Tuesday, January 27, 2015

Shannon Lindsey wins SC Young Artist of the Year at 701 Whaley St Columbia SC

Shannon Lindsey,  my art professor this term and last term has won the prestigious award as SC Young Artist of the Year. So thrilled to be learning from the best at USC.  Last semester we did many drawings and toward the end of the semester we painted. I feel like my art developed a lot more depth and stronger design skills as a result of having had her direction.  This semester, I am taking 3d Art with her and I know her art is typically 3D and this is her sweet spot for art direction.

She leads us into our work, helps us develop the idea, but never touches our projects, she lets each person work independently, yet we all work together as a class as well. The class before the project is due the students all show their work and each person critiques the work and helps make us all better artists. You can go to her anytime for help or email her as well. She post lots of info on the electronic blackboard, so you always know what you need to do.

Right now, I am working on a sculpture with baseballs, assorted paper cups, nails and glue. I was going to make it rather small and she encouraged increasing it and making it grow. I tried to find more baseballs at thrift stores but only managed to find five. So that is the inside of the sculpture and each ball is in a clear paper cup allowing you to see them. But then as more cups were added, I decided to add color and now I have red cups at the tips of every arm off of the balls. It's really kind
of otherworldly looking now. I will continue to add more. It is about 2 ft high by 2 ft wide now.

Most of my new classmates in this second class do not know about Shannon's win, so I let them know about it! We are all very lucky to have classes with Shannon Lindsey at USC. In both classes, I felt like I got to know my fellow students which I really appreciate because in none of my other classes except photography, was that the case.

Congratulations go to Shannon Lindsey!!

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