Wednesday, June 27, 2007

Olan ART Show at Ward Nasse Gallery "Ironic"

On July 7; the latest art show "Ironic" by Olan will be featured at Ward Nasse Gallery on Prince St in Manhattan. My fellow artist from Ward Nasse; Olan will be having a show set in Soho, with many lead ins and a huge media buzz created all over the web and the city. Do you love Pop Art? Do you love pop culture and bright colors? If so; you must check out Lipstick Chic. All of us from Ward Nasse are really excited about this "Tipping Point" style show that Olan has created!!!!!

Just in case you have never seen my work that is at Ward Nasse Gallery; here it is!

Enjoy; yours truly;
Jean Bourque

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harriett said...

Fantastic, fantastic, fantastic! Love these works!