Sunday, January 18, 2009

Great Gocco Print Demo by Marcelo Novo

Sunday January 18, 2009.

Today at if ART Gallery on Lincoln St in Columbia SC a standing room only crowd was fortunate to see the extremely talented artist Marcelo Novo of Buenos Aires, Argentina; create art
using a black Micron pen on Bristol Smooth paper. It was really quiet as everyone gathered around the table to watch Marcelo at work. So quiet in fact, that Nova asked for music and invited the guests to speak and make the program interactive. After that the place was a
buzz and Marcelo said he felt inspired. Clearly Novo works best with music and everyone could see the inspiration as it developed.

He then demonstrated the Gocco Print making kit; which apparently is no longer being made. The one he had was perfect for making small prints and greeting cards. Using a photocopy he layered paint onto it for the image making process. The printer had a 2 bulb piece that he told us not to look at the flash while it filmed. Both bulbs burn out and are only good for one print.
He explained every step of the way as he assembled it and was very in touch with his audience.

His painting was an elephant... a Novo elephant. He said he hadn't done one in a while and when he first started it looked like an elderly person's eye. A sudden change and he painted what looked like a horn and then he said he wasn't sure what it was going to be. I could see he had the flow and was going with it. Marcelo paints as the spirit moves within him and that was quite apparent watching and listening to him. When the first one finally was pulled off the press and Novo held it up; everyone clapped. They decided he would do 20 prints. As he was hand pulling the individual prints people asked questions and he answered. It was a great live demonstration and the crowd really enjoyed it.

You can see the print and possibly the original (if it's available). Stop by the gallery; the prints will be on sale there. Thanks to Wim Roefs for hosting the event. It was really quite interesting. Go see at 1223 Lincoln St., Columbia SC Tell them artsails1 sent you.

The if ART gallery is open Mon-Sat 11-7 PM. The phone is 803-255-0068.

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