Thursday, October 1, 2009

Richland County Public Library on Assembly St.

Inspired by Coffee"
The library will host artist Jean Bourque and her unique artwork on display on the lower level rotunda. The show will feature all NEW works by the artist. Most of the artworks are 30x20 with a few smaller ones and a few larger ones. They are all for sale. The title of the show is "Inspired by Coffee".
Bourque says this show is all about Coffee. Many of the pieces were inspired by that first morning cup and in most of them coffee has actually been used as a medium for marking the canvas. The coffee filters were dropped on , left to dry and made various stains in some and in others hot black coffee was dripped, stained, left to sit on the actual canvas, and or allowed to drip dry or sun dry.
Coffee in full caffeinated versions and the bolder the better are a true requirement while working on my many assemblages in the artistic world. It is my hope that the viewers will relate to the coffee experience and delight in the wonders of coffee as I have enjoyed producing this work and with that said...I am off to have another cup of Coffee.
The library show will start Oct. 12th and run through Dec. 2nd.

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