Wednesday, August 14, 2013

SC Hacked

When SCDOR was Hacked 
wrote a Poem

Received a letter from the SC Dept of Revenue
SC tax returns have been hacked, including you.
They suggested ideas of what I should do
Don’t believe they really have a clue…
This was my tax returns and personal information
How can this happen; in this day and this nation?
Will I be violated, will my info be abused?
Will my identity be stolen or my information be used?
My imagination ran wild thinking what this might mean
It’s the unknown elephant in the room going unseen
One year of free credit monitoring on my account
After that each individual must pay their amount
Yes, maybe I am obsessing and freaking out
I really have no conclusion, just a confused pout.

 (a poem by Jean Bourque Jan 9, 2013)

Recent Art Creations by Jean Bourque

Blue Paisley Heart 
Fabric Collage on Canvas
8 inches tall by 16 inches wide
c August 2013

Sweet Sensation
cJuly 2013

Mixed media on paper
18 by 24 inches
c June 2013

Bird's Eye
Mixed Media on Paper
18 by 24 inches
c May 2013

As you can see here I have done a wide variety of work the past few months. Bird's Eye and Zoom are both drawings using several mark making mediums. Sweet Sensation is a lovely watercolor on watercolor paper. Blue Paisley Heart is a collage applied over acrylic painting on pre- stretched ready to hang canvas.  I previously posted 2 others I did between May and Aug. 2013. Those two are "Beach" and "Scenery" both are on pre-stretched canvas and currently showing at Art Trail Gallery in Florence, SC. You can see them under the Visualicious posting.

Yours Truly,
Jean Bourque

SC State Fair Call for SC Artists Juried Art Show

The SC State Fair located in Columbia SC 

The deadline is quickly approaching for you to get your art registered for drop off days to be juried into the SC State Fair. Enter by Sept. 1 and enter for free. You must be a SC resident and be able to hand deliver your work if it is selected to be in the fair. Delivery dates are Sun. Sept. 22 from 1-6 pm to Tues. Sept. 24 930-6PM. Deliver from the Rosewood st. gate and look for the side entrance of the Cantey bldg. 

When you register your art online to be in the show, you will receive a confirmation. Print out the confirmation and bring it with you too the Fair on delivery date with the art selected. Each artist can bring 1 or 2 works. The smallest framed size of the art is 16x16 inches and the largest acceptable size is 48x48 inches.

There will be two divisions for artists and each artist can only enter under one division. Artist must choose professional or amatuer. If artist has entered in the past as a professional they must enter this one as a professional. If they have netered as amatuer in the past but has since had art shows or art sales, they can select professional.

The top prize for professional artist is $3500. The top prize for amatuer division is $1500. The fair will run from Oct. 9 to Oct 19th. If your art is selected to be in the show, be sure to tell all your friends. 

"Beach" an acrylic painting by Jean Bourque
For more info go to their website.

Poetry from Jean Bourque

Spiral In and Spiral Out

Sometimes we are way out there
Other times we keep close and near
We may spiral out into the world
Or Spiral in and stay deep within.

The journey is one we didn't seek
The lord choose us to speak
Our mission has never been clear
Making me wonder, why we are here.

A voice is just one noise among many
A song becomes an epiphany,
A poem written for all to read, 
All these actions are the seed.

For the Universal God to put us in our place
To establish our presence in the human race
Our humanity will take us far
Our emotions are no longer in a jar. 

We discover, we are loved,
The peace dove landed on us,
In everlasting joy we find the light
Spiral in and Spiral out, we take the flight. 

c 7/23/2013 by Jean Bourque