Thursday, January 22, 2009

Roller Derby Saturday Night at Jamil 6:30 PM

Okay; I know Roller Derby is not about art as in the sense of the art I normally tell you about. BUT having been an avid rollerskating from 18 months old and all through childhood; I find it is an art. Not only that I can throw a bit of a romantic interest in roller skating, too. My mom and dad met at a roller skating rink; so I am thankful to roller skating because of it; I am here! I am grinning; because this is a true story. You know, I say yours truly for a reason. Anyway; this is no ordinary Roller Derby Match either. With Valentine's fast approaching you know I start talking about Love Goddesses and all kinds of off the wall crazy things; I don't normally speak of.


That's right, a real live wedding at the Roller Derby. I can't imagine how they will pull this off on roller skates but it certainly will be entertaining and two people are really getting united in front of everyone! SUCH FUN! For more details about the Roller Derby and the teams go to Columbia Quad Squad

After party at Bawa Oyster in St. Andrews behind Waffle House in old Cussin Bills spot.
Rumor has it there may be other after parties have a good time whatever you do and drive carefully or let me have the keys. Yes; yours truly is always a designated driver!

Jamil Temple Sat. Jan. 24th at 6:30. $12. tickets at the door!
ARTSAILS1 will see you there!
Yours truly;


Columbia Quad Squad said...

Thanks for the great blog! If you skate you should come be a ref! Or better yet- a rollergirl!

artsails1 said...

that's cool, thanks