Tuesday, February 12, 2008

Jerry Bridgers Photo and Ric Standridge Painting

Monday evening Feb. 11, 2008 the Trenholm Artists Guild had the TAG meeting. Our guest speaker was Ric Standridge from Greenville, SC. He told us many interesting stories about his days in NYC and finding his way back to SC. He has painted with many greats and near greats. He told us it's more creative to capture the spirit of our subject than to just copy it. Ric says he normally paints in oils to music. He didn't elaborate what type of music and we didn't have any music playing, but he painted anyway. One of our members Stacy Morgan was asked to model and she did. Her reward for being such a good model ...Ric gave her the painting!

Our photographer, Jerry Bridgers combined his photo manipulation skills with Ric's painting to create this image. It's not on the TAG website and I thought some may enjoy seeing it. For more pictures click on the TAG website link, above.

yours truly,
Jean Bourque

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