Tuesday, June 12, 2007

Interview with Artist - Harriett Hilton

Q. I received an announcement about your upcoming art show, can you email a sample of the style of work you will be showing there and make a brief statement about your work?

A. In my work I try to communicate the beauty I see and the emotion I feel in my everyday surroundings with the viewer, primarily through composition and light. This works to connect myself and the viewer.


Q. How long have you been painting and showing your art work?

A. I've been really serious, or obsessed some might say, for the past 4 years.


Q. What would you say is your strongest quality in your art work?
A. My compositional arrangements.

Q. I know many times when I do art; I get into a flow state. Do you find this happens for you?
A. Absolutely! That is what I really strive for and hope for - it's like going inside the painting and losing yourself.


Q. What would you say are your inspirations for creativity?

A. The South Carolina Low Country and beaches - I truly relax when I go, and the way the sunlight falls on the most mundane thing, like a door or tree limb, is just beautiful. I get re-charged.


Q. Are there any artists in history that have had an influence in your work?

A. Michelangelo was my first love, then Bernini, Vermeer, Monet, Degas, Hopper, Verner, to name a few. I try to learn from them all.


Q. If you could meet any famous artist alive; who would you most want to meet?

A. Jim Harrison, because I have a better chance of that actually happening - seriously, I admire how he went after his goal; leaving a secure job, traveling to NY, approaching galleries with canvases under his arm, being turned down but continuing on. The belief and faith in one's art is what is crucial, and he had it, and the rest is history.


Q. Please tell us about any places where you are currently showing your work or anyplace where you plan to be showing soon.
A. I have work at the Orangeburg County Library.
Reception at Thee Matriarch 1170 Fischer St., Orangeburg, 5-8 pm Tues June 19
The public is invited.
I hope to soon be at The Rita Smith Gallery in Columbia.

Thank you Harriett I have really enjoyed this interview with you and will look forward to providing you with an interview for your blog soon.

Artsails1 will look forward to introducing SC artists and expanding awareness of art through out SC. I hope you enjoy it. Thank you for reading.
yours truly;

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