Saturday, January 3, 2009

Art Sales group for Military Brats

Military Brats get united through ART and Talent... on Etsy

Just wanted to share this for all my fellow military brats world wide. In some ways we have grown up with no long term attachments to a set a people or a home town. We do have a unique attachment that others do not have and that is our own group of Military Brats and all though we hardly ever find people we went to school with or lived next door to we do have a larger community as one thing about growing up in the military is we have seen the world and no one is a stranger long in our life's. We are a friendly bunch and we often try to reconnect with the kids we grew up with. We grew up totally different than civilian kids.

Support your military brats; buy art here. This is our connection as artists and as brats .

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