Monday, February 18, 2008

Blogs Help Business In Search Engines


Have you noticed, a lot of companies, not only have a website but they also have a blog or in some cases a multitude of blogs? Big businesses, do not spend money if there is no return. Many small business owners do not understand the great marketing capacity of a blog. A blog is so much more than a journal. I have heard lots of people say, why do I need a blog when I already have a website? They often go on to say their website isn't making them any money and don't see why they should bother with something as "time consuming" as a blog! I say BINGO, that is exactly why you should have a blog!

Search engines LOVE blogs, maybe not the ones affiliated with some of the personal networking sites, but the true blog sites that are purely for blogging; these get noticed. If you have a website and you get a blog, linking in and out often boosts your rankings, by virtue of creating more visability for your name, brand or company. Blogging increases your links and links are food to the search engines! As far as being time consuming, it really doesn't have to be. You can have a marketing person or writer on your staff cover the content. Or you can out source your blog to someone like myself that would be happy to do it, for you.

Take this ARTSAILS1 site for example, I have been on here about a year and anyone that I have mentioned and linked to has moved up in search engine rankings, within a really short time. If you are a small business owner in the greater Columbia SC area, an artist, a non-profit, a publication, a professional such as an accountant, doctor, lawyer, or a service person; YOU need a blog. Honestly, I cannot remember when I last used the yellow pages. If I am looking for a service professional; I scan the web. Guess who I will see first? I will see the ones with BLOGS before the ones with websites. Test this and you will see what I mean!

Do you read any blogs on a regular basis? If so, you may want to see about advertising on that blog. If you do not want to commit to a blog and have a website you may want to think about running an ad here at ARTSAILS1. I have had a website since the 90's featuring my art. I have sold from my website even though I do not have a shopping site. It has been around a long while, but I totally redesign it every few months, so it will stay fresh and it offers something new on a regular basis.

In the art world, if you are painting and showing regularly you have changes so frequently it would be a job to keep updating your website. Putting updates on a blog is part of creating interest in your work! A blog is like writing an email to the world; it's easy to keep it updated. The fresh content factor is another reason the search engines love blogs! I would be happy to create and maintain a blog for you, teach you or your staff to run it, and build a web presence to make your business be TOPS in the search engines. Email me your idea or goal and we can make this happen for you! I am on a multitude of art websites and have postings on networking sites and my presence is all over the internet! Google me

Thank you!
Jean Bourque

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