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CAMPSTEP FESTIVAL is SEEKING ARTISTS, PHOTOGRAPHERS, SCULPTORS, JEWELRY MAKERS, CANDLE MAKERS, GLASS ART AND PROFESSIONAL CRAFTERS  TO SHOW AND SELL AT CAMPSTEP FESTIVAL an electronica dance music and arts festival! Friday Oct. 26th 5-9pm and all day Saturday Oct 27th noon to 9pm for only $40. Reserve your spot now, deadline Oct 12th. 
CAMPSTEP WILL provide a 10x10 space for you to display and sell your art. You will need your own display equipment to show your work. A canopy is suggested although not required.  Suggested items for showing table, chair(s) easels, display screens, mat and print racks, floor mat, trash bag, art and prints that you want to sell. All items should be priced in the event you are away from your booth or get tied up with another customer and someone else needs to help.  Bring extra wire and cutters for hanging your artwork and if you plan to be there in the evenings bring some portable battery or solar operated lighting. Because this will be held in late October we could have cold weather especially once the sun goes down; so we suggest you dress in layers and bring extra clothes in the event of a cold evening. Set up is one hour before showtime. When you arrive for the first time please check in, so we can show you were your location is. 

Show date options: Just Friday Oct 26th 5-9PM Fee $15. or 
Just Saturday Oct 27th noon to 9pm with set up at 11am Fee $30.
Both days, Save $5. only $40. for both days. 

Please select the dates you want to show or if you want to show both put on your check the show code "CF" and the dates or "both" and enclose the appropriate fee.  Please make check payable to Jean Bourque and mail to Jean Bourque Attn: Campstep Festival; PO Box 4478; 
West Columbia, SC  29171 Your reservation for the show must be postmarked by Oct. 12, 2012. Along with your check please include a note with the Show code and dates, plus your name, cell phone number, email and website. If no website and I have never seen your work; please send photos by mail with your check or email me with web address to look at your work. Although this is not a juried show we ask that all work be handmade. First come, first served, Reserve your spot now.... to get the most PR for your art! Deadline Oct. 12, 2012. Optional overnight camping available.

Please consider signing up for the ARTSAILS1 blog which will keep you informed of events and opportunities for your art and musical events coming up. Not only that if any changes to any event you will be in the know and you may just find other events to participate in.Any questions or concerns you may contact ARTSAILS1 by clicking here. 

I am really looking forward to this event. We will have great music and artists may create within their booth space, so feel free to bring your art supplies...  people love to see artists creating their works! I know this because I am JEANEEPAINTSLIVE and I will be painting live to Digital Rapport Saturday Oct 27th at this event! I will have prints from other paint live events for sale and the painting I do live that day will also be for sale! So mark your calendar for a weekend of fun with music and art!

Yours Truly....
Thank you 
Jeanee BourQue (pronounced like Burke)


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