Tuesday, January 27, 2009

Discovering Public Art and Inspiring More!

I am often on the road and today I woke up in the Atlanta, GA area and had to commute to Anderson SC. After checking in and having a little bite at a chain restaurant I decided to take a ride and explore Anderson. First thing that hit me was that Anderson had really grown from a small town to a thriving city.

All the typical restaurants and stores are here right on Clemson Blvd. I followed it right into the city and started noticing fish. Art fish, at first I thought it was just one fish; then as I drove I saw more and more. There were all kinds of large mouth bass all over the city. Beautifully painted and supported on poles. I wondered how many there were and what the large mouth bass may mean to Anderson SC. (to see the fish click below)

I did a little research and I found out about Lake Hartwell and there are 32 fish all painted by artists locally with the intent of having a public art project like the Chicago Cows. In Columbia, we had the Steel Palmetto Trees . I did this one and they were a lot of fun. The next public art project in Columbia was the Door Project. I also participated in that. It sure would be nice if we have a new public art project in Columbia. I discovered that Anderson raised funds to pay the artists by requesting sponsorship amounts; to be a big fish the sponsor had to commit to a $5,000. donation.
This highly visual Fish Art Project in Anderson; really makes you notice the city and it reflects a sign of growth and an interesting modern community. Much to my surprise when I researched it these fish have been here for several years. Public Art is a great way for people to see art that they may not normally be exposed to. It brings the city to life even after dark. I remember in Columbia when we had the trees and when we had the doors; people started staying in the Vista more at night and there was a sense of excitement, liveliness; vibrancy and modernness.
Yes, folks I am ready for a new public art project in Columbia, SC. Seeing Anderson's really has sparked my imagination and I will be talking to people in and around Columbia to see what we can do. Columbia has got talent and we need a BIG public art project so we can show the world and revive the interest in art and in Columbia artists! Columbia could use some excitement.
ART RULES!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
Pictured above: "Op Art Tree" by Jean Bourque

Anderson, SC is a vibrantly cool growing city that supports it's local artist with great city art projects! This is just what we need in SC; more communities willing to showcase and support their artists and show the community art they might not normally see.

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