Tuesday, May 14, 2013

Making Platelets with Play Doh for cancer patient withdangerously low platelets

A Facebook friend in California was telling me how she was able to turn her health around using Play Doh. Being an artist, with breast cancer of course I was interested. I found out on Tues. May 7th, and posted that my platelets had dropped down to 20,000. Now, if you don't know what platelets are that may sound like a lot of platelets.  However, the  "normal" range in a healthy person is between 150,000 to 450,000 platelets per a liter of blood. Mine have been below 100,000 for at least 5 weeks now. She said she made platelets in Play Doh and while she made them she said  I am making more platelets. She said her body also started making more platelets. I have been keeping them out where I can see them and every day I make more.

When she first told me, I didn't have any play doh so I just drew specs on paper to get my platelets started.
I told people about it on Facebook and some of my Facebook friends also drew their own versions of platelets. Here is the picture that got my platelets going...

I went back to the doctors on May 9th after doing just the paper platelets and they had gone up to 23,000 in 2 days. When I saw the results using the drawing I decided to buy the Play Doh and have been making them in Play Doh ever since. I can tell they have gone up some,  by my nose; which was a runny nose when it was really low tinged with blood. Now, my nose feels much better. I know I am not totally where I need to be yet, but I feel better knowing I can make my body make more platelets by giving it the visualization. I will find out Friday May 17th, how well we did! Will keep you posted.

Guess what, I am going to buy more play doh so I can make more platelets.

To all those that have been praying for me and to those that have donated for my cancer treatments, I thank you so much. Sending love and good health wishes to you all. Love Jeanee

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