Monday, June 18, 2007

Seven Oaks Park Event on Saturday June 23 2007

So many artists have told me that they love yard sales and I am no exception. Of course there are many that do not like the heat and driving from place to place and trying to find a place to park is such a hassle. As for me personally; I cannot tolerate the sun for anymore than 5 minutes at a time; so yard sales had been dropped from my list of possible Saturday morning activities.


The Seven Oaks Park; the place where the SOAL meets is holding an INDOOR yard sale this Saturday morning from 7 am to 11 am. I know that's awfully early but it should be fun to shop in air conditioned comfort. Some of the Seven Oaks artists will have tables and there is sure to

be some art, arts and craft supplies and loads of books. The last event I went to there yielded some wonderful finds that I was able to incorporate into my mixed media assemblages.

It is located on Leisure Lane just off St. Andrews and Piney Grove Rd. Hope to see you there.

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