Friday, March 16, 2007

A Few Art Marketing Tips from Jean Bourque

Create happy customers and they will tell others about how wonderful you are.

Things you can do when someone is not quite sure- Offer to deliver and hang the work at their location; see how it looks; tour their property
Let them test it for a few days with their d├ęcor; usually this will result in a sale .
You can offer extras; mat or frame exchange, build the value.
If the piece has won any awards make sure the client knows that.
If you have just won an award, got into a major gallery or in a new show;
let your potential client know. Do not be shy; they are interested in you and your art.

I do not recommend reducing prices; it makes it seem like a bargain basement piece.
Remember Fine Art is valuable and should never be treated like a long sleeve shirt on clearance sale in the middle of the summer.

Wear name tags at shows so people will know who you are. Always carry business cards and have a portfolio in your car; You never know when you will need it

When you make a sale and have the clients name and address; send a handwritten thank you and let them know what else you have going on or other work that is similar to what they purchased; offer to hang it; offer to do a consultation; etc…

Create a website or gather materials that would be suitable for your web page
As an artist; you are missing opportunities if you are not using the web.
If you do not know how to do a website; I would be happy to show you.

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