solely cut funds from the agency. She stated on the House floor, “Americans are tired of wasteful Washington spending and are unwilling to pay for this so-called art with their tax dollars. Don’t reward the National Endowment for polishing trash and call it art.”All three ‘weakening’ amendments were debated for 10 minutes apiece on the House floor and then were called for a recorded vote. Each one went down to defeat. Based on how they voted on the Bishop Amendment, you can click here to thank your Member of Congress for his or her vote to strengthen the NEA, or express your disappointment with their vote to weaken the agency.
Final passage of the House Interior Appropriations bill was approved by a vote of 272-155.Over the past few weeks, Americans for the Arts has been sending you these Arts Action Alerts, asking for your help. And you have kindly responded! Over the past month arts advocates from fifty states have sent over 26,000 messages to their Members of Congress calling for this $35 million increase to the NEA. That is in addition to the hundreds of lobbying visits made to congressional offices during Arts Advocacy Day in March and the many phone calls made directly to their congressional offices. Thank you for your incredible hard work. We would not have achieved this terrific outcome without you. Next Steps Next month our attention will shift to the U.S. Senate and to President Bush. The Senate Interior bill offers more limited support for the NEA than the House version and these differences will have to be worked out in a conference committee.
Further complicating things, President Bush has already threatened a veto on this spending bill. It all makes for a very exciting autumn appropriations season! Thank you again for your continued support of the arts!
Americans for the Arts
1000 Vermont Avenue NW6th FloorWashington DC . 20005 T 202.371.2830 F 202.371.0424
One East 53rd Street . 2nd Floor New York NY . 10022 T 212.223.2787 F 212.980.4857

Olan ART Show at Ward Nasse Gallery "Ironic"

On July 7; the latest art show "Ironic" by Olan will be featured at Ward Nasse Gallery on Prince St in Manhattan. My fellow artist from Ward Nasse; Olan will be having a show set in Soho, with many lead ins and a huge media buzz created all over the web and the city. Do you love Pop Art? Do you love pop culture and bright colors? If so; you must check out Lipstick Chic. All of us from Ward Nasse are really excited about this "Tipping Point" style show that Olan has created!!!!!

Just in case you have never seen my work that is at Ward Nasse Gallery; here it is!

Enjoy; yours truly;
Jean Bourque

Tuesday, June 26, 2007

One of Many; "Bring It On!"

"Bring It On!" a work in progress, acrylic and pastel on 30x24 inch thick museum canvas,
still working on it. Artwork developed by Jean Bourque June 2007 c

Past - Art Happenings for the Future

This past week, I met with peers at Saluda Shoals Park to discuss "Through the Eyes of Art" planned for Sunday Oct. 7, 2007. We saw the areas where artists would be performing, installing, reading, singing, painting and sculpting. It was an interesting walk in the woods with fellow artists, arts administrators, park employees, and writers. It was mentioned that they would love to have artists use materials found in the park. I saved a few pieces of bark to dry out. The bark is in my house and Toffee has her own ideas of how to use the bark. Here is a new picture of her. She is now 3 1/2 months old and weighed in at 3.8 pounds.

That evening; I went to Thee Matriarch & met fellow blogger Harriett Hilton . She was such a joy to meet. I had been reading her blog at Artistic Musings and really enjoying it; when she invited me to her show. After meeting; she interviewed me for her blog and it is listed there. So check out my interview at Artistic Musings. It was an honor to meet the owner of Thee Matriarch, Rachelle Jamerson former Entrepreneur of the Year. She is so young looking; it's hard to believe she will soon be celebrating her 15th year in business. Congratulations!
Two quick announcements
Enchanted Forest at 556 Meeting St., barely over the Gervais St. Bridge; in West Columbia has a great little gallery and lunch spot. Featuring the art work of such artists as Jean Bourque and Barbara Anderson; plus pottery and gift baskets by a variety of local talent. Stop by M-F open until 5 PM each day or call 530-5166. They can custom make gift baskets too!
Chuck with the Cultural Council is still looking for art supply donations; you can drop them off there at 930 Richland St. downtown Columbia. Thank you, for any donations you can make for the students of the Art-arium and the women of the Sisterhood Productions.
yours truly; Jeanee

Wednesday, June 20, 2007

SCWS Message from my "e" box


Entries are starting to come in for the 30th Annual Exhibition. Just a reminder… please check that you have the correct postage. A few have arrived with postage due. Postal rates went up a few weeks ago.

RE: Saving your image to disk. Some of your painting sizes will not be standard (i.e a long and skinny vertical piece) so you will not be able to make it a 4 x 6 image size. We are more concerned with the image being saved so it fits to the computer screen without having to zoom in and out and reaching the 1024 x 786 pixels or a 300 dpi.

Please remember the July 17 (Postmark) deadline. Hope you are busy painting and I look forward to receiving your entries.

AND…. go ahead and book your hotel room now. (Holiday Inn Express – 864-699-7777 - $75/night – Sept 28 & 29. Inform reservations that you are with SCWS for the group rate) Whether you are selected or not, please plan to attend the 30th Annual Exhibition & Opening Weekend at the new Spartanburg Art Museum. We have plans for a wonderful lunch at the Piedmont Club, great door prizes, an extra exhibit at Carolina Gallery and an opening reception at the new museum.

Kim Richards
SC Watermedia Society
7 Oxford Dr.
Cartersville, GA 30120

Arts Funding News in my "e" mailbox

June 19, 2007
Dear Jean,
This morning, the Senate Interior Appropriations Subcommittee, which sets the initial funding level for the NEA, approved a $9 million increase for the National Endowment for the Arts (NEA) in its FY 2008 spending bill. Other than a $10 million increase in the first year of the Bush Administration, this is the largest increase the Senate subcommittee has provided in the last twelve years. However, the Senate figure doesn't come close to the substantial increase of $35 million provided by the House Appropriations Committee a few weeks ago. The agency, currently funded at $124.4 million has only seen increases of about 3% for the last several years.

We want to extend a special thanks to all of Americans for the Arts grassroots activists for your letters and calls to Congress. It’s working and you are helping to support the arts in South Carolina!

Next Steps:
In the Senate, the FY 2008 Interior Appropriations bill will be considered by the full Appropriations committee on Thursday and then the full Senate, probably after the July 4th recess. As the bills move closer to consideration by the full House and Senate, we are actively monitoring each of them for any attempt to weaken the funding for the NEA and National Endowment for the Humanities.

After the bills are passed in each body the Appropriations Chairmen will convene a conference committee to negotiate the differences in funding. In order to support the higher House funding level, we must continue to put pressure on the Senate to accept a substantial increase, and request the House members to stand strong. Please take two minutes to visit Americans for the Arts E-Advocacy Center to send letters to your Members of Congress. We have provided relevant talking points which can help hone your message to your Senators and Representative.

Americans for the Arts
1000 Vermont Avenue NW6th Floor
Washington DC . 20005 T 202.371.2830 F 202.371.0424
One East 53rd Street . 2nd Floor New York NY . 10022 T 212.223.2787 F 212.980.4857

Great news!

Tuesday, June 19, 2007

Harriett Hilton Reception today 5-8 pm

Look in the June archives (scroll to the right) for directions and more details about Harriett and her art reception. It will be held today from 5-8 pm at Thee Matriach in Orangeburg. There will also be a jazz pianist and food artist as well as a published writer and the former Entrepreneur of the Year.
Hope to see you there.

We love your feedback at ARTSAILS1, Thanks!

The Journey
by Jean Bourque
Silk Collage

"Thank you for this opportunity. Your art news blog is great, a real service for area artists and arts-related events."

From Booth Chilcutt of Patriot Hall, Sumter SC 6-18-07
"Thank you!"
Chuck LaMark
Director of Development
930 Richland StColumbia, SC 29201

6-11-07 from Saluda Shoals

"Hi Jeanee,
Thanks so much – I love your ideas and the image you created! Hope the event will be as spectacular as you envisioned!"
Dolly G. Patton, Executive Director
Saluda Shoals Foundation
5605 Bush River Rd.
Columbia SC 29212

“Saluda Shoals Foundation is a nonprofit 501(c)(3) organization committed to serving as a steward of Saluda Shoals Park through financial support and as an advocate for the preservation and sustainability of the park’s programs and the environment.”

"What a beautiful image to start my day with, it was a joy meeting you. I will keep you in the loop as plans progress. Thanks again, "
Marianne Zajac
Corporate and Group Events Manager
Saluda Shoals Park
Thank you for the positive feedback. Jean Bourque

Monday, June 18, 2007

Seven Oaks Park Event on Saturday June 23 2007

So many artists have told me that they love yard sales and I am no exception. Of course there are many that do not like the heat and driving from place to place and trying to find a place to park is such a hassle. As for me personally; I cannot tolerate the sun for anymore than 5 minutes at a time; so yard sales had been dropped from my list of possible Saturday morning activities.


The Seven Oaks Park; the place where the SOAL meets is holding an INDOOR yard sale this Saturday morning from 7 am to 11 am. I know that's awfully early but it should be fun to shop in air conditioned comfort. Some of the Seven Oaks artists will have tables and there is sure to

be some art, arts and craft supplies and loads of books. The last event I went to there yielded some wonderful finds that I was able to incorporate into my mixed media assemblages.

It is located on Leisure Lane just off St. Andrews and Piney Grove Rd. Hope to see you there.

yours truly;


Sunday, June 17, 2007

Through the Eyes of Art at Saluda Shoals Park

Mark your calendars on October 7, 2007 Through the Eyes of Art at Saluda Shoals Park, an afternoon of art and entertainment has been planned. A day when the arts and the environment work together to entertain the public in a more traditional creative way. It's new in the sense that it is not a typical festival event; yet it's old in the sense that our ancestors entertained for many years, in the environment; using nature's sound track as the back drop for their performances.




IF you are interested in performing or doing sculpting at this event; or know others that may be please contact me via email with your ideas and contact information at
yours truly;

The Power of Art to Transform Lives

Silk Collage by Jean Bourque
20 x 16 on Canvas (Sold)

This past Friday, I went to the Camille Griffin Graham Correctional Institute at the women's prison on Broad River Road in Columbia SC; to see a play put on by Sisterhood Productions. They presented "Hidden Secrets" to the prison community with 8 different skits; stitched together with the help of a psychologist telling the stories of her clients. The pain of growing up in hostile environments filled with drugs, alcohol, violence, and abuse were acted out before our eyes. The skits moved on to portray the victims of crimes and the abuse they suffer when having their identity stolen, elder and sexual abuse. The topics brought out in the skits were portrayed so painfully real with deep emotions, one had the feeling of watching a professional theater group. It brought tears to my eyes several times and I am not one to cry. When I looked around during intermission; I saw many inmates crying. I could see how the arts touched each and everyone of us in that room.

The Sisterhood Productions put together a team of 8 inmates that became writers to develop the story lines and through the process shared, cried, laughed, bonded and healed together. For some, they had never thought about the victim's and what effect it has on them. The skits demonstrated the victim's suffering and the effects of crime. In the process; we learned many of these women are victims, too. Through art; they are learning to cope with their own pain in new ways. In addition to the writers and actors of the Sisterhood Productions; there were artists that painted the backdrop and scenes for the play as well as creating the stage sets and programs. You would have been amazed at the talent. This group of inmates and many in the audience have grown through the healing ability of art.

I spoke with the warden about this wonderful way of giving the women help, many for the first time are getting a new sense of direction and realizing they are talented. There were many wonderful volunteers from the art and theater community that assisted the Sisterhood Productions in making their "Hidden Secrets" a healing process. You know who you are and they are very thankful. They even made beautiful thank you cards for all the volunteers and these were nicer than many you see in card and gift shops. The warden gave me permission to blog about this as long as I didn't use any names. I do want to express my appreciation for being invited to this very special healing event.


I am asking anyone that has any art supplies they would like to donate for the prisons to please drop them off at the Cultural Center at 930 Richland Ave. Columbia, SC. If you know where the Chamber of Commerce is located; they are in the same building.

with female inmates. If you would be interested in hearing more, or doing a workshop or volunteer to teach a class or do an art demo; please contact Chuck at the Cultural Council via email at or call the Cultural Council. Through art; lives can be transformed.

Tuesday, June 12, 2007

Art Marketing Tips

Oil Painting "Floral Fantasy" by Jean Bourque
Creating positive word of mouth advertising is done by having happy customers. Keep your current customers happy and they will tell other people!

Offer to deliver and hang the work at their location; let them test it for a few days with their d├ęcor. You can offer extras; mat or frame exchange, build the value. *
Do not be shy; they are interested in you and your art. *
Fine Art is valuable and should never be treated like a long sleeve shirt on clearance sale in the middle of the summer!
Haven't got that far with your art yet? Don't know where to begin? Sign up to be on this website or some other web site or start a blog. The website is like your calling card. Would you like a helping hand? I would be happy to work with you.
Yours truly;

The Paint Flows onto the Table by Jean Bourque

On my day off; I finally had my office almost totally organized and took the tablecloth off a 3ft x 6ft work table to throw in the laundry. The top looked dreadful; no wonder I had a table cloth on it. With that thought in my head; the next thing you know I am painting the top. I was just going to paint it an electric blue. I was sponging the paint on at first then realized I didn't have enough electric blue paint to do the whole top.
Oh no!
Thursday; I had gone to City Arts and bought a 24 x 36 pre-stretched canvas. I also spotted some sponge brushes; which I figure always come in handy when I do collage and have to use adhesives or if I need to do a poly coat. The sponge brushes were just the thing I needed for flowing paint on to the table. I decided to take the electric blue as far as it would go. It covered about 3/4 of the 3 ft x 6 ft work table. I looked at my bright blue table and thought "sky" what would look good with the sky. I wanted a pink or a red. I found an antique rose and decided to do the bottom of the table with it and another new sponge brush. Next thing you know I was in the flow and I was carrying long strips of pink up into the sky.
Oh no!
I spotted a Golden acrylic in Crimson; ahh the perfect finishing touch. The Crimson paint brushed onto the table with a sable soft bristle brush and created little flower tops to the long pink stems. When I was done painting the tabletop I realized as soon as I write on it; if I left it like that; it would be ruined quickly. I debated on going to get a piece of glass cut. Then decided to put a protective coat of gloss poly on. It has dried for over 30 hours now and is totally dry. Today it looks so pretty I hate to put anything on it.
Oh no!
yours truly,

Interview with Artist - Harriett Hilton

Q. I received an announcement about your upcoming art show, can you email a sample of the style of work you will be showing there and make a brief statement about your work?

A. In my work I try to communicate the beauty I see and the emotion I feel in my everyday surroundings with the viewer, primarily through composition and light. This works to connect myself and the viewer.


Q. How long have you been painting and showing your art work?

A. I've been really serious, or obsessed some might say, for the past 4 years.


Q. What would you say is your strongest quality in your art work?
A. My compositional arrangements.

Q. I know many times when I do art; I get into a flow state. Do you find this happens for you?
A. Absolutely! That is what I really strive for and hope for - it's like going inside the painting and losing yourself.


Q. What would you say are your inspirations for creativity?

A. The South Carolina Low Country and beaches - I truly relax when I go, and the way the sunlight falls on the most mundane thing, like a door or tree limb, is just beautiful. I get re-charged.


Q. Are there any artists in history that have had an influence in your work?

A. Michelangelo was my first love, then Bernini, Vermeer, Monet, Degas, Hopper, Verner, to name a few. I try to learn from them all.


Q. If you could meet any famous artist alive; who would you most want to meet?

A. Jim Harrison, because I have a better chance of that actually happening - seriously, I admire how he went after his goal; leaving a secure job, traveling to NY, approaching galleries with canvases under his arm, being turned down but continuing on. The belief and faith in one's art is what is crucial, and he had it, and the rest is history.


Q. Please tell us about any places where you are currently showing your work or anyplace where you plan to be showing soon.
A. I have work at the Orangeburg County Library.
Reception at Thee Matriarch 1170 Fischer St., Orangeburg, 5-8 pm Tues June 19
The public is invited.
I hope to soon be at The Rita Smith Gallery in Columbia.

Thank you Harriett I have really enjoyed this interview with you and will look forward to providing you with an interview for your blog soon.

Artsails1 will look forward to introducing SC artists and expanding awareness of art through out SC. I hope you enjoy it. Thank you for reading.
yours truly;

Saturday, June 9, 2007

Hilton Art Reception June 19 at Thee Matriach

There will be a reception on Tuesday, June 19 from 5-8 PM with Harriett Hilton as one of the artists, at 1170 Fischer St., Orangeburg, SC. This is a beautiful old house (named Thee Matriarch) that has been tastefully renovated and it is owned by Rachelle Jamerson, (previous winner of entrepreneur of the year!) who also has a business called Rachelle's Island. This cool shop features unique clothing, handmade jewelry, and other unique items. Del Rae a local jazz pianist will provide the music. Barbara Randall Clark will be signing her wonderful books, and baked goods will be provided by a food artist. I hope you all will be able to come out for what is sure to be an entertaining evening. Below is a link to the map, click it & get directions; so you won't get lost! Sorry the map thing below is so long; I couldn't get a shorter working link. LOL!,+orangeburg,+sc&sll=37.0625,-95.677068&sspn=65.183764,80.859375&ie=UTF8&ll=33.489209,-80.862894&spn=0.008554,0.009871&z=16&iwloc=addr&om=1

Creative Watermedia Class Enchanted Forest

Barbara Anderson of Enchanted Forest Gallery on Meeting St. in West Columbia, SC has announced a Creative Watermedia Class will be offered in July at her gallery. Further details should be available next week and I will post them as soon as I know more. But for all you artists and NON-artists out there that need a shot of summer inspiration; a creativity class may be just the thing! Feel free to email me directly if you are interested in this.
Painting by Jean Bourque (sold)

Friday, June 8, 2007

Saluda Shoals Park Vision of an Artistic Adventure

I had never been to Saluda Shoals Park in Columbia, SC until today. It is located off St. Andrews Rd and Bush River Rd. heading towards the Lake Murray Dam.
If you have never been to Saluda Shoals Park
I strongly urge you to go as soon as you possibly can.
The park has many wooded trails, a great steel fish sculpture which has fish within the fish, a splash pad for children, a doggie park, over a mile long riverfront and they even rent canoes. There are environmental buildings and displays which make great trips for the school children and besides being educational, it's a fun place. If you need a place to hold a function; they have plenty of indoor space to hold your next company function or even to just go there and paint or write amoung natures sound of running river water. The park has plans to expand into the cultural world with a performing arts center slated for its future and additional land will be developed to facilitate expansion for this original, natural masterpiece.

This park has captured my imagination beyond mere words. It started with visions of artists painting along the river bank...and quickly expanded to be oh so much more!

When I walked down the wooded paths enjoying the little squirrels playing; I heard the sounds of African drums beating and I could feel a gentle breeze, while the imagery of painted silk scarves flowed in and out as I made my way down to the water. I could envision basket makers weaving; and a small group of musicians playing flutes while ballerinas were dancing in and around the trees. A crowd gathered to watch a juggler perform and little steel magnolias popped up out of the ground as a poet was reading aloud. Art is everywhere and the park was transformed to a magical artistic adventure.

If you are an artist of any kind and you share this vision; please email me or text me; maybe our artistic paths will meet and we can enlighten the community with art in a new and amazing way...

yours truly, Jeanee

Tuesday, June 5, 2007

Seven Oaks Art League Photos

Everyone in the top photo won an award in the SOAL juried show!!! Congratulations.

Thanks to Julie Cooper for the photos.
Yours Truly;

Closings: A Carolina Gallery & Godi Galleria Sales

The sale at A Carolina Gallery of Carol Ann Rose's art supplies and paintings, etc. scheduled for this Saturday, June 9, has been canceled. The entire contents of A Carolina Gallery has been sold. Through the generosity of Carol Ann and Tom Rose the proceeds of this sale will benefit Crooked Creek Art League and Seven Oaks Art League.

My understanding is the land and building are back up for sale and now listed with a broker. If the real estate is of interest to you take a ride by the A framed gallery in blue at 3626 Bush River Rd. Columbia, SC. Get the name and number of the real estate company from the sign posted in front. I have no other details at this time.


Godi! Galleria - A really cool interior decor and feng shui correct gallery & store located at 114 State St in West Columbia, SC is closing it's chiming doors. The owner Toni Forrest is having the FINAL clearance sale days this Friday June 8th and Saturday June 9th from 9-6. For really unique home accessories and decor; plus artsy items and gifts; stop by. All of us will really miss this awesome gallery boutique store and the chimes of State St. in West Columbia, SC. Tell them Jeanee sent you!

Yours truly;

Sunday, June 3, 2007

Local SC Art Bloggers

Just discovered two wonderful local art bloggers.
Many of you know Susan Lenz from her fiber art demo
she did at the SOAL a while back.
Her blog is at:
Another artist I found out about that blogs was given to me by Jean Ehler (thanks).
Her name is Harriett H; an artist from Orangeburg, SC.
Check out her blog at:

New Beginnings- Toffee and her Art Adventures

New Beginnings- Toffee is my new art studio mate; here she is just hanging out with the art supplies and playing with her toys. She is slightly hyper and is already full of herself. Watch out; she looks all sweet and innocent; but she bites. This picture is a couple weeks old and I will post a newer photo soon. She will be 3 months tomorrow. What does this have to do with art?
I love dogs and some of you have noticed a few of my art works have dogs in them. With this firecracker dog; I have already noticed her getting into the paint. The other day; she had been visiting other chihuahuas and when I picked her up she had red on her feet and toes. I thought she was bleeding. Come to find out one of my friends had been painting with OIL paints and it was not quite dry when Toffee decided to add her signature. LOL! If only my batteries hadn't died in the camera. UGH! Oh well; I am sure Toffee will provide other art adventures for me to photograph and report on!
yours truly; Jeanee

Saturday, June 2, 2007

Giclee Printing Business Reopens

Giclee Printing business re-opens in the Midlands!
Columbia, SC
The Giclee Printing business that was formerly located in A Carolina Gallery
is open for business again. Giclee prints suitable for limited edition prints
of your original artwork are now available through
or email

SC Watermedia Society - Call to Artists

Call for Artists for the upcoming SC Watermedia Society’s 30th Annual Exhibition. Entries are juried by digital image on CD and they are due July 17, 2007. Contact SC Watermedia Society for a prospectus; Attention- Kim Richards, SCWS, 7 Oxford, Dr., Cartersville, GA 30120
or email or check out the website at

A Springmaid Workshop Instructor and well known artist John Salminen will be this year's juror. Click on his name to see his website. If you need help preparing your entry for this competition or with getting a digital image on CD; just email me.
yours truly;