Sunday, June 3, 2007

New Beginnings- Toffee and her Art Adventures

New Beginnings- Toffee is my new art studio mate; here she is just hanging out with the art supplies and playing with her toys. She is slightly hyper and is already full of herself. Watch out; she looks all sweet and innocent; but she bites. This picture is a couple weeks old and I will post a newer photo soon. She will be 3 months tomorrow. What does this have to do with art?
I love dogs and some of you have noticed a few of my art works have dogs in them. With this firecracker dog; I have already noticed her getting into the paint. The other day; she had been visiting other chihuahuas and when I picked her up she had red on her feet and toes. I thought she was bleeding. Come to find out one of my friends had been painting with OIL paints and it was not quite dry when Toffee decided to add her signature. LOL! If only my batteries hadn't died in the camera. UGH! Oh well; I am sure Toffee will provide other art adventures for me to photograph and report on!
yours truly; Jeanee

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harriett said...

Oh she's precious!!! She will provide fun and spontaneity to your world! Get her some doggie safe paints & let her go at it!