Thursday, February 11, 2010

Workshop Theater Classes Columbia SC

Class Offerings
Character Development Workshop Wed, 6-7:30pm March 10 - April 28, Instructor Debra Leopard Age 14 - Adult; Cost: $132, Registration Deadline: March 3. Designed for the Intermediate to Advanced student who wants to stretch, practice and learn more about acting. The class will focus on script analysis and character development. Each student will work develop two contrasting characters in scenes from plays and films. The students will rehearse, be directed and receive feedback. Various methods and techniques for creating a believable character will be explored. Selected pieces will be performed before an invited audience on the last night of class, using props and costumes. Memorization work is required.
On-Camera Acting for Adults Thurs 6:30-8:30pm, March 11 - March 18, instructor Vicky Saye Henderson; Beginners class. Cost: $44, Registration Deadline: March 4. Acting for the stage is one thing; acting for the screen is something altogether different. In this two-week, intensive class, participants will learn common terminology, explore acting methods and discover various means for being comfortable and confident in front of the camera.
Is Voice Acting for Me? Thurs 7- 8:30pm April 15-May 6; Instructor Tricia Wilson, Class for Adults, Cost: $66. Registration Deadline April 8. This class will give students an introduction, overview and exploration of the craft of voice acting. Through this beginner course, students will be able to determine if this work is for them. Topics will include: the different genres of voice acting; how to take care of the voice; character development; cold reads; markets for possible work and determination of where individual talent fits in the market.
Basic Acting (Grades K-2) Fridays, 4:30-5:30pm. March 5-April 23, Instructor Liz Ross. Cost: $88 with registration deadline Feb. 26. This class for beginners will cover basic stage terms, pantomime, voice/projection (which will include taking home a short poem to memorize or become familiar with), and an overview of improvisation.
Beginner's Guide to Auditioning for the Stage Sat Feb. 27, 11:00am-2pm. Instructor Vicky Saye Henderson. Teens & Adults, cost: $33, registration deadline: Feb. 22
Auditioning. It's what actors do! But what are the secrets to doing it well? What goes into the casting process on the other side of the table? What can you expect when you walk in the door? What do you need to know and do to be prepared and maximize your potential? Learn all this and more!
Memorization Techniques Sat March 27, 11AM- 12:30PM. Instructor Vicky Saye Henderson Teens & Adults, Cost: $17, Registration Deadline March 22. Actors need to memorize lines. Students have to recall information for tests. Speakers want to deliver engaging speeches. Learn some easy and sure-fire ways to commit information to memory. This 90-minute class covers methods for a variety of situations, from learning lines to remembering names.
Beginning Juggling Sat March 27, 1-2:30PM. Instructor: Vicky Saye Henderson, Teens & Adults, cost: $17, Registration Deadline: March 22. Exercise your body and both sides of your brain. Juggling is a fantastic way to strengthen your ability to focus, boost your brain power and add a new skill. Participants are asked to bring a set of 3 hacky sacks or juggling balls with them to class!
Improv & Sketch Comedy for Teens Sat April 24, 11AM-2pm. Instructor Vicky Saye Henderson. Grades 6-12 Cost $33, Registration Deadline: April 19. Come and be astounded by what you can do with a little spontaneity and collaboration! The magic of IMPROV comes to life and you're center stage in this one-day workshop with Vicky Saye Henderson, Director of ReWired, Workshop Theatre's Improv and Sketch Comedy Team. Participants will learn the basic rules and tools of improv play as well as how to think quicker on their feet!
Full payment for each class or workshop is due at registration. Refunds will be issued for any classes or workshops canceled by Workshop Theatre. Participants who choose to withdraw from a class must do so by 5:00 p.m. on the registration deadline date to receive a refund. Minimum enrollment for all classes and workshops is 5 participants. Workshop reserves the right to remove participants from any classes due to behavior problems.
All classes are held at the Workshop Theatre School of Performing Arts, 635 Elmwood Avenue, Columbia, SC 29201. 803.799.4876

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