Tuesday, November 1, 2011

The Coolest Thing... Saving $$ on Art Supplies

Lately, I have just been telling you all about events and opportunities, well this blog entry is different. I am going to tell you about a way to save money...on YOUR Supplies! YES! This was so amazing... now my younger or more techy friends and fans probably already know about this... but to me this is big news! LOL! Of course, I had heard the rumblings and as an avid fan and reader of Mashable, I had read that it was coming! Well, now it's here! In SC!

Driving on my way back from Clearwater, SC this afternoon, I had been thinking about my project for the NeuroChemical Breakdown Show I will be in on Nov. 12th at Conundrum Music Hall on Meeting St. in West Columbia, SC, along with 7 other wonderful artists. A series of ideas hit me and I realized I need to buy a few materials, a wood burner, etching tips, spray glue, a high heat glue gun and some conte' sticks. Since I was on Route 1, I swung into Hobby Lobby to see what they had and get a few items for tonight's studio time.

I had just located the conte' sticks, when an old friend, a fellow artist that does sculpting said hello. Happily, I shared a little bit about what I was looking for and the event. He told me Hobby Lobby always has coupons on their website for 40% of on any one item each week. We chatted like old friends do and found all the materials I needed. When he was about to leave he reminded me about the coupon and I decided I would wait on the wood-burner with etching tips until I ran the coupon.

After he left; the young man working there asked me if I had a smart phone with internet? He instructed me to go to www.hobbylobby.com,. He said click on "coupon". When the coupon came up, he said just show that to the cashier and you will get your 40% off. I brought everything up to the cashier and saved $10.80 by having her see the coupon on my phone. Now, how cool is that? If you click on the link on the post below, the coupon is right there!

I just had to share this as so many people do have smart phones! Let me know if you hear of other art supply stores... doing this! Thanks!

Yours truly,
Jean Bourque

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