Tuesday, December 11, 2007

Artsails1 Kudo Quote "Absolutely Indispensible"

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"I could list more, as I'm discovering great blogs everyday. I'll do an update from time to time. So, numbers one through five, I'm passing it to you! If you accept your mission, your task is below. Oh, and I have to break the rules and list one more: Artsails1 - This blog has become absolutely indispensible for up to date news and info about everything art related in South Carolina. It makes me think of different venues and ways to promote myself. Any artist anywhere can benefit from this blog, not just
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Thank you Artistic Musings!
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Jeanee at artsails1


leekeka@hotmail.com said...


I agree with your reader...your blog is the most comprehensive and positive blog on the web. The information is current and up-to-date. Thanks!

Alicia Leeke, Chairman
The Artists Roundtable

artsails1 said...

Thanks for the positive spin. I enjoyed your website at www.alicialeeke.com.
Jean Bourque