Thursday, June 2, 2011

Artist Studio Space for rent in Columbia SC

Sent by Chappy Manning of TAG

I've been advised of an opportunity to lease some studio space on Carlisle St. (cut-through between Daly and Millwood, behind Mad Platter), and in order to keep the costs $200 range (includes utilities) we need some more artists interested in sharing the space. Would you be able to send out an email to TAG members asking if anyone is interested? There are 2 options, one space smaller than the other, the smaller one has 1 bathroom & 2 large rooms so we're looking for 4 artists to share, the larger space has several different rooms & 2 baths and could hold 6-7 artists' spaces.

Please contact me directly at So far, there are 2 of us who are willing to commit, but as I say, we need more to make it affordable.

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