Thursday, April 9, 2015

The Fun of a Live Art Auction at USC Columbia SC

Coffee Series II
Jean Bourque

USC held it's first art auction as 
The School of Visual Arts and Design
last night at the 
McMaster Gallery

Although, it was the first for the newly titled School of Visual Arts and Design, it was the 60th art auction held at USC's McMaster Gallery. Approximately 60 pieces were up for auction and all were sold by 930 pm. There were pieces from renowned artists such as Mana Hewitt, Virginia Scotchie, Mary Robinson, Steven Hewitt and Shannon Lindsey as well as pieces from alumni like Tommie Toner and students like myself and many others. I volunteered for the auction and had a great time. I saw people that I hadn't seen in a while like the wonderful Sylvia Ady Potts, with whom I had been in art shows with in the past. 

Three auctioneers took their turn at the microphone and you could feel the excitement in the air. There were many lovely works of pottery, ceramic, lots of paintings and a few wood works. 
It was fun seeing how the bidding would go from one person to another and back again, and every now and then some one would suddenly bid out of no where. It kept it very interesting.

I was fortunate enough to meet the buyers of my artwork and they were genuinely pleased with their purchase. That is what it's all about, knowing someone loves your art. Plus, since this was a fundraiser for USC's gallery and for the scholarship fund, it was a fun way to give back to the school that I have been enjoying all year and plan to enjoy for many years to come. It was also very educational as I got to see work by many faculty members and get a feel for what they do. 

Robert Lyon submitted Last Vessel at USC #1 and #2 both created in a wood turning process. The titles given reflect that Mr Lyon will be leaving USC after 18 years. He will truly be missed. I was looking forward to having one of his classes. Had I know he would be leaving, I would have taken the class this year!

The highest selling pieces were by Mana Hewitt and another high seller was by Rob Shaw. 
Mana's piece was a landscape so smooth and shiny and perfectly presented; it felt real. Rob's piece was an impressionistic landscape of the Gervais St bridge, beautifully rendered, in lively colors and thick impasto style paint. 

It was fun. I look forward to volunteering next year and perhaps even making a purchase. 

Yours Truly,

Monday, April 6, 2015

USC Art Auction at McMaster Wednesday evening April 8th


Art Auction at McMaster Gallery c/o Pickens and Senate St. Columbia SC. There will be 60 works of art being auctioned off.
Art has been created by students, alumni, and faculty. 

There will  be a large selections of work which have been juried in for this event. There are paintings, drawings, prints, pottery and sculpture. Get here early and get your bid in for some wonderful art for your home or office. 

April 8th, 2015 at McMaster Gallery from 630-930PM
A percentage of the sales goes to the Art departments scholarship fund. Show your support for USC and for the artists and attend our event.

Thank you,

USC CICA Music & Art at Conundrum April 18th, 3-6PM


CICA​ (Collaborations in Contemporary Art) is a group of USC music students, mostly graduate and PhD candidates, that are seeking to bring music and art communities together in a local live music venue. The place is Conundrum Music Hall on Meeting Street, West Columbia, SC. 

The event is Saturday April 18th from 3-6. Try to arrive early in the celebration so you don't miss some of the awesome musical happenings in this diverse and exciting presentation! Spread the word, and invite your friends! Tickets are at the door: $4 for students; $6 general admission. 

Opportunity for Sketching Artists: 
Use live musicians as inspiration!  Talk with musicians throughout the event who are interested in your talents!  Artists and musicians networking opportunity, all sketch artists over 18 years old are invited, including students, faculty and local artists.
Any artist interested in sketching, please send your name, address and contact info to Jean Bourque at and plan to be at Conundrum Sat. April 18th. If you are not interested in sketching but would like to attend, please feel free to do so.  Deadline to sign up is midnight Wednesday April 15th.


Saturday, March 21, 2015

There is always a story to tell

Painting in Progress by Jean Bourque....

I love the way a piece of canvas can go from pure white to an explosion of colors. I love working on canvas.... you can always add to it or remove from it. If you get a tear in the canvas... you can always try out your collage skills or make it the central theme of the painting.

There is always a story to tell. Sometimes the artist doesn't know the story or what the painting is becoming until it has been birthed into being. Being is such a unique word as we are all in the act of being... Being human, being educated and just plane being in a state of being. Philosophers often speak of being. We question being as in the being here or the being:inness" of being.

I am no philosophy scholar, but I think I had threatened all my life to eventually go back to school and get a PhD in philosophy. After making such an ambitious statement, I often felt, that will never happen in this life time. I have a unique perspective caused by living by myself for many years. I think many artists tie the art and philosophy together, because they both are such solo pursuits.

In education acquisition one is exposed to so many ideas and there are so many brilliant minds that came before us. I've loved school all my life and have had a unique thirst for knowledge. As crazy as it seems .... I let a lot of time slip by.... being self taught and learning only from what my eyes could see.

Sometimes painting on canvas feels like a sculpture. I am whittling the painting into images by carving in and laying layers where I think they fit. Many times it's like a puzzle. I kept trying this and that to see where I want to go with it. I have been an experimental artist, writer, poet, and music lover.  Every painting, every time it is a journey. When I paint live to the music, the music is my director. The sounds actually are in control and the colors are a result of the sounds, the layers forming thicker areas and the water taking the layers away. Dissecting and disseminating
 them an existence of their own.

What is art? For me it is when my spirit guides take the lead and I follow in full faith that everything is as it should be. Sometimes, I just have an overwhelming feeling; I must paint and I must do it now.  I have spoke with other artists that agree.... this DOES happen. I've not seen that discussed before and I think it is definitely something people should know. Musicians almost always understand what I am saying immediately, but sometimes I have to explain this to artists.

I pretty much always am working with a series in mind. Not all the pieces may fit initially but when the entire series is done, they fit. There is always a story tell, when it comes to creating art.

Yours Truly,


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Wednesday, March 4, 2015

The Mystery of 333... and dreams

 had always held a mystery meaning for me and for years I did not know why....

I had dreams. The numbers 333 would appear randomly. They were often mixed in with painting dreams. For years I saw beautiful paintings almost every night when I went to sleep! None of the dreams where alike and the numbers weren't alike either but it all was tied up to art, or so I thought. One morning after having the 333 appear  in my dream... I decided to write the numbers down and I grabbed my crayons and some drawing paper and I attempted to discover what the numbers meant. 

333 could mean a lot of different things and at that point I didn't know what...

3/3/3 could be a date, 3/33 could be a month and a year...
Maybe 3 things would happen when I turned 33, maybe my life would change, maybe I would move, maybe I would die, my mind drifted and my crayons colored the page with possibilities.... Maybe I would have a 3.33 GPA... I really hoped not because I always had a higher GPA, like 3.84. 

What was 3/3/3? It was March 3, 2003. That is the day my son left for Iraq for the first time. Within a few weeks all Americans became aware of military presence in Iraq. He has now been deployed 5 times. It's been twelve years since that day and for the first year since then he is finally able to stay in USA. Hurrah!!

After that I never saw 333 in dreams anymore. I do still see art, mostly painterly images... in my dreams.  Sweet dreams. 

Yours truly

Friday, February 6, 2015

June Tucarella offering Watercolor Classes in March 2015

Watercolor classes with June will start on March 3rd.

She will offer day classes and night classes.
Each class is limited to 6 students.
The classes will be held in Irmo.

June is an award winning artist and I am
sure if you google her name you will see the 
quality work she does. 

Contact June for further info at: 


Yours Truly,

Jeanee Bourque

Tuesday, January 27, 2015

St. Patty's Festival Five Points Columbia SC JeaneePaintsLive to Mix Masterson March 14 2015

Once again, Five Points in Columbia, SC will host the annual St. Patty's Festival with a day full of music, food, beer and entertainment. I wonder if they will have the fountains filled with green water as they have done in the past? I heard there had been some problems with it last year, so I guess we will have to wait and see.

Sat. March 14, 2015
Mix Masterson's Music

Hoping for great weather and seeing lots of friends.

Thanks.... Jeanee

Shannon Lindsey wins SC Young Artist of the Year at 701 Whaley St Columbia SC

Shannon Lindsey,  my art professor this term and last term has won the prestigious award as SC Young Artist of the Year. So thrilled to be learning from the best at USC.  Last semester we did many drawings and toward the end of the semester we painted. I feel like my art developed a lot more depth and stronger design skills as a result of having had her direction.  This semester, I am taking 3d Art with her and I know her art is typically 3D and this is her sweet spot for art direction.

She leads us into our work, helps us develop the idea, but never touches our projects, she lets each person work independently, yet we all work together as a class as well. The class before the project is due the students all show their work and each person critiques the work and helps make us all better artists. You can go to her anytime for help or email her as well. She post lots of info on the electronic blackboard, so you always know what you need to do.

Right now, I am working on a sculpture with baseballs, assorted paper cups, nails and glue. I was going to make it rather small and she encouraged increasing it and making it grow. I tried to find more baseballs at thrift stores but only managed to find five. So that is the inside of the sculpture and each ball is in a clear paper cup allowing you to see them. But then as more cups were added, I decided to add color and now I have red cups at the tips of every arm off of the balls. It's really kind
of otherworldly looking now. I will continue to add more. It is about 2 ft high by 2 ft wide now.

Most of my new classmates in this second class do not know about Shannon's win, so I let them know about it! We are all very lucky to have classes with Shannon Lindsey at USC. In both classes, I felt like I got to know my fellow students which I really appreciate because in none of my other classes except photography, was that the case.

Congratulations go to Shannon Lindsey!!

Sunday, November 9, 2014

Artists Wanted for 30th Annual Int'l Exhibit DL 11/21/14

The University of Texas at Tyler is inviting artists from all over the world to participate in a juried show to be held on January 20th through Feb. 27th 2015. This is the Meadows Gallery 30th Annual International Art Show to be in Tyler TX. The Juror for the show is James R Pace.

Pace is a Professor of Visual Art at The University of Texas at Tyler where he has taught since 1985. He holds an MFA from Arizona State University, and a BFA from the University of Oklahoma. Pace was appointed to the Oge’ Professorship in Visual Art, the White Fellowship for Excellence In Teaching, and received the Chancellor's Council Teaching Award. He was awarded a National Endowment for the Arts Fellowship, and multiple University Research Grants. Pace trained in the Tamarind Summer Printmaking Program, and participated in the International Artist Residency Program in Budapest, Hungary. He continues to serve as juror, lecturer, and visiting artist at museums, galleries, art centers, and universities throughout the states as well as in Germany and Japan.

The deadline to enter the show is Nov. 21, 2014. For further information please see the website at

Yours Truly,
Jean Bourque

CICA and USC Art Students United Creativity

We recently were part of a paint to music event through USC's Art program. CICA a group of USC's most talented musicians, many with advanced degrees in their chosen profession and continuing their education and work as performing musicians have created a collaborative association in which they want to add other elements of the arts in combination with the music.  CICA provided the artists with several MP3 musical choices and each artist chose the music that most inspired them to create a unique work of  art.

The Music I selected to paint to was, "In C", a Terry Riley original composition from the 60's. It just so happens that "In C" was the most collaborative piece and the grand finale of the evening with it's unique sound lasting approximately 18 minutes. Because of the steady beat of the music, I was inspired to dot my canvas in an impressionistic style, keeping the beat as I painted. Here is my painting "In C".

 Yours Truly,
Jean Bourque