Monday, January 16, 2012

The Artist is having Fun with Assemblages

I am really excited about a couple big projects I have been working on for a Looong time! In my "ReTred" art project I am using found and re-purposed objects to create unique and interesting assemblages enhanced with brightly colored Montana Gold paints and handmade clay objects.
Over the years as a collage and mixed media artist, I have collected a vast array of materials and many friends have regularly donated their own trash to the project.

My other assemblage project "The Book Revue" is also a recycling project, this time with used books. I know many artists, poets, writers and everyday people have books collecting dust. But if you are like me; the thought of throwing a book away, hurts your heart.

With these projects, I hope to show others; ways we can enhance our environment and use things commonly referred to as trash. Not that my project is trashy at all! In fact, people will be really surprised to find out all the different materials that have gone into these projects and how you can reuse items you may have thrown away in the past.

Now, with that said, the question always comes up... "Doesn't this create a lot of clutter?" The answer is yes, but why not turn clutter into art instead of filling up the landfills?

Although, I would love to give you a preview, I think that would spoil the surprise... so for now, I will hold off on sharing any photos of the projects. Debut plan: early 2013.

Yours Truly
Jean Bourque

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