Wednesday, August 14, 2013

SC Hacked

When SCDOR was Hacked 
wrote a Poem

Received a letter from the SC Dept of Revenue
SC tax returns have been hacked, including you.
They suggested ideas of what I should do
Don’t believe they really have a clue…
This was my tax returns and personal information
How can this happen; in this day and this nation?
Will I be violated, will my info be abused?
Will my identity be stolen or my information be used?
My imagination ran wild thinking what this might mean
It’s the unknown elephant in the room going unseen
One year of free credit monitoring on my account
After that each individual must pay their amount
Yes, maybe I am obsessing and freaking out
I really have no conclusion, just a confused pout.

 (a poem by Jean Bourque Jan 9, 2013)

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