Sunday, February 3, 2008

Digital Photography Tips from Jerry Bridgers

Photography by Jerry Bridgers

Today, I welcome my guest Jerry Bridgers to talk with us about digital photographer. Jerry is an avid photographer and is the man behind the lens at all the Trenholm Artists Guild Meetings. he has been on Flickr for many years and has previously shared info with the SOAL on making photo books in Flickr. He enjoys photographing nature close up enough to get a butterflies' eye. To see some of his amazing work captured on film click here.

Jerry Speaks: "Today, one can buy a variety of "Daylight" or Balanced bulbs color bulbs in fluorescent, tungsten or halogen. I have had poor luck with straight tungsten and ok luck with fluorescent and daylight tungsten. I've heard different stories from other people. A lot depends on the camera. Trial and error may be required.The main purpose of these photos is to show you how the color of an image changes with the Source of Light and with the camera white balance setting. Getting the correct (or at least acceptable) color for your photos may be done by:

1. Many Cameras the "AUTO" Setting will do fine.
2. Some Cameras have a method to "Set the White Balance"
3. Some Painters take their photos out of doors...This can cause extra glare problems, but usually give good color.
4. If the color cannot be achieved any other way, software correction can be done later. With a digital camera, the manual is a must. If you refuse to read manuals...good luck and best wishes!"

by Jerry Bridgers

Painting Photography Collection

Camera Set Up

Improper Set Up

Image Color and Light Source

All these links lead to articles written by Jerry which can help anyone with setting up their digital photography shots.

Hope you enjoyed.
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