Wednesday, August 14, 2013

Poetry from Jean Bourque

Spiral In and Spiral Out

Sometimes we are way out there
Other times we keep close and near
We may spiral out into the world
Or Spiral in and stay deep within.

The journey is one we didn't seek
The lord choose us to speak
Our mission has never been clear
Making me wonder, why we are here.

A voice is just one noise among many
A song becomes an epiphany,
A poem written for all to read, 
All these actions are the seed.

For the Universal God to put us in our place
To establish our presence in the human race
Our humanity will take us far
Our emotions are no longer in a jar. 

We discover, we are loved,
The peace dove landed on us,
In everlasting joy we find the light
Spiral in and Spiral out, we take the flight. 

c 7/23/2013 by Jean Bourque

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