Saturday, May 31, 2008

For the Love of Art commentary

You know every now and then even the most positive of artists can have a streak of unsuccessful art shows. Perhaps a contradiction in terms, as any art show is successful if people come out to it. However; since the goal for a working artist is to be self supporting with their creations; no sales is considered unsuccessful.

Having been a sales person in other businesses in my management and marketing career; I know the importance of keeping a positive attitude. I can honestly say, I am positive most of the time...I maybe have a 2% error rate. LOL! Anyway; my point is as a fellow artist; we must consider any show with people attending and looking as a success. Because; you never know who took your cards and what they really thought about you and your art. Some people like to 'follow' the artist from show to show for a while.

When I do an art show it feels more like I go to see my friends than to sell my art. I often will sell something months after someone has seen it. So, after every show regardless of the sales, I always remind myself someone that was at this show will come back and buy my art or request a show or a quote or something. It always happens, that way.

I love art, I love creating it; I love sharing it and I love showing it. I am blessed to have this talent and a love for people, words, writing and colors. So it's easy to be positive about art. The huge demands on my time and my finances, the pressing for deadlines, the prep work that customers never see aside from the actual art creation; its all worth it. Put my paintbrush in my hand swirl a few colors and away I go...into my own little art world. I am so grateful to have this love this attitude of gratitude, this blessing.

Thank you; Thank you!!
Art in production currently by Jean Bourque and art by Jean Ehler 2008.

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