Saturday, March 22, 2014

The Pink House of Art

Throughout the past 20  (+/-) years, I have shown my art in a wide variety of places from galleries to furniture stores, coffee shops to theatres. I even had my art hanging for years (and I continue to hang art there) at Palmetto GBA, a div of BC/BS. They are avid supporters of the arts in the greater Columbia, SC area and have held art shows there for years. 

Recently, I went there and picked up about 15 pieces of art. It's funny, you would think as an artist we would remember every piece of art, but honestly as prolific as I have been over the years... I do not remember them all, anymore!

I have this mixed media piece that I had made just before hanging there and I remembered the name instantly when I saw it and was like, wow, I am kinda' glad to have this back as I had never taken a picture of it or shown it anyplace else, including facebook and my blog. LOL! 

"The Pink House of Art"

a 20x16 inch on stretched canvas in a gold frame, done in mixed media with acrylics and pastels.

This one is about the very first house I ever bought, it was pink and I always loved the idea of having a
"Little Pink House"

Yours Truly
Jean Bourque

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