Tuesday, February 26, 2008

The Road Trip and Art

After 38 hours on the road...I am happy to be back home. It was fun; but it wasn't smooth sailing. Let's put it this way; I never expected to be riding in the back seat of a tow truck for nearly 200 miles in southern Georgia on a Saturday evening. YUP! That was my night.... my sweet little mom and I ended up there after her car decided to never start again, no matter what was done to it. We were blessed that when this happened, it was mid afternoon and we were in a pretty safe place in Ashton GA. Granted no garages were opened, but we had good samaritans offer to help.

We finally arrived at our destination about 1AM Sunday. The next day I woke up to the voice of my 6 year old neice saying "Aunt Jeanee, are you ready to get up, so we can do arts and crafts?" Naturally, my love for the arts is known far and wide among all the children in my universe. I got up and went for coffee and reported the story to her Mom. Apparently, my neice had been looking forward to my visit all week, telling everyone she would get to do art with her Aunt Jeanee, because she is a "real artist". LOL~!

~Keep your brushes wet...
Yours Truly;
Jean Bourque

Painting by Jean Bourque "It's All Connected!" in acrylic

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