Wednesday, August 14, 2013

Recent Art Creations by Jean Bourque

Blue Paisley Heart 
Fabric Collage on Canvas
8 inches tall by 16 inches wide
c August 2013

Sweet Sensation
cJuly 2013

Mixed media on paper
18 by 24 inches
c June 2013

Bird's Eye
Mixed Media on Paper
18 by 24 inches
c May 2013

As you can see here I have done a wide variety of work the past few months. Bird's Eye and Zoom are both drawings using several mark making mediums. Sweet Sensation is a lovely watercolor on watercolor paper. Blue Paisley Heart is a collage applied over acrylic painting on pre- stretched ready to hang canvas.  I previously posted 2 others I did between May and Aug. 2013. Those two are "Beach" and "Scenery" both are on pre-stretched canvas and currently showing at Art Trail Gallery in Florence, SC. You can see them under the Visualicious posting.

Yours Truly,
Jean Bourque

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