Wednesday, December 23, 2009

Recap of my art happenings... 2009

I have been so totally immersed in the art world and everything I am doing that I haven't even had time to write on this blog. I actually didn't have any internet service other than that which could be borrowed from friends, the library, the coffee shops and my cell. For some people that may well have been enough and I would have thought it would be for myself. However, it was not. I had apparently been spending a good many hours on the internet between writing the blog, all the various social networking sites I am on and the various applications and games that are a part of my daily life in cyberville.

Prior to this experience I would not have described myself as addicted to the internet. However, I do remember back about 6 years ago someone actually pointing out that I spent way more time on the internet then anyone they ever met. Yeah, but I was also in school studying to be a web designer. So, to me that didn't count. Anyway, I have my certificate in web design because I already had a degree in something else LOL! At any rate, no I am not a web designer...but at one time...I was really into web design. But like any language, if you don't use it you lose it. I had even gone back to school 2007-08 and got updated on my design skill set and on the entire Photo Shop package. I learned what I learned and I have had to adapt as changes come up. MS updated and so did windows and as soon as you completely have the package understood...along comes something new.
I had an art show in August with Jean Ehler called "A Pair of Jeans" in North Charleston, SC at the Convention Center. that show hilighted that although Jean and I had both studied with Ilona Royce Smithken for at least the last 14 years, and she and I have painted together for at least the last ten years several times a year...we still maintain totally different styles. This was followed by a Sept. show at Frame of Mind on Main St Columbia SC with Barbie Mathis and it was very fitting as many of the pieces in this show were done at Barbie's house. The theme was "Flowering" and all its forms. The show was very well received and I introduced my beautiful florals with blow ups off butterflies I captured on film close up. They are amazing even if I say so myself. These have moved to Avanti designer showroom on Huger St and can be purchased there.
After my two, two women art shows I have had two solo shows. From Oct 12 to Dec 1, my art work featuring coffee was on display in the rotunda at the lower level in the Richland County Public Library on Assembly St. Columbia, SC. I had created several new pieces for Gotham Bagel aka Gotham Nights. This show is still running, so check it out. I have 16 museum quality canvas mixed media paintings all at least 20x30 gracing the walls of the cafe.
Photo of Jeanee Bourque Sept 2009, by artist

Wednesday, November 11, 2009

Moon Over Buffalo at Town Theater Columbia SC

Many of you are familiar with the members of the cast in Moon over Buffalo currently being performed at Town Theater. The cast of seasoned actors and actresses does a stunning and hilarious performance with each character being very convincing in their roles. It was hard to pick a favorite so I asked several of the folks seated near me and they all clearly felt that Kathy Hartzog the red head that performed the part of the mother and wife in the play was by far the most comical.

more details later...

Monday, October 19, 2009

Why I love Abstract Art Commentary

This is something I wrote on another group and thought I should pass this on to the larger art community. I heard the most wonderful expression about being an artist from a friend this weekend. "God is the creator and he gave me the gift to create." (Thanks, Brian) This is such a gift, the gift to create and we know we are really read on. LOL!!

From Artists That Can't Sleep Nights: by Jean Bourque

Many of my best friends are very realistic painters and I love them as individuals. However; for me creating art is not about recreating something that already exists. It's about creating something that has never existed. Attending 1st thru 7th grade on Cape Cod and then moving to CA for 8th - grade on; I was exposed to both types of art. On the Cape; there are many well known art communities where artists come from all over the world to capture the pristine quaintness of the ocean and beach cottage. Growing up with that made it easy to understand the charm of recreating scenes one enjoys.
Then we moved to CA. In CA schools; teachers encouraged originality; in math class we made candles to learn about measuring and in art class we learned about fabrics to understand how similar paper and fabric actually are. In Geography we watched films of our teacher's trip to Japan. In health we explored gender issues. This was unlike New England where they were all about academics and regurgitating what the teacher taught.
I saw abstract art in San Francisco and fell in love with the experimental and discovery process. I fully embrace color, textures, textiles, papers, using odd things, assemblages, experimenting, exploring and expanding my mind and my visions through art. For me it's a journey, a trip. If I sell or win an award that's great; but it's not about commercialism for me; it's about spirit. The spirit that moves me and soothes my soul in creativity. Art sets my spirit free. This is why I love abstract art.

Hugs from yours truly;

Ilona is Back in town:OIL painting classes NOW

Come join the artists at Sandra Phaup's on Brandywine, Columbia, SC, just off Trenholm Rd. We will be painting impressionistic oils with the lovely and talented Ilona Smith Roycekin. Come by any day you can 9-1 weekdays $45 a day or $150. for the week. Oil painting lessons with a famous TV artist! She will be here this week and next, pay by the day or the week. Bring your art supplies, oil paints, small canvas (or a few) and bristle brushes # 1,2,3,4,5 and an old brush you can scrumble with. Dress warm and or in layers.. . just in case, we go outside to paint. You will have fun, Ilona is very interesting; look forward to seeing you there.

For further information, directions or to sign up; call Ilona at Sandra's 803-787-9617

HP vs17e 17" Flat-Panel LCD Monitor For Sale

with integrated stereo speakers built in plug and play, works great, all cords available.

$75. or best offer. Call 803-546-4612 leave a message; for a return call, can't always answer phone, but can always return calls. Near USC. COLUMBIA, SC

Thursday, October 1, 2009

Richland County Public Library on Assembly St.

Inspired by Coffee"
The library will host artist Jean Bourque and her unique artwork on display on the lower level rotunda. The show will feature all NEW works by the artist. Most of the artworks are 30x20 with a few smaller ones and a few larger ones. They are all for sale. The title of the show is "Inspired by Coffee".
Bourque says this show is all about Coffee. Many of the pieces were inspired by that first morning cup and in most of them coffee has actually been used as a medium for marking the canvas. The coffee filters were dropped on , left to dry and made various stains in some and in others hot black coffee was dripped, stained, left to sit on the actual canvas, and or allowed to drip dry or sun dry.
Coffee in full caffeinated versions and the bolder the better are a true requirement while working on my many assemblages in the artistic world. It is my hope that the viewers will relate to the coffee experience and delight in the wonders of coffee as I have enjoyed producing this work and with that said...I am off to have another cup of Coffee.
The library show will start Oct. 12th and run through Dec. 2nd.

Contemporary Stools in Silver For sale

2 tall lightweight contemporary stools in silver color, coud easily be sprayed another color; excellent condition $90. or B/O for the Pair. Call 803-546-4612, near USC; would work great with the new higher bistro and/or gathering tables; as well as high counter tops and bars. Call 803-546-4612; near USC. That is a standard 36 inch yard stick behind the chairs so you can get an idea how tall they are.

HP Color Printer works well For sale

Hp printer photosmart 7350, works excellent software compatible with windows xp and me, and windows 98 and 2000. Used minimally... only $50. call 803-546-4612 leave a message, may not be bale to answer phone, but can return calls. In USC area, near downtown.

Frame of Mind: Jean Bourque Art until Tues 10/6

"jagged edges' c oil painting 36 x 24, on linen
with black painted wood rail trim frame; by Jean Bourque

"getting it together" 20 x 16 mixed media on canvas uf

The work of this celebrated "Your's Truly" blogger Jean Bourque aka artist painter, etc. Jeanee have been on show at Frame of Mind on Main St. Columbia, SC USA across from the Columbia Art Museum, from Sept 1 until Oct. 6th. If you haven't made it to the downtown venue and want to see Jean's art you have today, Friday and early Tuesday to get a view before it is gone. If you had thought about making a purchase; you simply need to call Frame of Mind at 803-988-1065 and let Mark or Wendy know which pieces you would like to purchase and they will hold them for you with a card over the phone. The store is closed Sat. Sun. and Mon. but if you have special needs please call or email them or the artist and an alternative may be worked out.

Unearth at Saluda Shoals Park Starts today

A Celebration of Naturally Inspired Art
at Saluda Shoals Park

An annual celebration of the arts showcasing visual, performing and literary arts. Visitors are invited to immerse themselves in art, nature and the creative process. Art demonstrations and instruction, poetry reading, a variety of musical and dance performances and a songwriting competition will engage visitors in a unique art experience.

This year, unearth will include:

Thursday (10/1)
Songwriting Workshop 1:00-5:00 p.m.
Join us for a Songwriting Workshop with local musician, Danielle Howle. Learn how music is inspired by nature as well as techniques in solar recording. Hosted in partnership with Musician & Songwriters Guild of SC to register call 772-1228. Cost is $10.00 ($5.00 for Guild Members).

Food, Art & Business Market 5:00 p.m.
An evening event featuring talented artists, delicious food and unique business. Hosted in partnership with Irmo Chamber of Commerce.

Friday (10/2)
Shaggin' on the Shoals 6:00 p.m.
Put your shaggin’ shoes on and join us for Shaggin’ on the Shoals. This fundraising event features music by The Dick Goodwin Band and great food as we dance the night away on the Environmental Center deck. $35 per person in advance/$40 per person at the door

Saturday (10/3)
The Palmetto Mastersingers Concert 6:00 p.m.
Bring a picnic and enjoy an evening performance by the Palmetto Mastersingers featuring The Dick Goodwin Band. Please remember to bring blankets and chairs! $5 parking fee

Sunday (10/4)
A Day of Art at Saluda Shoals Park 1:00 p.m.
A Nature-Inspired Celebration of Art. Experience the creative process as artists share their talents in a natural setting. The afternoon features painters, sculptors, poets, dancers, and musicians creating and performing along the Park’s trails. Unearth concludes with a concert by the Lake Murray Symphony. Please remember to bring blankets and chairs! $5 parking fee

This event is presented by the Saluda Shoals Foundation and Irmo Chapin Recreation
Commission in partnership with Blue Cross Blue Shield of South Carolina, Lexington Medical Center, the Irmo Chamber of Commerce, and the Musician & Songwriters Guild of South Carolina.

Contact us:Dolly PattonSaluda Shoals Foundation Executive Directordpatton@icrc.net803.213.2035
unearth Call for Artists
Amateur Photography Contest
unearth School Participation
Sample Photo Release form
unearth in the news!
unearth Partners
unearth Performance Schedule

Learning Arabic ; not so easy

we have in arabic language 28 letters and they are : أ (alef),ب (baa),ت (taa),ث ( thaa),ج (jeem),ح (haa),خ (khaa),د (daal),ذ (thaal),ر (raa),ز (zaai),س (seen),ش (sheen),ص (saad),ض (daad),ط (ttaa),ظ (zaa),ع (ain),غ (ghain),ف (faa),ق (gaaf),ك (kaaf),ل (laam),م (meem),ن (noon),ه (haa),و (waa),ي (yaa)ok lets start in arabic hello mean : marhaba (مرحبا)welcome mean : aafwan(عفواً)

Thanks to Hanowo :-)

Wednesday, September 23, 2009

Recap ART Shows and Tomorrow night at Avanti

Come out to Avanti Showroom for the Breast Cancer Silent Art Auction from 5-9 PM Thursday Sept 24th; on Huger St. in Columbia, SC I been busy in the art world these days and happy to be back in the Columbia art Scene after showing in several countries, NYC and Charleston. What's really been wonderful is being back in SC started my show season off with a storm in Charleston; a two woman show, I cooked up with Jean Ehler, the month of August entitled "A Pair of Jeans; Opposing Viewpoints". What sold this show was the idea of two women named Jean working together and studying for over ten years under the same artist, Ilona Royce Smithken, having similar penmanship yet entirely different artistic styles. It went well, it was nice to see the display of our works all on canvas in mostly oils on opposing walls. We each did an oil painting portrait of the other and I even did a fairly realistic rendition of Jean, instead of my typical stylized woman. Much to every one's surprise. I must say Jean was an excellent model as she really could sit still for long periods of time. (unlike my ADD self...LOL; no I don't have an AD disorder but I feel like it when forced to sit in one spot; although by the second day, I did learn to zone out)
My next show also a two woman show; I proposed with Barbie Mathis. Barbie is a national watercolorist that specializes in flowers using multiple layers of atmospheric washes. She also is an excellent photographer. Over the years she has taken photographs of flowers as she finds them and has developed quite an eye for composition and a true talent for finding interesting angles to show us something new within the botanicals she films. We both included a small sampling of our photography on 16x20 framed formats, mine are close ups of butterflies on flowers and quite enchanting.
Our show is currently on going at Frame of Mind on Main St in Columbia, SC across from the Columbia Museum of Art in the heart of the SC state capital and just down the street from the capital building for the state of South Carolina. This show runs until Sept 30th, so you only have a few days left to take a look. My work is featured as you walk into the building the entire floor is all work by me. These works range from mixed media abstracts, to oil paintings, photography, collage, and acrylics. I didn't show any watercolors or drawings in this show and only one pure fiber art and one mixed media with fiber art. Fifteen new painted pieces where created specifically for this show. The pieces in this show are entirely different than what I showed in the Pair of Jeans Show. Many people commented on the mixed media pieces I did that were in burnt sienna with female images hauntingly appearing from the background.
Tomorrow night I will be returning to show at Avanti Designer Showroom where I had shown my work from 2003 -2004. We are part of a fundraiser for breast cancer and I am honored to participate again in such an event to raise money for such an important cause. There will be a silent auction in which the pieces represented are 100% donated by the artists for breast cancer. In addition each artist will have pieces on display and for sale not in the auction; of which 15% will also be donated to the cause. The fundraiser will run from 5-9PM Thursday 9/24/09 at Avanti Showroom on Huger St. Columbia; near Strong Hold Gym. Come on out and support a great Charity and your local artists as well as visiting Avanti Designer showroom; home of beautiful fine furniture.
Yours truly;
Jean Bourque

Monday, September 7, 2009

Copy of Art Exchange newsletter

Click the link
Take a look around;
if u like subscribe...if not
no problem...yours truly

Art World Edits on Marcelo Novo Show & Ballet

On Aug. 27th, a Thursday evening I attended the 80808 Clay show. I was amazed at how many events were going on that night. The event I wanted most to go to was the one at 701 Whaley Building and Gallery with Lorrie Rivers, talented singer and featured performer. The event was afundraiswer for Ms. Rivers who is now attending school in London, to enhance her speech and dramatic skills. Due to an unforeseen emergency nature type of event I sadly missed.

The clay show was certainly interesting. I love to expand my world and meet new people, being a big extrovert I can't help it. However, I am terrible with names and not picking up a program or collecting business cards certainly didn't help. If we meet again, please remind me where we met and what your name is. My fave in the show was a big red bowl and I heard rumors that one of my artistic peers purchased it. Good for you Susan! :) The works I felt the most bonding with were photographs of these enormous tree trunks and its so significant because I had seen a magnificent one just a day earlier and had wished I had gotten it on my digital. Didn't even occur to me when I saw it. BUT later I was like; wow I had my cam in the trunk...I could have captured that.

Lively conversations with many talented artists are always worth my time. Several of my favorite local artists and writers were in attendance and we greeted each other and shared news of upcoming artistic events. Things I learned that night: Undefined will no longer be a magazine it will be a semi annual book with a fall issue and spring issue. It will be for sale and it will be a great copy to have with many fine featured artists and writers. (I was not selected as one of the fine artists, however I may be a guest writer) Cindi Boiter will be writing some of the stories. Lee Mont is one of the artists in it. Alicia Leeke will be having a show at Frame of Mind in October.

Marcelo Novo will be having a show at "if Art" Gallery on Lincoln St. in Columbia, SC, USA. The reception is Fri. Sept. 18th from 6-9 PM. He has been working on a "map" series and this work truly sounds brilliant. It's always fascinating to listen to other artists describe their work. No question, he is passionate about this work. I was intrigued and asked the obvious... did you use real maps? He tells me yes and I really have made a commitment to see the show. He works from his head and doesn't do anything in advance. I like that, I work that way too.
He also tells me he has worked in collaboration with Miriam Barbosa on a ballet named "Catharsis" and they will have a one night show on Thursday Sept 17th at 7PM at the Koger Center on Assembly St. Columbia, SC.
Looking forward to it...

yours truly Jeanee xx

Saturday, September 5, 2009

Windows on the Vista in the Rain

Many of the paintings by Jean Bourque have obscure themes. But then many have realistic themes and are grounded in reality. Take "Windows" for example. The concept of windows has come up many times in my work and I liken the idea to that of Doors. No, they are not the same thing , but in each I have some thing that is not the object as in a Window or Door that I also think of as windows. My example here should be obvious to any PC user. LOL!
Windows.... I have sold all the windows I have done to date, including Windows 98 and Windows 2000. This one is still available. It is a museum quality canvas with over a one inch thick mount and is 30 inches by 24 inches. I think of it as Windows on the Vista in the Rain.
Yours Truly

Thursday, September 3, 2009

Sept 10 Art Reception Jeanee and Barbie at FOM

Art Reception, Columbia, SC ~ Sept 10 from 6 until 9 PM. Join us at Frame of Mind on Main St. Columbia, SC (across from the Columbia Museum of Art) for their monthly foray into the world of art and entertainment as they present two very talented and diverse artists. This optical shop owned by Mark and Wendy Plessinger has really raised the bar in optical selections with unique and trendy frames from all over Europe and the world. Truly a must see for those of you that can't see. (well)

Jean Bourque an international artist originally from Cape Cod and Northern California exemplifies the free spirited lifestyle typical of one growing up in touristy areas. Her work is far from standard and many that have followed her say she has a definite style that is clearly her own. Her works have been compared to Miro, Kandinsky and Van Gogh with influences of Frida Kahlo and Georgia O'keefe sometimes noted. Other works have been compared to contemporary artists such as Peter Max, Tom Wesselmann, and Steven Beveridge. Growing up with a grandfather that was an oil painter and a drummer; she has a true love and appreciation for music and musicians and having a Mom that was an actress and singer as well as visual artist certainly gave little Jeanee a massive dose of art exposure. Her works will be featured on the first floor.

Barbie Smith Mathis is an award winning watercolorist that has developed a national following when her art was selected by a commercial print house and her paintings were made into prints and sold at department stores throughout the country. Barbie is best known for her florals and botanicals which are rendered very realistically. She also is an accomplished calligrapher and illustrator, her works will be featured on the second floor. Bourque and Mathis have been working together the last few years on altered books, ebay, setting up displays, web site design, photography, PR and social networking. This show brings their many talents together under one venue. The show Fall Flowers will run the entire month of September.

Friday, August 14, 2009

Art Shows past...Jean Bourque Archive

Mondrian influences
and inspires
my work at times
as do other artists

Both of these are by Jean Bourque door sold Jagged Edges by Jean Bourque 36x24 on canvas
oil painting

Monday, August 10, 2009

Happy Birthday to all My August Birthday Peeps


SUBMERGED c an Oil Painting by Jean Bourque
16x20 on pre-stretched canvas on wood underframe, wired for immediate hanging

The Birthday Gift
While being on Facebook, using the connections that I have developed from it; I have expanded my international artistic reach. I truly know artists from all over the world, as well as galleries, venues, exhibits, museums, fairs and the fascinating world of LIVE auctions.
There has been a multitude of people having birthdays this past weekend all over the world and many of them are my friends.

Happy Birthday... to all you August born friends!!!!
you would have to be a very active person to keep up with me...

Monday, August 3, 2009

Barbie Mathis Beginner Water Color starts Sept 2

The Village Artists Upcoming Classes 631-8 Promenade Place (next door to Panera Bread off Clemson road)In the Village at Sandhill 803-699-8886 Columbia, SC 29229. Registration forms and supply lists are available at the Village Artist Gallery. Watercolor painting shown by Barbie Mathis is "Three in a Row".

Barbie Mathis presents Beginner Watercolour : 6 weeks $100.

Sept 2 to Oct 7 Wednesdays 10 am to 12:30 PM 6 weeks; Award winning artist Barbie Mathis offers classes in beginner watercolor. Join Barbie at the Sandhills Gallery for classes in the bascis of watercolor.

Monday, July 6, 2009

Local and Global; My Art World Commentary

hi there...

you may have noticed artsails1 has pretty much been off the blog radar since mid April. You could call it being in major super learning mode...through self educating and much time, research and effort on the web the past few months, I have learned a lot. I created an art website for another artist, I developed a blog for another company and have done art on white boards in video games and have a video game art presence. I am a little less burned out after a vacation in NYC. The world is filled with so many creative people!

The newspapers have let departments go and long time staff writers, no longer enjoy a steady paycheck with a (formerly) major employer. A print magazine with features of local artists was developed a couple years ago and I agreed to an ongoing paid writing assignment online. The print media is about to become far as the arts scene goes. As many retailers and businesses struggled to keep their doors open; the bottom literally fell out of print advertising. The world no longer reads the daily paper or even the weekly....people are doing everything online not just news and research but even event planning, socializing, making friends and many are reconnecting with people from their past as well as creating a future with a vast array of contacts from all over the world.

When I started my wasn't a new thing for the world but many of my friends had no idea what a blog was or why I would write one when I already had a website for over 10 years. Much to my surprise, it was one of the first art blogs in my area. Today, I am happy to report that more local artists are online creating blogs and posting their paintings and if they don't actually have their very own website, they are at least on Facebook and/or Myspace and some are even in the professional site of LinkedIn and a few are even on Twitter. While some have found facebook and myspace applications a great way to connect with people by using games such as Small World, Yoville and Second Life. Artists are creating online art communities and demonstrating their own version of an actually made in application, digital art gallery. Yours truly has hand created 12 paintings in Yoville and these are all part of my online presence, as an artist. (My Yoville is a Facebook app)

With an entry to any of these worlds; be it your own blog, website and /or social networking; you are here to stay... you are stating your relevance. You are sharing your art, people want to know about you and your art. They want to feel that you are accessible. I am accessible; talk to me, connect with me, sign up to be my friend or follow my blog or tweets ... I'll be seeing you again soon.
Yours Truly,

Friday, April 17, 2009

About Face Preview of Museum Show April 18

Many thanks to all The About Face Artists that extended their hospitality to me when I popped in to preview their work for the Big gala to be held April 18th at the Columbia Museum of Art on Main St. Columbia SC. For further details about the Soiree du Soleil Gala just click it.

The close up painting shown is by Bonnie Goldberg, one of my favorite local artists. The silhouette of the city in the background was painting by David West and various art work is shown on the wall here by the About Face Artists.
The event is sure to be talked about by one and all attendees as it is in conjunction with the wonderful Turner to Cezanne exhibit currently showing at the Main St, Gallery in Columbia, SC.

Wednesday, April 15, 2009

Columbia Museum of Art Soiree April 18th, 7PM

The Columbia Museum of Art will be hosting the

Soiree du Soleil Gala

April 18, 2009 7 PM to midnight


The Columbia Museum of Art

There are a number of artists that have been involved behind the scenes and they have a little village set up featuring the work of these artists as well as the wonderful Turner to Cezanne impressionistic Paintings that are currently showing at the Museum. This is a show not to miss!

The featured artists are from the About Face Artists' Group; Bonnie Goldberg, Michel McNinch, Taryn Shekitka-West, David West, Kirkland Smith, Martha Thomas, John Quirk, Warren Brussee, David Phillips, Jim Finch, Darcie Foust, Ryan McClendon, Dan Greshel, Brad Anderson, Hannah Tveden, Howard Hunt, Mary Ann Haven, Franklin Miller, Charlie Adams, Bonnie Shiah and Barbara Yongue.
Picture above mural by Kirkland Smith and Martha Thomas

Wednesday, April 1, 2009

Jeff Liberty Plays at Lulabelles Fri. April 3

Columbia, SC Coming to Lulabelle's for a repeat performance

Friday April 3, 2009 (outside if the weather's right) 7PM

(just off Harbison Blvd. across the street from Ryan's)

Jeff Liberty will be playing the blues again at Lulabelles. For all of you that missed this performer the last time around you have another chance to listen to the hot scorching blues; played by Columbia's best blues man; Mr. Jeff Liberty! If you have heard him before, you know what I am talking about. This guy can really play that guitar and sing, too. I was truly blown away by his original songs as well as his performances of blues favorites.

You have to hear "Girl Next Door" or "It Feels Like Rain" and you too will be blown away by such sheer genius. Jeff keeps the audience as he switches gears to a funny little dialectic he wrote about an obsessive woman; "If you ain't crazy, why do you go crazy, every time; I call you crazy?" This is done in a fun light hearted way and Jeff does a little narrative setting the song up. Another one he sets up well through narrative his true to life song called; "Disturbin' the Peace". To sample Jeff Liberty's music and see what all the excitement is about check out his website at

See ya' at Lulabelles.

Yours truly;


Saturday, March 21, 2009

Columbia Museum of Art Event news

Columbia Museum of Art from my email box....

Turner to Cézanne and SCETV
See the story of the Davies sisters and get a behind-the-scenes look at the art and the National Museum of Wales in an ETV special documentary on Wed March 25 at 7:00 PM and Sun March 29 at 3:30 PM. The program, filmed partially in Wales, features Oliver Fairclough, keeper of the art at the Museum of Wales, Lord and Lady David Davies, Anne Oldham, librarian at Gregynog, and Bradford Collins of the USC Art Department. The SCETV Web site will feature an online image gallery accompanied by audio and video podcasts featuring commentary by Oliver Fairclough and Mike Tooby from the National Museum of Wales.

Lecture: Revolution in Paint Sunday, March 22
3:00 p.m.North Carolina Museum of Art conservator Perry Hurt presents a slide-illustrated lecture exploring 19th-century French painting and the innovations of the Impressionists, with special emphasis on their choice of pigments. Free with admission or membership.

Contemporaries Annual Oyster Roast on Boyd PlazaWednesday, March 25
5:30 – 7:30 PM. John Cusastis provides interactive entertainment as guests enjoy beer and oysters. In the event of rain, the oyster roast will be rescheduled. $5 or free for Contemporaries members.

Performance: Isla St. Clair Friday, March 27 7:00 p.m.Isla St. Clair, one of Scotland's foremost traditional singers, performs songs complimenting Turner to Cézanne: Masterpieces of the Davies Collection, National Museum Wales. St. Clair is known for the depth of feeling she brings to her country's music, and her performance is a mix of classic and contemporary songs spiced with humorous anecdotes. $7 or $5 for members.

Please forward this e-mail to a friend! Email Marketing by Columbia Museum of Art Main at Hampton Columbia SC 29201

Jeff Liberty Videos

For music by Jeff Liberty; At the bottom of the front page of this blog at there are videos. These will give you a sample of the music played by Jeff Liberty. Click on one of the first three photos to listen to Jeff Liberty playing guitar and singing the blues.

Hope you enjoy;
yours truly;

701 Whaley St Poetry Reading Sunday March 22

Delight at the renovations sported by the building at 701 Whaley St in Columbia's Mill Village. The turn of the century architectural style of the original building now with a facelift and an interior renovation is worth noting.

(artwork by Jean Bourque
mixed media oil pastels and markers
on paper, c 2005)

At 2 PM on Sunday March 22 their poet in residence Cathy Smith Bowers of Queens University, Charlotte, will be reciting her latest works @ 701 CENTER FOR CONTEMPORARY ART
Poetry reading and book signing; Part of the Working Poems and Stories Series, Artistic Director: Quitman Marshall.
Admission: $5 go to the 2nd floor this Sunday, March 22nd
Cathy Smith Bowers—has "been published in the ...." "The Love that Ended Yesterday in Texas" an award-winner. Cathy grew up in upstate SC and "moved out of it with literature, but always looks back, believing, as she says, that “the essence of our lives is story.” A long-time poet-in-residence at Queens University in Charlotte, she received the Fuqua Distinguished Educator Award there in 2003. "

"Quitman Marshall, a Columbia native living in Beaufort, SC coordinated the Sundown Poetry Series at the Piccolo Spoleto Festival in the 1990s, a role which ultimately led to the founding of the Literary Series at Spoleto Festival USA. He's a former chair of the Board of Governors of the SC Academy of Authors and a founding board member of the SC Book Festival. He has published three chapbooks and is currently working on a book of poetry, a narrative and a novel. Marshall has studied across the country with Henry Taylor, Howard Nemerov, James Tate, David Ignatow and Charles Simic. In 1996 he won the Writers Exchange Award sponsored by Poets & Writers, Inc."

About 701 Center for Contemporary Art
701 Center for Contemporary Art (CCA) is a non-profit visual arts center that promotes understanding, appreciation and enjoyment of contemporary art, the creative process and the role of art and artists in the community. The center also encourages interaction between visual arts and other art forms. The Center is located at 701 Whaley Street, Columbia, SC 29201. For more information, visit Upcoming in the 701 CCA Working Poems and Stories Series: Earl Braggs, Michael Chitwood, Ron Rash & George Singleton.
For further inquiries, contact or call 803.238.2351.

Columbia Late Night Food in the Vista; NOT

Okay, occassionally even the most positive girl you know has a pet peeve and here is mine; delivered hopefully with a sense of humor and nostalgia. Hope it makes you laugh and if not; oh well; too bad.

Columbia SC Vista downtown; I have one pet peeve. You see the other night, Tuesday night me and a friend had gone to the poetry slam at Art Bar and we both wanted to get a bite to eat, after. Well, we knew restaurants closed early on week nights so we left about 9:30 PM, thinking we still had about a half hour to get something to eat. We went by a couple places including a pizza place which by all rights should be open until 11 PM and found everything was closed. We ended up at the IHOP. Okay; it was a Tuesday night.

It reminded me of an incident from a few years ago. Me and a couple friends had been to the play Oklahoma; on Memorial weekend 2005. Being a bit nostalgic and running into the same dilemma again in 2009...jogged my memory. True this is a real pet peeve if it continues to plague me; surely others are aggravated by this as well.

We are in the Vista in the capital city on Memorial weekend I thought surely the wings place would be open. Oh yes; we got in the front door; but what's this; the kitchen is closed. It's not even 11Pm and there are two guys standing behind us; they over hear this and ask me; where can we get something to eat? That clearly translates into 5 customers lost and that was only in the one minute window of time; who knows how many people really wanted to eat at 10:45 on a Saturday night of Memorial weekend in Columbia SC, vista downtown?

I thought for sure the wine and tapas place would be serving until at least 1 AM being a Saturday night and all. I told the two guys that and off they went. We too, decided what the heck ; tapas was better than nothing ; but no; as we arrived our two guys (who were actually quite loaded) said they were told the place was closing. We checked with the place anyway, noticing their mental state and sure enough the place was closing. UGH!

Now; I am really upset. We had rushed to the play running late from some other artistic venue and not only was I starving, so were my friends. So it's IHOP; that's it. No other choices? There is something pretty pathetic about a capital city closing up the sidewalks on a holiday weekend so you can't even get a decent meal unless you fit into the magic window of timing. Note to self; must remember eating time has to be before 10:30PM.

NEW note to self on weeknights must eat by 9PM if planning to be at an event in the Vista.
I rea lize this may not be a big deal to many people, but for someone that eats out for most every meal; it is a real big deal. If I cannot find a place to eat; it's not like I can go home and cook something decent. My choices at home are cereal and microwave so by comparision IHOP looks pretty good!

With Love and Gratitude;
yours truly,

Monday, March 16, 2009

Elmwood Park Tour of Homes Artists wanted

From my mail box:

Tour of Homes art showings; Deadline is this weekend.
Just a reminder for this year's tour. I have heard from some of you already and for those of you who are still considering being a part of the artists on the porches this year, please let me know by this weekend if possible.

Looking forward to hearing from you.

Mark Brown
EPNA Artist Coordinator

Artists Wanted for West Columbia Riverwalk

Artists Needed The City of West Columbia is seeking twenty-five local visual artists to exhibit/sell during this year's festival. We are seeking talented individuals to participate in the 3rd Annual Riverwalk Music Festival, a free concert and art show. Last year, brought together local, established musicians and gifted artists in a beautiful atmosphere. Join us this year to be part of a dynamic, cultural experience. The free concert will take place on April 18, 2009 at the West Columbia Riverwalk Amphitheater from 2-9pm and will have Rob Crosby and Lauren Lucas performing as well as others. The Artist's Courtyard will be set up in the paved parking lot area. Space is limited to twenty-five artists, so please reserve your place as slots are filling quickly. The City of West Columbia will provide a light refreshment area for the artists. Artists are encouraged to work on site. We encourage artists to sell prints, however, all artwork at the festival must be “G” rated, suitable for children to view, as this venue is open to the public. The fee for this year's event is $20 and a table will be provided though you may bring an extra one if your merchandise demands additional display area. Due to space limitation, tables must be no bigger than 6 feet long. Space is limited and payment will secure your spot. Artists who are interested in participating need to send a sample of their artwork via email or provide a website address for viewing. Some artists have needed to meet with me in person and I am happy to make arrangements if necessary. Thank you for your interest, Roxanne Mockabee Arts Coordinator Email: Phone: (803) 920-3735 Official Website:

Artists friends that did this event last year tell me they really had a lot of fun. Thanks for sending it along to us.

Yours truly
Jean Bourque

Monday, March 2, 2009

Claude Buckley Art at Frame of Mind March 5

frame of mind will be hosting the artist Claude Buckley. The reception will be on Thursday March 5th on Main St right across from the Art Museum in Columbia. More details later.

The Artfull Bra Reception March 5, 6-9PM

The Artfull Bra Fundraiser
Thursday March 5, 2009

at The Gallery at DuPRE
Reception 6:00pm - 9:00pm
807 Gervais St. Columbia, SC

View Map

Sunday, February 22, 2009

Roller Derby Sun March 1 Jamil Temple Columbia

Beware The Thighs of March is the catchy little phrase advertising the next Roller Derby event to be held March 1 at the Jamil Temple off St. Andrews Rd on Jamil Rd. which is the Frontage Rd. running between St. Andrews Rd. and Piney Grove Rd.

Our Roller Derby women here put on a great show last month with a huge stomping when the creamed the out of town team. Now if you have never been to a Roller Derby bout let me warn you; do not sit on the floor at the corners as you may get run over! If you like the rumble action maybe you should sign up to be a ref; I hear they are often recruiting.

If you like tail gating you will love the event pre-bout in the parking lot. If not; come on in and enjoy the people watching. Like no other event the crowd truly runs the gamut from blue haired punks to blue haired old ladies and everything in between. Seriously I was amazed at the huge variety in types of people here.

They do have food, snacks, soda, water and beer for your dining and drinking pleasure.
Bout starts at 6:3o pm; doors open at 5:30 admission $12. at the door. Free parking. After party at Bawa Oyster; former home to cousin Bill's behind Waffle House on St. Andrews Rd. Columbia.

FL- Tradition/Innovation Coming to SC Sept 2009

Tradition/Innovation: American Masterpieces of Southern Craft and Traditional Art opens at the Pensacola Museum of Art with a reception on February 27 from 6-8pm.
NOTE: This event will be coming to Sumter, SC in Sept and Oct. 2009!

Tradition/Innovation will remain on display in Pensacola through April 25.
Opening remarks will be made by Southern Arts Federation Deputy Director, Mollie Lakin-Hayes, and Florida Division of Cultural Affairs member, Lois Benson. Artist Barbara Meloy will provide a basket-weaving demonstration. The event is sponsored by Drs. Martha and Joseph LoCicero. Tradition/Innovation: American Masterpieces of Southern Craft & Traditional Art is a project of the Southern Arts Federation, and is supported in part by an award from the National Endowment for the Arts, which believes that a great nation deserves great art.

Rhythm and Roots Southern Music Traditions

Rhythm & Roots, Southern Music Traditions is the first SAF exhibit to feature music and musicians from the South. Utilizing text panels, artifacts, fieldwork, photographs, and sound recordings, the exhibit provides context for music traditions and their relationship to community. The exhibit features an audio component that allows museum visitors to experience the voices and music of Southern music traditions.While the South has a rich tradition of deeply rooted music forms-Appalachian, Blues, Bluegrass, Cajun, Country and Gospel among them. The region is also home to numerous transplanted music traditions. Music from Asian, Caribbean, Latino and Native American communities is constantly evolving and flourishing in new environments. Visit the Rhythm & Roots:
Photo Gallery
For Rhythm & Roots booking information visit
or call (404) 874-7244 x 28.

Indiegrrl Womens Music Festival 2009

Blue Ridge Mountains, GA 2/21/2009

Jonica Gap Campground proudly presents

"Indiegrrl Fest 2009"!!
June 19 & 20, 2009
A Music and Arts festival in the GA Mountains
Reserve your tickets now, call 706-374-5465. tell them artsails1 sent you! For two days of music, comedy and more. Festival presented by Indiegrrl Women in the Arts, a non profit association; raising money for cancer research. Visit the websites; click for complete details at:
Listen to great music; enjoy the vendor booths and have fun in the mountains of GA!
Yours Truly;

What is Folk Art- Upcoming Exhibit by SAF

Folk A.R.T. IS*

(Folk) A.R.T. IS* is an artifact-based exhibit that features the work of 21 self-taught artists from nine Southern states. Through various media including painting, textiles, and woodcarving, these individuals illustrate their artistic vision and spiritual journeys, document social and political issues, and share memories of family and home.

Their work is often referred to as "visionary" or "outsider" art because it does not typically fall within the parameters of fine or contemporary art. Through text panels and photographs, exhibit visitors will learn about the artists' inspiration, and the context in which they work.
Visit the (Folk) A.R.T. Is* Photo Gallery or Exhibit Specifications and Pricing

Supporting materials include a 60-minute documentary film, All Rendered Truth, produced by Patrick Long, and exhibit catalog. Original art for this exhibit is from the extensive collection of Scott Blackwell, founder of the Folk Artist's Foundation in Flat Rock, North Carolina. This tour of (Folk) A.R.T. IS* is developed in partnership with the Folk Artist's Foundation and Center for Craft, Creativity and Design, a regional public service center of The University of North Carolina, in Hendersonville, North Carolina.

Saturday, February 21, 2009

Columbia call for Artists - Tour of Homes

Call For Artists
The Historic Elmwood Park Neighborhood Association will celebrate its 28th Tour of Homes & Gardens on Saturday, April 18th, 2009. As part of the festivities, Elmwood Park will highlight the arts through display, demonstration and interactive artistic events. Artists will have the opportunity to display their work in historic homes, on shaded porches, or in the neighborhood park while thousands of people experience the tour. Artists will display their work, sell their work, and create work on-site as they desire.

There are no exhibit fees or sales commissions associated with exhibiting at the Elmwood Park Tour of Homes Art Exhibit. Painters, sculptors, textile artists, photographers, jewelry makers, and any other form of the arts are welcome. Don’t miss this opportunity to showcase your work at one of Columbia’s most unique, emerging arts venues.

If you are interested in showcasing your work in this setting, please contact Mark Brown at 733-1620, or via email at, by Friday, March 6th, 2009. Space is limited so you will be requested to send digital photographs of at least three examples of your work for a jury selection process. Upon selection, all artists will be notified and a coordination meeting set up between homeowner host and artist. Thanks in advance for your consideration

Sunday, February 15, 2009

Columbia SC Painting Day Sat 2/21 Invitation

COME PAINT WITH Columbia artists and have lunch too

We will paint at the Columbia Historic Houses on Saturday 21 February, 2009. We will meet on the corner of Taylor Street and Henderson Street, right across the street from Township Auditorium at 10:00 AM. Dave Phillips will be leaving the museum parking lot at 9:50 AM. We start later than usual because the grounds at the Historic Houses do not open until 10:00 AM. We will work until 12:30 PM, hold our critique, and adjourn to Di Prato's, which is located at 342 Pickens Street. Someone will lead us there, if you don't know the way. Di Prato's is a great place to eat and we usually can all hear each other at the table, so, the fellowship is good too. Join us if you can.

Runaway Runway Fashion Columbia

Many of you may remember last year's Runaway Runway Fashion show made of recycled items hosted by the Columbia Design League which was a huge success. A few timing glitches and a little dispute between the host Rhett Anders and the hostess, drag queen Lady Chablis were caught on film and I am sharing that with you here. I still think Jillian Owens was the clear winner. Perhaps a better way of scoring; maybe electronic ballets would insure the winner getting the winner title and prizes. Can't wait to see this year's crop of talented designers!

Warning: Explicit verbage on the clip.

Saturday, February 14, 2009

Lily Allen New CD slated to be number one in USA

Lily Allen the charming British Pop Singer that got her start as an independent on myspace is soon to be breaking number one with her latest CD on American Soul. She tells us she is really excited as she has never had a number one not even in England. Her last CD "Alright Still" I purchased as soon as it hit the market and I have been listening to it all week while travelling the Southern Roads working.

This week; when I hit the road for Charleston SC I simply must stop first at a shop and get the new CD. It will be such fun driving about and listening to her latest tunes on "It's Not Me, It's You".

Give her a listen at:
WARNING EXPLICIT LYRICS : Although she looks sweet and the radio has made her music sound like its bubble gum pop; her lyrics are quite explicit so, if you are easily offended or would prefer not to hear the f word and others than perhaps you shouldn't listen.

Do you see what I see? Coastal Photography

Photography by Jean Bourque

The water was still as I shot this scene, but in a short time a boat came speeding by and broke the beautiful silence of the moment. I love the way this photo came out because it looks like the water goes on to eternity as it melts into the heavens above. The clouds are soothing and the lone palm tree makes a majestic statement on the backdrop of blue. I purposely left the fencing in the photo as an additional visual cue to add meaning to the shot. I hope you can see what I see and enjoy a beautiful day on the Eastern coast of Florida, USA. Happy Valentines Day.

yours truly

Jean Bourque

Roller Derby Sun March 1 Columbia Quad Squad

Laurent Bourque Worth a Listen

Great new music by independent label Laurent Bourque of Montreal Canada.

Click and enjoy.
Yours truly;
Jean Bourqe

Friday, February 13, 2009

Tai Chi Mastery Workshop Columbia SC

Tai Chi Mastery February 21, day and evening sessions

A Special Workshop by Master Eric Sbarge in Columbia, SC

The workshop will be held at the Columbia Tai Chi Center, 2910 Rosewood Dr., Columbia, SC, the school of Peaceful Dragon student, Sifu Wes Adams, and is perfect for beginners and advanced, old and young alike.

Session I: 9:30am-4:30pmEssential Tai Chi Health and Energy Building MethodsThrough lecture, discussion and hands-on applications you'll gain a thorough understanding of Tai Chi's key philosophical principles and how to put them directly to work for your own health and well-being. Emphasis will be on perfecting your posture, smoothing transitions between movements, and refining tui shou (push hands) patterns.

Session II: 6:00pm-9:30pmTai Chi Self-Defense and Combat Applications

You'll learn principles, strategies and methods to maximize your inherent power, and minimize your disadvantages. See how positioning and leverage allow you to make the most of your physical and energetic power.

About Master Eric SbargeMaster Sbarge is the director and head instructor of The Peaceful Dragon in Charlotte, NC, the largest center for tai chi, Shaolin kung fu, Chinese yoga and Zen meditation in the Carolinas. In 2005 he was inducted into the United States Martial Arts Hall of Fame as Outstanding Kung Fu Master.

Workshop Tuition: Space is limited; this is a first come, first served event. Register right away to ensure your spot. Payments by Cash Only.

Session I only: General Public $130; A.C.C.S. affiliated student $90. Session I and II combined: General Public $180; A.C.C.S. affiliated student $120. After February 10, add $15. (A 50% non-refundable deposit required to hold your reservation. Sorry, no refunds under any circumstances unless event is cancelled by Columbia Tai Chi Center).

Columbia Tai Chi Center On Rosewood is near the Publix Store.

Wednesday, February 11, 2009

Would you go Bald to Save a Child?

St. Baldrick's Shaving heads to help raise awareness for kids and childhood cancer research

Okay...This is about something that is near and dear to many of us; Kids. Right! we love kids and kids are the future. Please read this and think about participating and donating to a very good cause. One of my brothers (Ron) had cancer as a child and he is now in his 40's. So; he lived to tell about it; I hope all kids can. He survived 3 years of treatments, operations, hospital life and radiation. Our family survived the long commutes to Boston General with community support and I hope everyone will show their support for a great cause so more kids can live to tell their story!

Saturday 3/21 at Jillian's in the Vista starting at 1 and going until as long as it takes!
They have 28 registered shaves (10 women) and they want 100...long ways to go.
The St. Baldrick's Foundation is an extraordinary organization doing amazing work to bring an end to children's cancer. This is a great cause.

If you are on Facebook; look them up and get more details.
yours truly
Jean Bourque

Tuesday, February 10, 2009

Jeff Liberty Band in Charleston SC Feb 12, 2009

Feb. 11, 2009

Jeff Liberty Band with Motherless Chillin' performs live at the Blind Tiger in Charleston SC on Thurdsday Feb 12th start time is 8PM. If up you are in Charleston for the blues festival; do not miss this band.

Saturday, February 7, 2009

SC State Museum: Art Business Workshop

Columbia , S.C. – The South Carolina State Museum will present a four-day workshop for artists entitled “The Business of Art During Hard Economic Times” on Feb. 14, 15, 22 and 28.

Conducted by art conservator and instructor Tony Rajer, the intensive workshop will provide artists with the essential tools to develop an art business plan and marketing strategy as well as valuable tips from field professionals on promoting art and prospering as an artist. Each student will write an individual business plan tailored to his or her needs.

Additional topics include portfolio preparation, gallery contacts and how to get an artist’s work seen. Students are encouraged to bring examples of their art to this useful workshop.

Rajer is an art conservator and instructor at the University of Wisconsin at Madison . He also is the author of the new book Museums, Zoos and Botanical Gardens of Wisconsin and a forthcoming book on the business of art.

The cost of the four-day workshop is $100. Class times are 10 a.m. – 5 p.m. on Saturday, Feb. 14 and Saturday, Feb. 28, and from 1-5 p.m. on Sunday, Feb. 15 and Sunday, Feb.22. Participation is limited; please register early.

For more information, call (803) 898-4952 or email To pre-register, call (803) 898-4999.

Friday, February 6, 2009

Crafty Feast- Call for Artists and Crafters

Crafty Feast is now accepting applications for Columbia, SC’s first juried, independent craft fair. Crafty Feast is part of an all-day Ribs and Renaissance Festival to be held on May 30th, 2009, at Hyatt Park in the Eau Claire neighborhood and will include live music, films, special
events and a celebrity ribs cook-off. Crafty Feast is supported by volunteers and the Eau Claire Community Council and is part of the larger neighborhood festival. The Crafty Feast portion of the festival will consist of a big tent filled with up-and-coming artists focusing on experimental and unique handmade or re-purposed crafts. For $65 .00 we include one large tent, a 6 or 8 foot table, two chairs, advertising, coffee and donuts. All you need to bring is your display! Deadline to apply online is March 1st, 2009. Apply online, check out the jury, and read our frequently asked questions section. A panel of 5 independent artists will serve as jury. For further information please contact: Debi Schadel or go to the CraftyFeast website.

Jeff Liberty Solo Tonight Feb. 6th in Irmo SC

Jeff Liberty

will be doing a solo acoustic performance in St. Andrews Rd. area (near exit ramp off I26) Irmo, SC on Feb. 6 (tonight) at The Bawa Oyster Co. It used to be Cussin' Bill's years ago. Liberty has made a reputation of playing hot scorching guitar blues. He has his own sound and if you would like to hear a sample; I have posted "disturbin' the peace" on my music player on my myspace page. Enjoy!
For the Jeff Liberty website click here.

Support our local musicians! Columbia's got Talent!

Sunday, February 1, 2009

Check out Empty Easel Newsletter

Empty Easel Newsletter Sample for the week ahead...

The empty easel newsletter is full of information and I thought some of you may enjoy reading that website; so I have posted it here as a courtesy; to share with other artists. To find out more please click on the link above and check it out. Yours Truly; Jeanee

"Monday in Motivation - Taking steps to become a professional artist can be pretty scary, and for many artists, just the fear of failing keeps them from ever really trying in the first place. Tomorrow I’ll explain some practical methods for artists to get past that fear of failure and start working towards their goals."

"Tuesday in Painting Tutorial - Dianne Mize has good compositional tutorial on the rule of thirds coming up this Tuesday. Among other things, she shows how to push the rule to its natural limits to create more exciting, dynamic paintings."

"Wednesday in Featured Artists - Drop in to see the work of a Croatian-born artist living in Ireland who goes by the name Darko. As you’ll notice on Wednesday, his oil paintings match his name: moody, with expressive brushstrokes and surreal imagery."

"Thursday in General Art Advice - Is it possible to achieve a nearly-traditional art education just by using free resources online? Rose Welty thinks so, and she’s working on a series of articles to explain how. Catch her first post on Thursday. "

"Friday in Art Opinion - Small-town artists take heart—Angela Fehr has 4 reasons why you don’t have to be a big city artist to be a successful one. I’m sure many of you will agree with her, too. :)"

Tuesday, January 27, 2009

Discovering Public Art and Inspiring More!

I am often on the road and today I woke up in the Atlanta, GA area and had to commute to Anderson SC. After checking in and having a little bite at a chain restaurant I decided to take a ride and explore Anderson. First thing that hit me was that Anderson had really grown from a small town to a thriving city.

All the typical restaurants and stores are here right on Clemson Blvd. I followed it right into the city and started noticing fish. Art fish, at first I thought it was just one fish; then as I drove I saw more and more. There were all kinds of large mouth bass all over the city. Beautifully painted and supported on poles. I wondered how many there were and what the large mouth bass may mean to Anderson SC. (to see the fish click below)

I did a little research and I found out about Lake Hartwell and there are 32 fish all painted by artists locally with the intent of having a public art project like the Chicago Cows. In Columbia, we had the Steel Palmetto Trees . I did this one and they were a lot of fun. The next public art project in Columbia was the Door Project. I also participated in that. It sure would be nice if we have a new public art project in Columbia. I discovered that Anderson raised funds to pay the artists by requesting sponsorship amounts; to be a big fish the sponsor had to commit to a $5,000. donation.
This highly visual Fish Art Project in Anderson; really makes you notice the city and it reflects a sign of growth and an interesting modern community. Much to my surprise when I researched it these fish have been here for several years. Public Art is a great way for people to see art that they may not normally be exposed to. It brings the city to life even after dark. I remember in Columbia when we had the trees and when we had the doors; people started staying in the Vista more at night and there was a sense of excitement, liveliness; vibrancy and modernness.
Yes, folks I am ready for a new public art project in Columbia, SC. Seeing Anderson's really has sparked my imagination and I will be talking to people in and around Columbia to see what we can do. Columbia has got talent and we need a BIG public art project so we can show the world and revive the interest in art and in Columbia artists! Columbia could use some excitement.
ART RULES!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
Pictured above: "Op Art Tree" by Jean Bourque

Anderson, SC is a vibrantly cool growing city that supports it's local artist with great city art projects! This is just what we need in SC; more communities willing to showcase and support their artists and show the community art they might not normally see.

Yours truly;

Saturday, January 24, 2009

Artists Opportunity from ART

Call for Artists: Artist Round Table is sponsoring the 1st Annual Spring N2 Art at the Keenan House. This one day event will take place on April 4th, 2009. The deadline for application submission is March 2nd, 2009. Contact Sandra Carr at 803-665-6255 or Brenda Schwarz Miller at 803-609-3479 for more information, or you may visit the A.R.T. website at

Friday, January 23, 2009

CC Call for Artists Columbia SC

Artists Opportunity from the Email box....
For further info please contact Andy Witt directly.

From: andrew witt

Subject: ArtQuarium
For the past year the ArtQuarium in the windows of the Meridian Building Parking garage on Washington Street, between Sumter and Main has exhibited marine themed artwork from Richland One students.

Holder Properties, owners of the space have asked us to create a new show. The schools districts are now overwhelmed with budget cuts, testing etc. and have declined. The space is secure but is not climate controlled. It faces due north so until mid summer does not have any sun exposure. The actual open space is 8-9 fee high, 3 feet deep and about 60 feet long and divided by glass sections every 16 feet or so. The back wall has been painted to look (sort of) underwater, and the floor (seabed) is sand. The student work is primarily 3-D and suspended from the ceiling with monofilament. The space is lit at night and looks terrific.

So here’s the opportunity for Columbia based artists.

This will be a sales opportunity to make that clear. The Cultural Council will collect a 25% commission and remit the sales tax. The tax will be added to the purchase price.
There is no fee involved for participation but we may have some type of jury process if the response is large. In that case the jury will be representatives of Holder Properties and area gallery owners/managers , and/or artists who would not be participating.

Here’s what we’re looking for:

College students and adult artists only please. Residents of SC with preference to those living/working in Richland and Lexington Counties.

Marine themed life – fish, mollusks, corals and other underwater marine life in any media. Particularly tropical and other colorful species. They may also be related to environmentally threatened species. Due to the nature of the space we discourage 2-D and water media (humidity, etc). We do encourage ceramic, metal, wood, mixed media and other works that have a fish swimming in the ocean feeling. Mobiles and similar works are fabulous.

A label with the artist name, title, media, and price will be on a sheet posted in the window and interested buyers can contact the artist directly, or you can go though the Cultural Council.

There is no upper limit on price but we do suggest that you look at more affordable pieces for those patrons interested in decorating beach or other properties.

There is probably some room for 2-D work to be hung on the back wall, and some marine above water landscapes may be appropriate, but please keep in mind we call this the ArtQuarium and are really looking for underwater themed works.

I would encourage the various artist guilds and associations to perhaps think about a joint project and exhibition where your group could take one section of the windows.

Please take a look at what is currently there to get a feel. Please also forward this to others who may be interested in participating.

Please contact me as soon as possible as we’d like to start the changeover as soon as possible.

Thanks for your interest

Call if questions.

Andrew Witt
Executive Director
Cultural Council of Richland and Lexington Counties
930 Richland Street
Columbia, SC 29201
803.231.3131 (direct line)

Thursday, January 22, 2009

Roller Derby Saturday Night at Jamil 6:30 PM

Okay; I know Roller Derby is not about art as in the sense of the art I normally tell you about. BUT having been an avid rollerskating from 18 months old and all through childhood; I find it is an art. Not only that I can throw a bit of a romantic interest in roller skating, too. My mom and dad met at a roller skating rink; so I am thankful to roller skating because of it; I am here! I am grinning; because this is a true story. You know, I say yours truly for a reason. Anyway; this is no ordinary Roller Derby Match either. With Valentine's fast approaching you know I start talking about Love Goddesses and all kinds of off the wall crazy things; I don't normally speak of.


That's right, a real live wedding at the Roller Derby. I can't imagine how they will pull this off on roller skates but it certainly will be entertaining and two people are really getting united in front of everyone! SUCH FUN! For more details about the Roller Derby and the teams go to Columbia Quad Squad

After party at Bawa Oyster in St. Andrews behind Waffle House in old Cussin Bills spot.
Rumor has it there may be other after parties have a good time whatever you do and drive carefully or let me have the keys. Yes; yours truly is always a designated driver!

Jamil Temple Sat. Jan. 24th at 6:30. $12. tickets at the door!
ARTSAILS1 will see you there!
Yours truly;

At the Columbia Museum of Art this Sunday 1/25

Lecture and book signing: Chinese Contemporary Art: 7 Things You Should Know 01/25/09 3:00 p.m. Melissa Chiu, vice president of Global Art Programs and museum director of Asia Society, is a leading authority on Asian contemporary art and uniquely positioned to talk about the dramatic beginnings of the vanguard movement in China in 1979 to the burgeoning scene of today. Melissa Chiu's new book, “Contemporary Chinese Art: 7 Things You Should Know,” offers an accessible guide to understanding Chinese contemporary art: what you need to know about the artists, the art market, and what can legitimately be called a new art movement, perhaps the first great art movement of the 21st century. Cost: Free with admission or membership. Related Resources:Eye to the East: The Turner Collection of Chinese Art

Healing Festival This Weekend in Columbia SC

January 23 - 25, 2009 The Coop 1100 Key Road at the Fair Grounds Columbia, SC

Friday, January 22 4:30 - 7:30 PM - Intuitive Counselors will be available for readings. Festival will not be open to the public on Friday.

Saturday, January 23 9:45 A.M. - 8:00 P.M. ALL SERVICES
2:00 P.M. - 3 P.M. - Joy Ceremony and lunch break
Sunday, January 24 10:45 A.M. - 6:00 P.M. -- All Services
Daily Admission: SAT: $10 SUN: $8. Weekend Pass $15 A Child's Haven is our charity. Bring an item for their Wish List and receive $1.00 discount on admission. A portion of the admissions will also be donated to A Child's Haven.

SATURDAY, January 23, 2009 10:00 AM Dream Interpretation - Reverend Carol Nelson, CNHP
l l:00 AM What Iridology Tells About You - Loretta Clark, CNHP
12:00 PM The Emerald Table - Danny Miller
1:00 PM Return From The Light - Dr. Olympia Freeman >>
2:00 PM Joy Ceremony "Spiritual Carwash" Experience total trust, unconditional love, giving / receiving> >
3:00 PM Contacting The Other Side With Hypnosis - Kewpie Sprott>>
4:00 PM To Be Announced - Rebecca Jacobson>>
5:00 PM Emotional Freedom Technique and The Law Of Attractionâ - Katz Delauney-Leija MSW>>
6:00 PM to 8:00 PM Special Angel Information Workshop - Angels That Work With Mankind - Page Bryant> $10.00 - You will love what you learn.

SUNDAY, January 24, 2009>>
11:00 AM Natural Medicines You Already Have In The Kitchen - Jodi Rodner >>
12:00 PM Living In The New World, A Merging With Our Higher Dimensional Energies - Rev. Beverly Thompson and > Shareina Fisher>>
1:00 PM Follow Your Intuition - Jessica Peach>>
2:00 PM Muscle Testing And The Mechanics Of Forgiveness - Joy Connor>>
3:00 PM Tools For Living An Authentic Life! - William J. Pena>>
4:00 PM The United Nations Is Seeking Wisdom From The Indigenous People Of All Countries - Robert Chastain>>
5:00 PM Past Life Regression - Rev. Jan Posey>

Sunday, January 18, 2009

Great Gocco Print Demo by Marcelo Novo

Sunday January 18, 2009.

Today at if ART Gallery on Lincoln St in Columbia SC a standing room only crowd was fortunate to see the extremely talented artist Marcelo Novo of Buenos Aires, Argentina; create art
using a black Micron pen on Bristol Smooth paper. It was really quiet as everyone gathered around the table to watch Marcelo at work. So quiet in fact, that Nova asked for music and invited the guests to speak and make the program interactive. After that the place was a
buzz and Marcelo said he felt inspired. Clearly Novo works best with music and everyone could see the inspiration as it developed.

He then demonstrated the Gocco Print making kit; which apparently is no longer being made. The one he had was perfect for making small prints and greeting cards. Using a photocopy he layered paint onto it for the image making process. The printer had a 2 bulb piece that he told us not to look at the flash while it filmed. Both bulbs burn out and are only good for one print.
He explained every step of the way as he assembled it and was very in touch with his audience.

His painting was an elephant... a Novo elephant. He said he hadn't done one in a while and when he first started it looked like an elderly person's eye. A sudden change and he painted what looked like a horn and then he said he wasn't sure what it was going to be. I could see he had the flow and was going with it. Marcelo paints as the spirit moves within him and that was quite apparent watching and listening to him. When the first one finally was pulled off the press and Novo held it up; everyone clapped. They decided he would do 20 prints. As he was hand pulling the individual prints people asked questions and he answered. It was a great live demonstration and the crowd really enjoyed it.

You can see the print and possibly the original (if it's available). Stop by the gallery; the prints will be on sale there. Thanks to Wim Roefs for hosting the event. It was really quite interesting. Go see at 1223 Lincoln St., Columbia SC Tell them artsails1 sent you.

The if ART gallery is open Mon-Sat 11-7 PM. The phone is 803-255-0068.

Friday, January 16, 2009

Barbie Mathis was interviewed by Channel 19 News

Barbie was just interviewed at Sandhills Village Art Gallery by News 19.
They said it would be on tv about 5 or at 6 tonight.
Stay Tuned.
She said it may only be a sound bit or two.
The main thing is they saw and filmed the gallery which is set up for the Inaugral Show with works honoring
the upcoming Inauguration Day.
Coincidently; they came at a time when the highest selling artist happend to be there. Barbie Mathis has been selling art so fast she has to paint in every bit of her spare time. An unexpected shot of publicity can only add fuel to the fire. Art by Barbie Mathis will continue to spread thru the city of Columbia, SC and the world like a wild fire.
Congratulations to Barbie Mathis; you deserve this!

CD Just Released John Fitz Rogers

Breaking News.... John Fitz Rogers of Columbia SC

"Be prepared to be in awe!"
-Jean Bourque

John Fitz Rogers Releases New CD- "Once Removed" -
CD Just released - Innova Recordings
Innova Recordings announces the release of "Once Removed"
(Innova 707),
a collection of music by American composer John Fitz Rogers.
The disc includes
Blue River Variations" (2003) 16:05
Marina Lomazov, piano"Sonata Lunaris" (2005) 16:25
Opus Two - William Terwilliger, violin; Andrew Cooperstock, Piano
"Once Removed" (2003) 8:54
(for two marimbas and click tracks)Cameron Britt and Scott Herring,
marimbas"Memoria Domi" (2004) 24:26 Joseph Eller, clarinet;
William Terwilliger, violin; Robert Jesselson, cello; Lynn Kompass, piano.
To purchase directly from Innova or for more information, please visit . The CD is also available from
retailers such as Amazon, or in download format from iTunes, etc.
(Excerpts of the works are available from iTunes or at )
John, this is great;
yours truly;
Jean Bourque