Sunday, February 10, 2013

NEW Paintings for 2013 - Art Process Described

ROUND OF LOVE c Jean Bourque 2013
20x16 acrylic on canvas

My paintings over the past few years have been mostly painted live in front of an audience and have been mixed media acrylic and pastel on quality pre-stretched canvas, ready to hang without framing.  The size I used most often in my painting live series was 16 x20 inches.  2013 is a new year and I find my work is crisper looking, cleaner, lighter and more colorful like my work from the mid to late 90’s.  All the 2013 works (here) have been created in my home studio and on my back porch. In the beginning of January, I started out painting 20x16 pre-stretched canvas using acrylic and textured mediums. 
MASSAGE c 2013 Jean Bourque
16x20 acrylic on canvas

20X16 CANVAS acrylic

DAYFEST c2013 Jean Bourque
acrylic 16x20 on canvas
 By the end of the month I found myself drawn back to my childhood passion of watercolor. Pure, clean and colorful watercolor on paper, an uncomplicated style mixed with deep level feelings expressing emotional and physical anxiety, pain, joy, passion, anguish and love. No one knows where each year will take them on this journey of life.  Artsails1 is in transition. Please join me, the artist Jean Bourque as I explore a deeper existence filled with meaning and emotion through watercolor, collage and words.

ANTICIPATION c2013 Jean Bourque
6x6 original watercolor on paper

BIOPSY c 2013 Jean Bourque
6x4 original watercolor on paper  

PAIN c 2013 Jean Bourque
6x6 original watercolor on paper
LADY IN WAITING  c 2013 Jean Bourque
6x6 original watercolor on paper

NEW ART 2013.... 

My painting style is somewhere between impressionism and abstract with conceptual imagery using symbolism, patterns, and range from minimalism to multiple layers. The themes you see most often in my work are faces, hearts, symbols, funky style flowers, spirals, stars, circles, water, coffee, wine, guitars and bold colors. I typically use Golden acrylics and mediums, Grumbacher Oils, Montana Gold artists spray paints and various brands of watercolor and prismacolor pastels for my paintings. I also love drawing and doodling with sharpies.  My secondary process for mixed media and collage will include a variety of  inks, charcoal, pastels,  coffee, dyes, tempera paints, water colors, crayons, oil pastels, various papers, fabrics, feathers, photography, clay and found papers and objects.

I also do altered books, faux finishes, found art sculptures, photography and have worked on steel surfaces, counter tops, furniture, wood, clay, fabric, paper and even ice. When I worked at the ice skating rink we actually painted the design in the ice between the layers! YES, I have even driven a Zamboni and made ice. LOL!! Please feel free to comment on my posts and share what you like with friends and on other websites and social media sites. Thank you!

If interested in purchasing any of the art shown contact me via email with Artsails1 Art in the subject line and include the names of the paintings you are interested in, your contact and shipping info, email, phone, address etc. 

Yours Truly, 
Jean Bourque

Prices for unframed art work created from 2010 to now (2013) are $1.25 a square inch. How to calculate that? LxW=SI x $1.25=base art price. Shipping costs will be the responsibility of the art buyer. Costs are based on packing expenses and materials plus freight and location to be shipped to. Inquire when sending email.  Local delivery within 50 miles of Columbia, SC... is also available. 

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