Monday, October 19, 2009

Why I love Abstract Art Commentary

This is something I wrote on another group and thought I should pass this on to the larger art community. I heard the most wonderful expression about being an artist from a friend this weekend. "God is the creator and he gave me the gift to create." (Thanks, Brian) This is such a gift, the gift to create and we know we are really read on. LOL!!

From Artists That Can't Sleep Nights: by Jean Bourque

Many of my best friends are very realistic painters and I love them as individuals. However; for me creating art is not about recreating something that already exists. It's about creating something that has never existed. Attending 1st thru 7th grade on Cape Cod and then moving to CA for 8th - grade on; I was exposed to both types of art. On the Cape; there are many well known art communities where artists come from all over the world to capture the pristine quaintness of the ocean and beach cottage. Growing up with that made it easy to understand the charm of recreating scenes one enjoys.
Then we moved to CA. In CA schools; teachers encouraged originality; in math class we made candles to learn about measuring and in art class we learned about fabrics to understand how similar paper and fabric actually are. In Geography we watched films of our teacher's trip to Japan. In health we explored gender issues. This was unlike New England where they were all about academics and regurgitating what the teacher taught.
I saw abstract art in San Francisco and fell in love with the experimental and discovery process. I fully embrace color, textures, textiles, papers, using odd things, assemblages, experimenting, exploring and expanding my mind and my visions through art. For me it's a journey, a trip. If I sell or win an award that's great; but it's not about commercialism for me; it's about spirit. The spirit that moves me and soothes my soul in creativity. Art sets my spirit free. This is why I love abstract art.

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