Friday, January 16, 2009

Barbie Mathis was interviewed by Channel 19 News

Barbie was just interviewed at Sandhills Village Art Gallery by News 19.
They said it would be on tv about 5 or at 6 tonight.
Stay Tuned.
She said it may only be a sound bit or two.
The main thing is they saw and filmed the gallery which is set up for the Inaugral Show with works honoring
the upcoming Inauguration Day.
Coincidently; they came at a time when the highest selling artist happend to be there. Barbie Mathis has been selling art so fast she has to paint in every bit of her spare time. An unexpected shot of publicity can only add fuel to the fire. Art by Barbie Mathis will continue to spread thru the city of Columbia, SC and the world like a wild fire.
Congratulations to Barbie Mathis; you deserve this!

2 comments: said...

Barbie rocks!

Jean Squires said...

Barbie, I am so enthused by the postive events occurring in your life! The art world is taking notice of a great artist in their midst!