Monday, September 7, 2009

Art World Edits on Marcelo Novo Show & Ballet

On Aug. 27th, a Thursday evening I attended the 80808 Clay show. I was amazed at how many events were going on that night. The event I wanted most to go to was the one at 701 Whaley Building and Gallery with Lorrie Rivers, talented singer and featured performer. The event was afundraiswer for Ms. Rivers who is now attending school in London, to enhance her speech and dramatic skills. Due to an unforeseen emergency nature type of event I sadly missed.

The clay show was certainly interesting. I love to expand my world and meet new people, being a big extrovert I can't help it. However, I am terrible with names and not picking up a program or collecting business cards certainly didn't help. If we meet again, please remind me where we met and what your name is. My fave in the show was a big red bowl and I heard rumors that one of my artistic peers purchased it. Good for you Susan! :) The works I felt the most bonding with were photographs of these enormous tree trunks and its so significant because I had seen a magnificent one just a day earlier and had wished I had gotten it on my digital. Didn't even occur to me when I saw it. BUT later I was like; wow I had my cam in the trunk...I could have captured that.

Lively conversations with many talented artists are always worth my time. Several of my favorite local artists and writers were in attendance and we greeted each other and shared news of upcoming artistic events. Things I learned that night: Undefined will no longer be a magazine it will be a semi annual book with a fall issue and spring issue. It will be for sale and it will be a great copy to have with many fine featured artists and writers. (I was not selected as one of the fine artists, however I may be a guest writer) Cindi Boiter will be writing some of the stories. Lee Mont is one of the artists in it. Alicia Leeke will be having a show at Frame of Mind in October.

Marcelo Novo will be having a show at "if Art" Gallery on Lincoln St. in Columbia, SC, USA. The reception is Fri. Sept. 18th from 6-9 PM. He has been working on a "map" series and this work truly sounds brilliant. It's always fascinating to listen to other artists describe their work. No question, he is passionate about this work. I was intrigued and asked the obvious... did you use real maps? He tells me yes and I really have made a commitment to see the show. He works from his head and doesn't do anything in advance. I like that, I work that way too.
He also tells me he has worked in collaboration with Miriam Barbosa on a ballet named "Catharsis" and they will have a one night show on Thursday Sept 17th at 7PM at the Koger Center on Assembly St. Columbia, SC.
Looking forward to it...

yours truly Jeanee xx

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