Friday, June 8, 2007

Saluda Shoals Park Vision of an Artistic Adventure

I had never been to Saluda Shoals Park in Columbia, SC until today. It is located off St. Andrews Rd and Bush River Rd. heading towards the Lake Murray Dam.
If you have never been to Saluda Shoals Park
I strongly urge you to go as soon as you possibly can.
The park has many wooded trails, a great steel fish sculpture which has fish within the fish, a splash pad for children, a doggie park, over a mile long riverfront and they even rent canoes. There are environmental buildings and displays which make great trips for the school children and besides being educational, it's a fun place. If you need a place to hold a function; they have plenty of indoor space to hold your next company function or even to just go there and paint or write amoung natures sound of running river water. The park has plans to expand into the cultural world with a performing arts center slated for its future and additional land will be developed to facilitate expansion for this original, natural masterpiece.

This park has captured my imagination beyond mere words. It started with visions of artists painting along the river bank...and quickly expanded to be oh so much more!

When I walked down the wooded paths enjoying the little squirrels playing; I heard the sounds of African drums beating and I could feel a gentle breeze, while the imagery of painted silk scarves flowed in and out as I made my way down to the water. I could envision basket makers weaving; and a small group of musicians playing flutes while ballerinas were dancing in and around the trees. A crowd gathered to watch a juggler perform and little steel magnolias popped up out of the ground as a poet was reading aloud. Art is everywhere and the park was transformed to a magical artistic adventure.

If you are an artist of any kind and you share this vision; please email me or text me; maybe our artistic paths will meet and we can enlighten the community with art in a new and amazing way...

yours truly, Jeanee

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Jay said...

Thanks for your kind words about our park. We work hard to keep it clean and beautiful for our guests! Come back and visit anytime!

Jay Robinson
Interpretive Park Ranger
Saluda Shoals Park