Sunday, July 1, 2018

Just Write and Paint - Let it Flow

"Blue Secret" Painting copyright 2018 by Jean Bourque (H 16 inch x W 20 inch)
Acrylics, gesso and mediums.... This feels peaceful, to me.

Hello ya'll,

I know it's been a long time since I had blogged on this blog.  For a while I was posting on other blogs and then I got really busy with college classes and rarely had any spare time for writing or much else. The past few weeks my brain is saying write...and witty little clumps of words come pouring into my absent minded brain and I say oh yeah... I started this journey in the arts as a writer. Well, that writer is still here and she is demanding I write more. So what's a semi-depraved semi-educated life long learning artist, writer to do... but write. (I ask)

Perhaps it is because I found one of my writing files the other day and time is limited. I can squeeze but a few minutes of each day as my self care slash personal upkeep,  is much more time consuming, due to the losses caused by disease. Now I will rise above that. I will get my pace back... it has taken time, but... I am not always the last one... now and that is really good.  Of course, I am a long way from being the first one down like I was in high school or in my previous college years (prior to this century).

Don't know what I would write about, but the fingers fastly flow over the keyboard and words do come...Just write, just do It! A strange day, a strange weak, (just noticed the typo and am leaving it as I think this may mean something) a strange month and even a strange year. I'm not sure if it's because I am further off the beaten path or if it's all the illnesses I have had that dragged me away. Now my brain wants to be back in charge. Okay... I say...

I didn't know how I did it, but I had my baby laughing last night.  The me that was me intellectually or perhaps just comedically may be back. I don't know after years of chemo brain... its sooo hard to say. At any rate, I'm not promising anything as I have learned, its best not to... when it comes to my writing that I do for fun. If there is a promise, it makes it a job and that is not a good way to write or to stimulate creative thinking. Much more creative when freedom rings.

Its my birthday and I find I really do not care about birthdays anymore. I really would like the time to not race past me and then make me play catch up. Slow down please.... (me telling time to slow down) I know that will not alter time, but perhaps there is something to the idea of thinking time could slow down. If it went slower, I would not have to catch up so much. I think.

So this is my monologue for today a happy birthday girl day.
May the year ahead be better and better. May you all feel joy!!

Yours truly.... Jeanee

Friday, May 27, 2016

Art by Jean Bourque Evolves to Enhanced Monotype Prints

So happy to share photographs of some of my latest work.

Eye See
Monotype Print
Bourque 2016

Half Way
Monotype Print
Bourque 2016

Heart Face
Monotype Print
Bourque 2016

Space Face
Monotype Print
Bourque 2016

Last fall I took a Printing class at USC with Mary Robinson. We did Screen Printing using silkscreens and printers ink. Besides this class Mary also taught those of us that wanted to learn other things, She taught us papermaking and book making and binding. 

The final project for this class, I wanted to do something different and Mary told me about using Watercolor Crayons and ScreenPrinting. These were done using watercolor crayons and then enhanced with paint, markers and other mediums to create unique one of a kind monotype prints.

Yours Truly,

Saturday, September 5, 2015

USC's Got Talent

USC's Got Talent....     Applications LIVE!

Wed. Sept. 9 at

More details: 803-777-3950


Poetry Night at USC

On Tuesday September 15th,
they will be holding a poetry night,
at Gamecock Park at 8PM at USC

.Follow them: @usccp
Russell House 318 @USC
Email @
Phone 803-777-3950

Acoustic Cafe at USC

USC  Gamecock Park at 8PM Tuesday Evening

Sept. 8th & Sept 22 & Oct. 13th
Will host the Acoustic Cafe.

Follow them: @usccp
Russell House 318 @USC
Email @

Hilma af Klint: Art and Spirituality (a lesson learned)

I just discovered while looking at a female artist I had never heard of. After reading everything I could find in my internet searches this morning, I realized I am not alone in never hearing of her. Because I was so amazed by what I just learned, I had to share! I wish I had pictures, to show.... but you can google. I do not want to steal anyone's pics and you can easily find them.

Hilma af Klint had been a trained artist and did naturalistic paintings which she showed in her life time. She passed away in 1944 and upon her death it was stipulated her artwork could not be shown for at least 20 years. To me that was partially the hook, she never showed her spiritual paintings during her lifetime. It was as if she knew she was ahead of her time. She was born in 1862 started creating her large spiritual paintings in 1890, at the age of 28. These paintings were what is now known as large abstract paintings ripe with symbolism, geometric and circular patterns in a wide variety of colors. Her works were like NONE seen at that time. This was before Kandinsky!

Part of my fascination is the Abstract and the other part is the Spiritual. They certainly go hand in hand in Hilma af Klint's work and in my own.  In fact I recently found a great book at my local city library "The Spiritual in Art; Abstract Painting 1890-1985" put out in collaboration with a variety of writers and artists, by the Los Angeles County Museum of Art and published by Abbeville Press Publishers. I have it on loan right now. To my surprise, this artist Hilma af Klint is in this book.
Ten pages written by Ake Fant cover this Swedish artist.

It does amaze me, how everything does prove to be connected. I checked this book out 5 days ago and so far had just looked at the artworks and not really did any reading of what might be new information for me to gather and learn. All I can say is there truly is a destiny to learn certain things at certain times and some one other than me is guiding this learning. That is a spiritual realm. I have noticed several times throughout my life when I first learn of something I often discover something else within that day or week that shows me more information on the subject. And /or I discover this information was available to me earlier in a different format and I did not pay attention to it.

She worked in a variety of artistic mediums although typically the spiritual paintings were done as oils on canvas. Most of her abstract paintings were done while in a trance, meditation and under spiritual direction. In 1914 she started to work in watercolor and in a smaller scale. She kept many notebooks detailing her journey into unconsciousness, recording what was happening as she painted and how she was being led to paint and to enter the astral plane. Many critics say these paintings could be called automatic paintings. While others claim she really painted the first abstracts in the world.

It's a shame this artist didn't get the recognition she deserved in her life time. In some way I could connect because I remember paintings i did in the nineties where people told me I was ahead of my time. I don't think I will write a 20 year hold in my will though. However, I do hope that within a year or two of passing that my loved family and friends will hold retrospects of my life's work. However, no one can really know what will happen once they have left the earth.

If I am painting for myself and not a commission, gallery request or school assignment; I find I feel freer and have less judgement on it. I go with the spirits where ever they want to take me. Sometimes my grandfather, ( C. Talbot an oil painter from MA) will speak with me and say use this color, move your brush this way. Other times a dear friend that I painted with for 15 years; will say Jeanee you need to paint. Get a big canvas out; use big brushes.... and so on. I love the spiritual realm and the spirits that guide me, I do not always know who they are.

May the spirits be with you.

Dream Girls at Trustus in Columbia SC

Dreamgirls was a wonderful play held at Trustus from June 26 to Aug 1, 2015.
Terrance Henderson did a great job as director and choreographer. Larry Hembree
made several announcements and it was good to see him. He has a five year plan for
Trustus which will lead to much success. Dreamgirls had an amazingly talented staff with singers like Jasmine Ayers, Avery Bateman, Kendrick Marion and Mario McClean. (just to name a few of the very talented singers and dancers)

If they run it again next year.... go, it was a great play. It was better than the movie!

Saturday, May 16, 2015

Germany and all my readers Rock!!

Jagged Edges oil by Jean Bourque

Hi there,

I know in my last post I quoted what my stats were on facebook.
The article was published and then I realized I had not checked
the stats for the blog. After all, this is something I have been doing
for 8 years now. I believe the blog has stood the test of time.

Other than Americans; my readers are in this order with
these countries, which shows a big difference between blog
and facebook.

1. GERMANY Thank you to all my German readers!! I will be studying German next year
thanks to all of you and the people from the galleries in Berlin that have taken the time
to invite me to show in their galleries. I am very excited about this!

2. Russia

3. Ireland

4. Japan

5. Serbia

6. Ukraine

7. China

8. Netherlands

9. France

All of these countries are higher than any other English speaking countries and higher than any Spanish speaking countries,  It is here, I find my fans from Japan and China.  I thank you all very much. I had a gut level feeling that was telling me to learn German and now, I am convinced this is my best career move.

Yours Truly,
Silk Collage by Jean Bourque

My Guitar and Foreign Languages?

Hi ya'll,

As you can see I am holding a guitar. It's not mine. It is an electric and I like the look and size of it. My guitar is a Cordoba classical guitar. I love the flamenco sound of my guitar. It does not have a shoulder strap, nor do I plan to get one. I play sitting down and use a foot step to raise my leg for holding the guitar in it's higher up than electric guitar position.  I was chatting with my guitar teacher and asked him about foreign languages, I asked my BF about languages too. I made consultation appointments with various USC staff members in the research dept and in fellowships and asked all them, the same question.

 "What is the best language for an artist to take?"

At first, I thought I would just go to summer school and take Spanish. I had signed up for both classes. Then I got thinking about it. What countries have requested my art for shows? What countries do I have customers in, already? Where are my non USA followers mostly located? After thinking this through, I realized I didn't really have a "Spanish" following. Of course, I do want to go to Costa Rica and I have been to Mexico, but it is really not necessary to speak much Spanish in either country.

Photo by Julie Cooper, Columbia, SC USA

I remembered my art was requested for a show in San Paulo, Brazil, and they speak Portuguese there. That is a language they teach at USC. Galleries in Berlin, Germany have made several offers to show my work and represent me in their galleries. I have never been there and would like to see these places before I choose who to put my art with for the best selling venue possibilities. I would definitely need to speak the language according to friends that have been there, if I wanted to attend art shows and have an art workshop while there. I hadn't really looked at my stats in a while, last I remembered my biggest followings were in Canada and England with a few German and Italians in the mix. They teach German at USC. Germany is very cultural and I have been considering going to Berlin as my study abroad and to do research on artists and galleries.

                                                Silk Collage by Jean Bourque

I did go thru all my profiles and found of course English speaking countries are my highest number of fans, followed by French, Italian and then German. India and Portuguese speaking countries where next, after them there was a big tie with Russian, Uganda, Pakistan and Ukraine. Much to my surprise, I had a few from Egypt, Turkey, Taiwan and S Korea but none from China, Vietnam, Hong Kong, Thailand or Japan. I had thought about learning Chinese so I could learn the alphabet and use it in art, but now I have decided besides my English speaking fans in Australia, Bermuda, The Netherlands, England, Ireland and Canada; I need to focus on learning a language that will benefit me in my art career. After all that is why I am back in college. German it is. Do any of you speak German? If you do, please let me know. You may also contact me regarding Private Painting Lessons in the privacy of your home for you or your child(ren). Reasonable rates. See email link below signature. Thank you!

Yours Truly,
. Contact Jeanee via email by clicking here!
Thank you!!

Download To Clear a Cluttered Mind!

Sometimes, I have so much to say that I don't know where to begin. As I say that, I realize this applies to many things in my life. Somehow life has become very cluttered. Being sick and having multiple surgeries has made for a messy house and a cluttered one at that. Did you ever notice, with every activity one does it all creates it's own clutter. This may sound crazy for an artist to say. Aren't we the creative ones that can find a solution to every little problem? Especially when it comes to being organized and keeping track of things? I was, I really was very organized, everything had it's place.

I guess the secret is to write that statement and let it flow. Just as with painting, I grab the brush and load with a color and let it go. The secret to artistry in my book, is being able to let it flow!! Take a chance, step out with a few words or a few colors
AND GO FOR IT. But to do so means to ignore the piles of clutter everywhere. I was the type that had a really clean car, but when I was sick that all went out the window.

How many different forms of clutter can one person have? It's actually embarrassing to be such a mess. So I am confronting it head on. I have fallen behind at least 2 years in every area. Can you imagine? I hope to at least remedy my car today. My list of things to do and events to go to is so over loaded it's actually insane. The clutter keeps me chained down like a dog with a short rope unable to reach the dog dish for food. But my creative mind does not care, she wants to be free to paint, to sew, to color, to play with clay, to listen to music, to hang out with friends, to play with my dogs and take them for walks, to have a clean house and a clean car even if it is only in my mind, so I can write, so I can paint, so I can research the crap out of every word my doctor's say, so I will know, what it all means. And yet, here I am confessing to the world what a mess I am. Just open my Mondrian door and see into this cluttered mind.

Here is the real dilemma...

Can I ignore the laundry baskets of clean clothes longing to be put away? (yes) Can I ignore the mail, that sits unopened on my table?(yes) Do I often buy cards for people in advance then later can not find them to send? (yes) In fact yesterday, I found a Christmas card all filled out in an addressed envelope that never got mailed. It even had a stamp on it!  Can I find a paper my boss sent me last week?(No) Can I find the entry forms to enter any of the competitions or painting shows? The answer is NO. So here I sit lamenting on my clutter. Every weekend I start fresh in my mind of what I hope to get done... and time passes and the week is here again with work and very little accomplished. Maybe, I am just a bit tired, perhaps.

I am going for a sleep study to find the answers to why, I am so tired and fall asleep during the day.

So I take my art stuff out of the house where I can create and not look at any messes. I can give you or your child, private painting lessons, I have my to go trunk of art stuff perfectly organized, because.... that is what I care about the most. Thru it all, thru chemo and everything the one thing I have is my art and with art, I can put my blinders on and escape into art land and not see the destruction all around me. I can be having a very painful day (as I am a chronic pain sufferer) I start doing art, be it painting, playing my guitar, listening to a band, writing in my journal or publicly humiliating myself on my blog.... Here I am.... as I get better in  all the disciplines of art, it seems I get worse in all the duties of  "life".

I must say I am very thankful to be here and to all the people that helped me thru, I will always be deeply grateful for your help and love!!  I have no great big answers to any of these issues, although it does dawn on me, perhaps all I really need is a good domestic goddess. I have everything else I need! I hope I made you laugh or look at life from another angle with my off beat humor.

My dog Toffee delivering me my paint tube that fell on ground. Isn't she sweet?

Yours Truly,