Monday, July 16, 2012

JeaneePaintsLive is my newest blog

Many of you know that I have been painting to live music, poetry and at a variety of events over the last 2 and half years. Now I have a significant amount of interesting stories and photos to share as well as art for sale. I have started another blog and that one will be one catering more to what I am personally doing with my art and live performances. This blog is at :

You will see a lot more photos of bands of the crowds and a lot more painting in progress images than I normally show here .Plus I will be sharing a few stories of the events as well as telling you  when they are coming up. I hope you will be a blog follower of my alternative art world. 


If you are a venue or a festival and would like to book me as part of your event's line up of entertainment please contact me Jean Bourque provide your full contact info, name of business and event name (if there is one) and phone numbers as well as websites. Please detail what you have in mind and the date (s). Provide as much information as possible so I can determine if it fits in my schedule and what expenses I may incur to do the event and give you an accurate quote rate. 


If you are a musician and would like to book me; when you book your gig add my act into your proposal and include my fee. Contact me before you make a proposal to verify if the date is good with me and to get a rate. If it is for a festival, many times I can book myself and they will pay me direct, in that case just contact me with the festival info. Due to every gig being in a different location, varying mileage, various amounts of time, I must quote each gig on a one by one basis. In the case of a standing gig weekly, same place, same band I could quote a flat rate.

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