Saturday, March 21, 2009

Columbia Late Night Food in the Vista; NOT

Okay, occassionally even the most positive girl you know has a pet peeve and here is mine; delivered hopefully with a sense of humor and nostalgia. Hope it makes you laugh and if not; oh well; too bad.

Columbia SC Vista downtown; I have one pet peeve. You see the other night, Tuesday night me and a friend had gone to the poetry slam at Art Bar and we both wanted to get a bite to eat, after. Well, we knew restaurants closed early on week nights so we left about 9:30 PM, thinking we still had about a half hour to get something to eat. We went by a couple places including a pizza place which by all rights should be open until 11 PM and found everything was closed. We ended up at the IHOP. Okay; it was a Tuesday night.

It reminded me of an incident from a few years ago. Me and a couple friends had been to the play Oklahoma; on Memorial weekend 2005. Being a bit nostalgic and running into the same dilemma again in 2009...jogged my memory. True this is a real pet peeve if it continues to plague me; surely others are aggravated by this as well.

We are in the Vista in the capital city on Memorial weekend I thought surely the wings place would be open. Oh yes; we got in the front door; but what's this; the kitchen is closed. It's not even 11Pm and there are two guys standing behind us; they over hear this and ask me; where can we get something to eat? That clearly translates into 5 customers lost and that was only in the one minute window of time; who knows how many people really wanted to eat at 10:45 on a Saturday night of Memorial weekend in Columbia SC, vista downtown?

I thought for sure the wine and tapas place would be serving until at least 1 AM being a Saturday night and all. I told the two guys that and off they went. We too, decided what the heck ; tapas was better than nothing ; but no; as we arrived our two guys (who were actually quite loaded) said they were told the place was closing. We checked with the place anyway, noticing their mental state and sure enough the place was closing. UGH!

Now; I am really upset. We had rushed to the play running late from some other artistic venue and not only was I starving, so were my friends. So it's IHOP; that's it. No other choices? There is something pretty pathetic about a capital city closing up the sidewalks on a holiday weekend so you can't even get a decent meal unless you fit into the magic window of timing. Note to self; must remember eating time has to be before 10:30PM.

NEW note to self on weeknights must eat by 9PM if planning to be at an event in the Vista.
I rea lize this may not be a big deal to many people, but for someone that eats out for most every meal; it is a real big deal. If I cannot find a place to eat; it's not like I can go home and cook something decent. My choices at home are cereal and microwave so by comparision IHOP looks pretty good!

With Love and Gratitude;
yours truly,

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